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Utena=Not a physical existence?


It's always occured to me that Utena was never a physical existence to begin with, but a metaphor of hope for the students. I mean she's what everybody wants to be-a good athlete, having good looks, being a role model to girls, and just generally being different in a POSITIVE way from others. The council members and everyone from the Black Rose Arc want to fight her (bc Utena=something that shows them different directions to life/tries to encourage them) to prove themselves right. It seems like she's the light of reason and is and says what would help out the council members. but they fight her back instead out of insecurity, frustration, or just plain impatience (With Touga and Saionji wanting to pose as adults even though they are farthest out of the members from being ready). They deny what they should do to become better adults and try to reason and question what would help them out tremendously, which is what Utena is. Think about it. Utena gives pretty damn good advice. And can find a way to debunk those Shadow Girls' ridiculous skits. If anyone listened to her, everything would be solved. If she were a physical existence, why would they just fight her out of the blue without enough interaction to begin with? It's like everyone in school knows of her name. And note that Touga and Saionji have not remembered her at all until they had reconciled. It is only through Utena's fights that the council members really learn to deal with their faults and insecurities they have when growing up and becoming adults. Utena and her pure "will" are what shows them they are yet fledglings and have a lot more to learn and improve on as maturing teens.

Akio, in turn, is the entity that attempts to hinder the growing up process. He continues to manipulate students into taking wayward ways to adulthood, and tries to distract them from "right" ways of growing up and really learning more about others AND themselves, and dealing with circumstances from said experiences. His dirtying up Utena and seducing her represents the "dark ages" for teenagers when they are really stuck on which path to take, but Utena ultimately wins because they were able to learn from their mistakes and move on. And that's what the "Revolution" is. Learning to move on, grow up, and mature into adulthood. Developing better communication with each other.

So Akio is what teens THINK what would make them adults, and Utena is what actually helps them realize how they could mend broken links and look to a brighter future.

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