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YKA Manga receiving an English release

I had given up hope on this happening, but here we are! … ga/.133486

The YKA manga, illustrated by Akiko Morishima (and written by Ikuhara...? I think?) will be released in English starting in January 2019. (This will be a hard wait for me...)

Full disclaimer here, I'm a bit skeptical about the manga, because from what I've seen it contains some of the more generic scenes that I praise the anime for lacking (breast jokes, panty shots... for all its hypersexualization, the YKA anime avoids directly replicating any "girls anime tropes".) However, I've always been interested in reading it anyway, to the point that I bought the first two volumes in Japanese, assuming that they'd never be translated. So I'm very much looking forward to this.

Much like the Utena manga, but perhaps even more so, the YKA manga's plot is very different from the show's. Characters' roles are changed greatly, the tone and setting are different, it's totally its own story. It's also quite strange, but in its own way. Some people who have read fan translations say they like it more than the show - again, I'm rather critical about a stance like that, but...

Anyway, can't wait for this.

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