This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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Re: ~ I Wonder, I Wonder! ~

Haha, wow -- I thought I did pretty well, but I didn't expect a perfect score!  Achievement get: win at own game emot-biggrin

Dallbun, I loved your Movie!Shiori.  You took me a few reads.  It was actually the old sheets that got me thinking along the right lines, and then the butterfly answer confirmed it.  When I concluded that -- yes -- you literally were the character with all the old sheets, I had a laughing fit.

Ragnarok and Riri, you were both right on the money; I never even considered any other characters emot-smile  Rags, I especially liked how spring cleaning was distracting Utena from answering the last question.  It reminded me of how she reacts to the Shadow Girl plays.  Riri, I loved how Nanami's heart fluttered with fraternal love.  emot-biggrin

Nice theme, Katz!  Thank you for running the round.  emot-smile

Edited to add: MintyRainbow, did you guess everyone right?  Wow!  Next time you should play with us!!

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Re: ~ I Wonder, I Wonder! ~


Wow, I didn't expect to guess all of them right. But reading this thread and the entire analysis section certainly helped.
Whenever the next round starts, I'll be happy to jump in. Thanks to Katzenklavier for hosting!



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Re: ~ I Wonder, I Wonder! ~

Goddamn final projects, I missed this round. Hopefully I can make the next one.



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Re: ~ I Wonder, I Wonder! ~

Cool, I'm glad Movie Shiori went over well. Like I told Katz, I kept guessing her (incorrectly) during other rounds, so clearly I needed to get her out of my system. emot-wink

And not to be too pedantic, but if you're guessed by everyone, you get half points for each guess, which would put Riri-kins at 3 points instead of five. (Sorry, Riri-kins! Nothing personal!) And spectators are usually given points for their correct guess, which means MintyRainbow gets to tie for 3rd with Ragnarok, at 4 points. emot-smile



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Re: ~ I Wonder, I Wonder! ~

Wow, I get buried under a bunch of work and two whole rounds go by! And IWIW used to be a twice-a-year thing.



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