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Wakaba Wrangler
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Avatar/Icon Help?

I have about a billion Utena icons I've made that I would love to use for avatars, but I just can't seem to get the file size under 10kb.  Most of the icons I make are 100x100px for LiveJournal, so I don't have to worry too much as long as they're under 40kb.  I'm kind of annoyed at myself for being an icon maker and not being able to figure this out... but, help?

I use Photoshop 7 and what I've been doing to adjust file size is when I go to save the image as a jpg a dialog box comes up: JPEG Options > Image Options under which I can select quality and adjust file size.  At the bottom of the dialog box there's a Size portion, and I adjust the image quality such that it's under 10kb, save, and the image always comes out about twice the size after the save. 

I can't figure out what in tarnation I'm doing wrong.  And if anyone knows how I can reduce file size without losing (as much) quality, that would be absolutely amazing.  I've done a fair share of searching for help on this on the web and haven't come up with anything particularly useful.  Any help anyone could throw my way would make me eternally grateful.  Thanks so much!



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Re: Avatar/Icon Help?

did you check you dpi size?

if it not that then e-mail me an attachment and let me see if there is anything i can do

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Bitch Queen
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Re: Avatar/Icon Help?

How are you saving the image? You're using 'Save for Web', right? If so, try messing around between .gif, .jpeg, and .png to see which gets you the best file size for the best quality. I save most of my stuff as .png, it just seems to work better all around. And do check dpi... I can't remember what I work in right now, or I'd tell you.

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God of Comedy
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Re: Avatar/Icon Help?

I have Photoshop 5.02 and when I made my avatar originally, it was the right size but 15k, so all I did was click on SAVE AS... and saved it at a lower quality.



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Ends of the Fandom
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Re: Avatar/Icon Help?

'Save for Web' is the one you want. However, I vaguely recall in 7.0 that sometimes it'd just refuse to obey, so you might want to upgrade to CS2, OR, try saving files through Imageready, which should be on your comp if you've installed Photoshop.

Another thing that might might be the problem but likely isn't is that you're seeing a difference in actual file size and size on disk, however let's not attempt to check that until you exhaust a few other possibilities first. emot-smile

Like Yasha said, jpeg is rarely the best option for small images anyway, especially images like anime. Manga would suit jpeg usually but block color is done much better by png. That said I don't remember if PS7 and below has that as a function, but if you save it first as a gif, you can convert to png (and see how much size you shaved off!) at this nifty site.

But first let us know if you're using Save for Web, which I think you are; so try Imageready first. I recall PS7 being a bit buggy this way, if Imageready doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling. A lot of weird random solutions done all at once fixed it for me, but this was a long time ago. Your best bet if your computer can handle it is upgrading Photoshop. (CS2 has a lot of great features, too!)

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