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Re: Miki/Kozue's sexual relationship?

rhyaniwyn wrote:

Kozue wrote:

After all, we're wild animals.

The thing is, Miki rejected that "You and I against the World" sentiment. But that may really be the most important quote. They are both resentful and rebellious towards adults but they cannot agree on tactics. Miki's own attitude to adults and to his parents is contradictory. One time saying adults cannot be trusted, another saying that their parents do love them. To me they both seem to have a cool side shading off into iciness. They don't like having their emotions manipulated and withdraw into different kinds of distancing behavior. They article that Rhyaniwyn linked to doesn't seem fully explanatory to me. I don't think either suffered anything dreadful from their parents but they really feel betrayed by each other and resentful of their parents for causing betrayal.

Like almost everyone else in Ohtori they are making someone else responsible for their happiness. There is no need to suppose any great sexual trauma or transgression in their backgrounds, they have simply both disconnected sex from love and mixed in a desire for power but they are doing it in different ways. Ultimately they are both very much alike.



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