This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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Let's play Akinator

Yeah I love this game specially when I get to defeat the genie school-sherlock so since I couldn't find a topic with this game I figured what the hell so post your result or victory over the Web Genie, today this is what I got:
This one really surprised me emot-aaa
This even more emot-aaaemot-aaa



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Re: Let's play Akinator

I apologize for not letting you all rest on your laurels with this game; I went through every Utena character and inputted them into this database several times. emot-frown

Fantastic game though!



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Re: Let's play Akinator

Akinator has friggin' shocked me on more than one occasion.  I tried Eleanor Rigby as a joke, and he got it first try.  Akinator knows his shit. emot-rofl

It's fun to play as a Homestuck troll.  There are lots of them and they're the same in most respects, so it's interesting to see what questions he uses to distinguish among them.  He has a pretty good success rate.

The best games are the times that he seems totally lost, and then gets it right first try.  It gets me pulling up the record of the questions and answers to see how he could possibly have figured it out.  The worst games are the times when he gets it wrong because I made a different call on some of the questions than most players did.  (Tutankhamun died around age eighteen, but he lived three thousand years ago -- is he more than thirty years old or not?) Addictive.



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Re: Let's play Akinator

Oh man, I love Akinator emot-biggrin Must be a good amount of SKU fans who like it too, because he guesses Utena herself so quickly and easily emot-tongue

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Re: Let's play Akinator

I attempted this thing. It couldn't guess Touga. I don't know if it's because he doesn't know it or because I'm all messed up from my pills and answered wrong emot-keke

Regardless, it was pretty fun, although when I saw the thread title it seemed to me some combination of Akio and the Terminator. What would that even be? I mean, would he feel a compulsion to have sex with anything between him and Sarah Connor?

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