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Re: Nozomi Utena Set 1 pre-order + submit questions to Ikuhara on website

ReinhardVonLohengramm wrote:

For the most part you pretty much have to make a thread where you discuss how someone's sweat would taste in real life before Goons will begin making fun of you. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU BIOWARE SOCIAL FORUMS!)

Why do I know in my heart this is about Alistair? emot-gonk It is, isn't it? emot-gonk
You could say we've had similarly absurd threads before, but it's so tongue in cheek it's honestly just a chance to spam dumb crap at each other. Threads like that are our FYAD.

Yeah there's going to be some anti-goon sentiment on the forum but honestly, as a mod, I say live and let live. I love Something Awful, at times because it's full of raging dicks. Although most of them are on the chans now. These days SA is a lot more laid back, I've been on it for almost a decade now, I remember when it was a full beard short of a terrorist organization. etc-love I'm not worried about attracting attention for a weekend web. Honestly, there's nothing here on the order of what gets on those weekend webs, and if someone on my forum sees fit to provoke people by sending hate mail, well...that'd be their fault.

As far as LoGH, I know a whole apartment full of nerds who aren't on SA who watch that show ALL THE TIME. I tried to watch it and started at like episode 5. I think three episodes passed and I still had no clue what was going on. emot-frown They also adore Love Hina, which I also thought was a goon thing. It turns out it's actually an adult male thing. Uziga, I think, is 100% SA though. I'm a big fan of Uziga.

Anyway I checked out the wiki and roflcoptered. We got a similar shoutout on the real Wikipedia before it got taken off because it wasn't an official website. But enough off topic! Goons are welcome here, and the international order restrictions kind of suck. I'm not sure why RightStuf does that, actually.

Akio, you have nice turns of phrase, but your points aren't clear and you have no textual support. I can't give this a passing grade.
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Re: Nozomi Utena Set 1 pre-order + submit questions to Ikuhara on website

Sorry, Reinhard. emot-tongue I really am glad to have you here. I was just a little wary of drawing wider attention to the forum, not your individual contribution. I'd considered joining SA before but was unsure of the atmosphere I would be walking into. Many forums dominated by guys get...bad. I may check into it a bit more, since this discussion about it has intrigued me.

And I wouldn't worry about the hate mail thing. I don't think anyone would be that dumb, and if they were, well...then they couldn't come here anymore.

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