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Utena and Twin Peaks

I don't know if anyone else on this forum is a fan of David Lynch or Twin Peaks, but I have to say, when watching The Return, I couldn't help but to be reminded of Utena in some ways. Namely, the surrealism and also how both Lynch and Ikuhara depict the nuances of abuse and the effect it has in characters such as Laura Palmer and Anthy Himemiya, respectively, who are both portrayed a lot differently than your stereotypical victims.

After all, Ikuhara has been nicknamed the Japanese "David Lynch" and has cited Lynch as one of his influences. I'm surprised there hasn't been more Lynch comparisons or discussions on this forum...



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Re: Utena and Twin Peaks

Utena definitely has some Twin Peaks in it. Like the concept of a small town (let's face it, a school as big as Ohtori that everyone lives at can basically be called a town!) and all the weird people in it, with webs of personal relationships that develop slowly over the course of the series.

Also, that they both superficially resemble a "normal" genre but do very strange and transcendental things with that structure. And the way the supernatural is handled in both is rather similar as well.

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Re: Utena and Twin Peaks

I think, the lack of relevant material in English is one stumbling block, and that the fandoms don't always cross over.

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Re: Utena and Twin Peaks

SKU is a good acid trip where you entertain a million different metaphysical conjectures that help explain your last breakup.

Twin Peaks is a bad acid trip where your lingering resentment towards your father traps you in a hellish time space labyrinth that takes 25 years to get out of.



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