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Exclusive Merch from the Exhibit and the Musical-- FOR SALE!

So as you may have heard, Gio and I went to Japan to see the Utena musical and visit the Utena exhibit. The musical exceeded all our expectations; it was fantastic, andI strongly encourage people to buy it. While we were at these events, naturally, we picked up a bunch of swag. We didn’t buy it for ourselves, though. We bought it because a lot of these things are damn hard to get stateside, and we wanted to give y’all a chance to get them without going through proxies or having to get a blackship or any of that bull. We can’t promise that they’re going to be cheaper than you’d get them from Japan; we did have to pay shipping and we do want to recoup some losses from this, but we’re holding down the price as much as possible and we’ll be 100% transparent about why the costs are the way they are. Basically, buying this stuff means you get cool swag, and you also help pay for site costs and costs incurred getting books, interviews, and art for the gallery.

(Side note: we DID order things from the musical, but they won’t come in for a few months yet. Yes, that teacup was one of them. Or a lot of them. Oops.)

When we did our survey on twitter, people were more in favor of a set price than an auction, but it was a close thing. We’re going to auction a couple pieces just to give chances to people who can’t get at any of the first come-first serve stuff. We’re also going to spread out the sale dates from April 12th to April 14th so that it’s not gonna be like, all three teacups go on sale on the same day and get sniped immediately with no chance for people who might be, say, at work or whatever to grab them.

So without further ado, here’s the swag:

All right, so, the top "row"  from left to right:

Two Handkerchiefs with tasseled edges, printed with rose crests and Utena and Anthy

Two of the drama cd’s

Three sets of Utena and Anthy cameos (they’re freakin gorgeous btw)

One programme from the exhibition, with shots of all the cels that were on display

Now, the bottom "row" , from left to right:

One set each of the movic Utena and Anthy earrings

One Sword of Dios…. Letter opener? It’s metal and super cool, we’ve kept one emot-biggrin

One rose tea in a round metal container! We originally weren’t going to sell this, but someone expressed interest and I’d grabbed myself two, so…

One each of the Utena and Anthy outfit keychains

One rose purse decoration

One Anatomic Angel doujinshi (we bought an extra by accident when we raided Mandarake Osaka for SKU doujin. Yes, the doujin gallery will be updated once we finish scanning.)

A close-up of the cameos. The outer ring is metal, and the background and figures inside appear to be the same kind of plastic as the keychains, very matte and a little soft. They are actually straight fabulous, yo. We’re selling two and will be putting one on auction.

Keychains for sale! We have:

Three Mikis

Two Utena/Anthy pairs (we can split them, but… why would you want to, homewrecker???)

One single Utena

One single fighty Utena (she was the rare in this batch)

A pair of the hard plastic Utena/Anthy keychains from the exhibition

And last but definitely not least, the teacup from the exhibition. It’s ceramic, and really nicely printed with Utena on one side and Anthy on the other. We are selling two and auctioning one, guys (yes, we kept one, and we had another already so Gio and I can have our pickled sakura blossom tea together XD).

Now here’s how pricing is going to work– we’re taking the original value of these things, adding a percentage of the shipping that it cost to get them to Canada, and adding a percent as a "thanks for the site and bringing this overseas for us and everything Gio and Yasha,"  and lastly adjusting for miscellaneous stuff like shipping within Japan (cause not all of this is from the exhibition) and nice round numbers and such. Shipping costs to the buyer will be added once we get your location. For those of you who are interested in the pricing breakdown, there is a spreadsheet here.

So that’s the list! I feel like a dragon sitting on this hoard. All of this stuff is in its original packaging and has only been handled enough to check that it’s in mint condition. And it’s all good quality; we wouldn’t get anything that wasn’t nice enough for us to want it for ourselves. If you want to see pictures of any one individual item I’ll be happy to take them for you.

Now, keep an eye out for the sales, starting Thursday at 5pm MST!

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Re: Exclusive Merch from the Exhibit and the Musical-- FOR SALE!

I see that you're having one last round.

The flat rate items will be:
* All the rubber keychains that are NOT part of the set (on sale on Thursday the 10th at 6PM MST) ($12, $16 for Fighty Utena)
* One handkerchief (on sale on Thursday the 10th at 6PM MST) ($18)
* One of the rose teas  (on sale on Thursday the 10th at 6PM MST) ($24)
* One cameo  (on sale on Friday the 11th at 6PM MST) ($45)
* One teacup (on sale on Saturday the 12th at 6PM MST) ($38)

When you say MST, you mean MDT with daylight savings time, right?



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Re: Exclusive Merch from the Exhibit and the Musical-- FOR SALE!

Yep. It's 5PM for us right now. (it'll timestamp to where you are, I believe)

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