This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

This is the Utena Movie "Scenario Book" by scriptwriter Yoji ENOKIDO. It's basically an earlier draft of the movie script, with a little bit of concept art added in for the benefit of the eager fans. The main script is in four sections. There's also an introduction and postface by Enokido, and a few excerpts from what I believe is the final script in the back.

I debated whether to post sections of this as I translated them, or whether to wait until it was entirely done. In the end, I decided that posting it in sections would give me more of an incentive to work on it. (It's not hard material to translate, it's just a matter of finding the time to sit down and do it.) Sorry to make you wait for the rest!

Thanks to the CPM translation of the movie, from which I drew on liberally for lines that are identical between this draft of the script and the final one. (There are also many identical lines that I translated differently, however.)

I'm retaining the titles and such in their original French, because there's nothing more Utena-ish than random French. emot-wink


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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

La version cinématographique "la fillette révolutionnaire UTENA"
L'Apocalypse d'adolescence
Livre de scénario pour
Auteur: Yoji ENOKIDO


From spring to summer of '98, we spent day and night repeatedly going over the themes and story of this movie. No, actually, the themes and story had been decided from the very beginning. Rather, the point of discussion was over the expression and production of those ideas. To again give the characters a fresh image, to more clearly express a "girl's revolution", and to have that girl called Utena once more confront her enemies... that movie only slowly approached its final state.

When the planning began to publish this scenario book for "Revolutionary Girl Utena - Adolescence Apocalypse," I was a little nervous. The reason was simple: for this movie, there's no such thing as a "final draft." The straightforward method of dividing labor, where the screenwriters write a script and the director produces it, was no good for the purposes of the Utena movie. I guess we all just have too much energy (laugh).

So, although I'm a little worried about it, we thought we'd open one section of the story development process for the amusement of the public. This book basically consists of the fourth draft of the script, which we call the "preliminary final draft". Additionally, we've included later revisions of some portions of the screenplay and storyboard that were changed afterwards.

Of course, this manuscript is still in the process of being developed into a movie, and I expect that further changes will be made. So, rather than a "scenario book," it might be better to call this a "base scenario book."

Be that as it may, once the script leaves my scriptwriter hands, I too get to just look forward to seeing it as a film in a theater. Being a scriptwriter is a pretty carefree job, isn't it? (laugh)

Uh oh, someone with blond hair is glaring in my direction with exhausted eyes, so for now, I guess I'll talk to you later.

June 1999, Be-Papas Studio

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Chapter 1 Part A
Le premier chapitre Partie A

O  Afternoon. The Dueling Arena.

Touga's Voice: The memories of the rose... Atop the hill, a white castle juts into into the pure blue sky. A white horse is beside the river, drinking. And beside it, "he" stood...

The clash of sword on sword.
Their faces aren't visible, but two young men are fighting.
On each of their breasts is a rose.
And, although her face can't be seen either, a young woman is watching over the duel.


Touga: He knew. He could only act according to a predetermined equation. He was for the sake of the world; the world was for the sake of you.

It's Touga Kiryuu's bedroom.
It's dark inside.
Shiori Takatsuki is also there, in the bed.

Shiori: What are you talking about?
Touga: Once upon a time, there was the Rose Prince, who made all the girls of the world into princesses.


The dueling arena.
The violent back-and-forth continues, but soon one of the swords scatters one of the roses.

Shiori's Voice:, why am I not a princess?
Touga's Voice: Because the prince's little sister shut him away in a tower.

The boy who won wraps his arm around the girl's waist.
At that moment, a phone begins to ring...


Touga: Nobody has seen the prince since.

Touga's hand, picking up the receiver.

Telephone (Akio's Voice): And so, we were wrapped in the darkness called sadness... at the ends of the world.

O  A river, in the past.
(Opening Credits.) In monochrome:

A small boat, bobbing in a raging current.
A single young girl is riding in it.
She's desperately gripping the violently rocking boat.
However, her youthful resistance is ultimately useless, and she's thrown from the boat.
Her strength is already spent, and she sinks towards the bottom of the water - no, of the dark void.

At that moment:
Out of the darkness, something shining rises towards the surface, and begins to illuminate the girl.
Sensing that surprising radiance, the girl dimly opens her closed eyes.
The shining thing is actually "a prince."
The prince catches the girl in his arms.


The girl comes to her senses back on the boat.
She sees the prince fly into the sky, riding a white horse.
Before him is a castle.
The tower's bells start to ring...

[Main Title]

O  A panorama of the middle school building.

O  Classroom 2A. During lunch break.
Class has just ended, and the classroom is noisy.
Occasionally we hear a burst of light-hearted laughter.
By the window is Utena Tenjou, wearing a boy's uniform.
There's a group of female students looking at her with great interest.
Utena stands, glancing at the murmuring classroom out of the corner of her eye.

Wakaba's Voice: Utena Tenjou.

She turns to see Shinohara Wakaba.

Wakaba: So, what do you think of your first day at your new school?
Utena: (smiling) Well, I'm sure I'll enjoy it here if there's a cute girl like you around.
Wakaba: (blushing slightly) Aw...
Utena: I think the two of us will get along.
Wakaba: I'll show you around the school!

They leave together.

Utena: What's your name?
Wakaba: Wakaba Shinohara!

Wakaba looks over her shoulder at the girls remaining in the classroom, and winks. The nuance is 'I did it!"

O  Lunch break. The campus community.

The forms of the students.
And a panorama of the entire school.

E-ko's Voice: Hi, everyone! If you can hear us, then listen up! We're the Ohtori Academy Broadcasting Club duo, E-ko...
F-ko's Voice: ...and F-ko, reporting in...



E-ko & F-ko: ...with the lunchtime campus broadcast!

In the broadcasting room, two students are sitting across from each other, facing a mike: E-ko and F-ko.
However, we can't see their faces, only the projection of their shadows on the wall.


E-ko's Voice: It turned out to be a cool, beautiful day today. If you brought your lunch, you should eat it outside!
F-ko's Voice: You shouldn't try that. You'll be inviting a capricious passing rain.
E-ko's Voice: Wait a minute, the weather report never said anything about that.
F-ko's Voice: The rain in my heart is sure to cloud the sky above.
E-ko's Voice: Did you get dumped again?
F-ko's Voice: Is there something wrong with me!?
E-ko's Voice: Everyone! If you're going to scribble mischief on your sleeping boyfriend's back, make sure he doesn't have swim class the next day!

We see Wakaba, giving Utena a tour of the school.


A corridor.

Utena and Wakaba are walking together.

Utena: (a little hesitant) Hey... Over at the high school building...

Before them, we hear the shrill voices of female students.

Utena: What's going on?
Wakaba: Oh, it must be the Fencing Club.


The Fencing Club facility.
There's a group of female students looking down at the piste (the court used in fencing) from the second floor corridors, shouting things like "Mickey!" "Juri-sama!" "Prince!" and so on in high-pitched voices.
Standing out among them is Shori, who's shouting "Juri-san!"
Utena and Wakaba also stop alongside the female students, and follow their gaze.


Within the piste are the forms of Miki and Juri, wearing protectors and with swords drawn.
At the signal, they thrust with their swords simultaneously.
They deflect each others' attacks: their swordplay is magnificent.
Soon, as though the outcome had been decided, the two politely sheathe their swords and remove their masks.
The girls' cheers swell.
Juri and Miki meet each others' eyes.

Miki: (smiling boldly) I haven't given up yet.
Juri: The piano suits you better.


Utena: ...It sure is popular.
Wakaba: Of course, because it's Juri-sempai and Mickey!

On the screen, close-ups of Juri and Miki, as if from a telescope.

Wakaba: ...All the girls call her "the Prince." Perhaps she'll be your rival...

In a corridor across from them is a long-haired male student, Touga Kiryuu.
Utena and Touga meet each others' eyes from a distance.

Wakaba: (oblivious) And the boy is Miki Kaoru. His nickname is "Mickey." He's still a first-year junior high student, but he's a genius who's taking a bunch of college-level classes. He's cute and popular, but they say he can't get a girlfriend because his twin sister interferes... Huh?

Wakaba suddenly realizes that Utena is no longer beside her.


O  The sky.
Dark clouds have come.
There's the faint sound of thunder.


O  The courtyard. A flower bed of roses.
It's started to shower, and it's getting wet.

O  The landing of a staircase.
Through the glass of a window, we see the rain falling heavily.
Utena is watching it.
Touga is beside her.

Touga: It's really started to come down.
Utena: It'll stop soon. I hear it's a capricious passing rain.
Touga: It's been two years... no, more.
Utena: ...
Touga: Remember our promise to go to the planetarium? We've yet to go.
Utena: Don't misunderstand.
Touga: Misunderstand?
Utena: I'm not who I used to be. I didn't come here chasing you. I'm surprised. That you've come to this academy, too.

The rain continues to fall outside the window.

Touga: ...How come you're dressed like that?
Utena: A prince. I decided after we separated... that I'd try to live with high aspirations.

Touga casually glances at a western-style painting adorning the wall.
Utena takes a look, too.
It shows a castle, and a young girl seen from behind. (We don't know it yet, but the girl is Himemiya Anthy.)
Touga gently touches the left side of the picture frame.
Utena happens to notice that he has a ring on his finger.

Utena: What's that?
Touga: Hmm?
Utena: That ring...
Touga: (smiles broadly)
Utena: (acting tough) I see. You're engaged to someone.
Touga: This led me to this academy.
Utena: ...
Touga: The Seal of the Rose.
Utena: ....of the rose...

O  The school building, and the sky.
The rain, which started suddenly, has now abruptly stopped again.
The blue sky and sun are emerging from behind the clouds.

O  The courtyard. The flower bed of roses.
The flower garden stands at the root of the school building.
There, a row of roses are blooming.
Sunlight strikes the moisture dripping from the petals of the flowers.
Alone, Utena passes through the now puddle-filled courtyard.
She sees the flower garden, and stops walking.

Utena: ...roses.

Utena walks into the garden.
When she does, suddenly the bud of one of the roses slowly begins to open.
Utena watches, enthralled.
Inside the flower, she sees a ring.

Utena: (astonished, taking it) This is...

It's a Rose Seal, just like the one Touga had earlier.

Utena: ...!

Suddenly, Utena senses something and looks up at the school building beside her.
A surprisingly vivid rainbow is arching across the sky.
And... on the roof.
At the place where one end of the rainbow meets, there's a girl.
As soon as Utena notices her, she disappears.

Utena: ...

Utena enters the building.

O  Rooftop - Hanging garden
Utena has climbed to the roof, and sees before her a meadow of roses.
The clouds and rainbow are beautiful, now that the rain is over.
It's like the garden is in the sky.
Utena is dazzled by the overwhelming beauty.
Without thinking, she takes a step into the roses.
Then she walks over to the edge of the hanging garden.
It's the same place she saw the girl earlier.
The fence only comes about up to her knees, and we see that the sharp precipice of the cliff is only a few centimeters away.
Utena peers down over the deadly cliff.
We hear the wind blowing,
At that moment:

A Girl's Voice: Aren't you scared?

A girl's voice comes from behind her.
When she turns around, Himemiya Anthy is standing there.

Utena: ...
Anthy: Aren't you scared, standing there?

As she says this, Anthy moves to stand next to the cliff, just like Utena.

Utena: (looking at the rose garden) These roses are amazing.
Anthy: This is my rose garden.
Utena: Yours?

Anthy, with a slight smile, climbs onto the fence.

Anthy: I'm the chairman's sister, so I get special treatment.
Utena: ...
Anthy: But in reality, it's me that's captive to the roses.

The deadly fall is just one step away, but Anthy seems completely unconcerned as she walks along on top of the fence.
Her skirt rustles in the breeze.
Anthy walks over to Utena on the fence.

Anthy: What did you come to this academy to do?

The two of them gaze at each other.
Anthy sees the ring in Utena's hand.

Anthy: That's...

Anthy, as if losing her balance, falls towards Utena.

Utena: Whoa!

Utena immediately catches her in her arms.
The two are now embracing each other.
Anthy reaches out her hand to grab away the ring, but Utena pulls away from her.

Utena: It's mine! This Seal of the Rose.
Anthy: ! How do you know that name?
Utena: ...


Saionji: What are you doing?

At the entrance to the rose garden stands a tall boy holding a sheathed katana.

Saionji: What are you doing with the Rose Bride?
Utena: The Rose... Bride?

Saionji, walking directly halfway towards them:

Saionji: Move away from Anthy.

Saionji points the scabbard at Utena.

Saionji: Only authorized persons are allowed here.

At that moment, Saionji's eyes fall on the Rose Seal that Utena's holding.

Saionji: Oh, so you're a Duelist?
Utena: ...Duelist?
Saionji: My apologies. I was under the impression that my opponent today was to be Touga.
Utena: (shaken inside) "Touga..." do you mean Touga Kiryuu?

She sees that Saionji is wearing the same ring.

Utena: What is this ring?
Saionji: What do you mean, what? This Seal of the Rose is proof that you're a Duelist, able to duel for possession of the Rose Bride.
Utena: Duelist? (to Anthy) To win you?
Saionji: You possess the Seal of the Rose, but you really don't know anything at all, do you? Are you not my opponent for today?
Utena: ...


Insert. Utena's memory.
Touga is showing her the ring.

Touga: This led me to this academy. The Seal of the Rose.


Utena has put on a determined expression.

Anthy: Ah...

Anthy moves to stop her, but Utena slides the Seal of the Rose onto her finger.
The moment she does so, an iron door closes by its own volition, sealing off the roof's elevator.
The roof changes into a dueling arena.

Saionji: Anthy, prepare us.
Anthy: ...

Among the rows of blooming red roses, there's a single green one.
Anthy picks it, and affixes it to Saionji's chest.
Saionji casually kisses Anthy on the check.

Utena: (watching the kiss) ...

Similarly, there's a single white rose.
This time, Anthy affixes it to Utena.

Anthy: The person whose rose is knocked from their chest loses. (suddenly noticing) Do you have a sword?
Utena: Sword?
Anthy: Do you really know anything about the ring? Now's your chance to take it off.
Just then, the school bells resound through the post-rain sky.

Saionji: So you're without a weapon... how lucky.

Saionji draws his katana from its scabbard.

Anthy: Saionji-sama, one isn't permitted to duel without a sword...

Saionji picks up a nearby bamboo broom and throws it at Utena.

Utena: ...
Saionji: Any complaints now?
Anthy: But, is this person really...
Saionji: Shut up. The duel begins when the bells ring. You forget yourself.

Saionji violently pushes Anthy away.
She falls, struck.
Seeing this, Utena becomes angry.

Utena: Don't you hit your girlfriend!
Saionji: Girlfriend? She's the Rose Bride. In other words, since I'm the current winner of the duels, she's my possession!
Utena: Your possession!?
Saionji: Haa!

Saionji comes at Utena all-out, slashing and aiming for her rose.
Utena leaps back, creating some distance.

Saionji: Looks like this will be an easy victory.

Utena steps on the broom section of the bamboo broom she's holding, clearing it off and creating a makeshift wooden sword.

Utena: (with an angry expression) Are you really trading a girl around by duel? Regardless of how she feels?

Saionji pursues Utena, brandishing his sword.
Utena can barely hold him off with the bamboo stick.

Utena: Answer me! Does everyone who owns one of these rings really duel in order to win her?

Anthy's expression.

Saionji: What are you talking about now!?

He cuts through half of Utena's bamboo stick, sending it flying.

Utena: That katana.. is real?
Saionji: (inadvertently holding back with his sword) Her feelings? You don't understand anything! She's the Rose Bride!
Utena: You're the one who doesn't understand anything! Is there any girl who'd be happy to be traded through duels?

Anthy's expression.

Saionji: It's over!

Saionji again swings with his sword.
Utena will surely die.
But then...
Anthy nestles up to Utena, as if to protect her.

Anthy: Saionji-sama... it seems this person really doesn't know anything.
Saionji: Didn't I tell you not to get in the way?

Regardless of the fact that Anthy is there, Saionji moves to strike.

Utena: Watch out!

Utena moves to protect Anthy.
Seizing the opportunity, Saionji's sword goes for Utena's chest.
He misses the rose, but tears through the buttons on Utena's uniform, revealing the swelling beneath.

Saionji: You're... a girl?
Utena: I don't remember saying that I was a boy.

Utena is protecting Anthy.
For a moment, it looks as if their lips are accidentally going to touch...
And in the next moment,

Utena: Huh?
Saionji: !

Anthy suddenly changes from her school uniform to her Rose Bride dress.
(Anthy is surprised herself.)
At the same time, a light begins to crystallize in Anthy's chest...

Saionji: (overawed) What...?
Utena: Taa!

Utena draws that 'sword' from Anthy's chest, and brandishes it with a battle cry.
The sword on Saionji's chest scatters.

O  Tower
The bells ring.

O  Student Council Room - Watchtower
Touga is watching the proceedings using opera glasses.

Touga: Wonderful.

The sounds of a piano float quietly through the air.
Also in the spacious watch tower is a piano, which Miki is playing.
Standing next to the piano is Juri.

Juri: (to Touga) Weren't you supposed to be the one dueling today?
Miki: So there's a Duelist besides those of us in the Student Council... the Ends of the World didn't contact us about it at all. What on earth is he thinking?
Touga: (smiling audaciously) Perhaps he's always watching us from afar. Well, anyone with high aspirations can be chosen as a Duelist.
Miki: A man...
Juri: ...or a woman.
Touga: ...or someone in a coffin.

As he says this, Touga's eye falls on a western-style painting of a castle on the wall of the room. Next to it is the shape of a prince, standing in the darkness.

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Damn it Dallbun you are the best! poptart

I always wanted to know what Utena was going to ask Wakaba before being interrupted by the fencing team.

It's funny, I read the movie manga and some of the scenes are quite alike. Specially Anthy noticing Utena's ring.

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Interesting, I'd completely forgotten about the movie manga (even though I own a copy in storage somewhere.) Doesn't it also open with Touga talking to a (Shiori placeholder) girl about the plot? Is the conversation the same?

I wonder when in the development process the manga script started to diverge from the movie one...



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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Dallbun wrote:Doesn't it also open with Touga talking to a (Shiori placeholder) girl about the plot?

He is talking... to Utena? emot-confused

Dallbun wrote: I wonder when in the development process the manga script started to diverge from the movie one...

If I had to guess, I would say it diverged when the director thought about the car scene.

And anyway, when Wakaba and Utena meet for the first time, does Wakaba thinks Utena is a boy?
Is that why she ask Utena if Juri was going to be her rival?

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Dallbun honey, you know I love you forever for doing things like this! I'd love to comment on the content but I can't actually read it until I'm not sick anymore. I'm looking forward to it very much though. Thank you!

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Dallbun wrote:

Interesting, I'd completely forgotten about the movie manga (even though I own a copy in storage somewhere.) Doesn't it also open with Touga talking to a (Shiori placeholder) girl about the plot? Is the conversation the same?

While most of Touga's dialog is the same between both this script and the movie manga, the tone of the former seems to be much darker.  The girl he's talking to in the movie manga seems to be a random student he just finished screwing.

Also, I offer you infinite poptarts for your efforts on translating this.  It's cool to see obscure material like this come to light!

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Enokido wrote this? Oh wow, he's my idol!

I wonder why Utena acts so nonchalant when Anthy tells her she's really imprisoned by the roses, though. That's not something someone would tell a complete stranger.

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

The thing I noticed is, in this early version of the script not only is it implied earlier on that Touga is dead, but it seems the other duelists are able to interact with him in spite of that instead of Utena, Anthy and Shiori being the only ones who can see

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

The next part should be coming in the next day or two, but first I had a couple comments about the first one.

Riri-kins wrote:

Enokido wrote this? Oh wow, he's my idol!

Yeah, Enokido wrote a lot of Utena. And I should have made it more clear: the forward is indeed written by him specifically. He seems like a pretty cool guy, doesn't he? emot-smile

I wonder why Utena acts so nonchalant when Anthy tells her she's really imprisoned by the roses, though. That's not something someone would tell a complete stranger.

Oh, I don't know if she's nonchalant... it's just, how the heck do you respond to something like that, anyway?

teyhy wrote:

It's funny, I read the movie manga and some of the scenes are quite alike. Specially Anthy noticing Utena's ring.

As well as Anthy walking up on the dangerous fence.

RhythmFusion wrote:

The thing I noticed is, in this early version of the script not only is it implied earlier on that Touga is dead, but it seems the other duelists are able to interact with him in spite of that instead of Utena, Anthy and Shiori being the only ones who can see him. school-sherlock

Yeah, it shares that with the movie manga, too. A few other differences:

Obviously, we get a head start on the cosmological talk. I like the flashback to two generic boys dueling over Anthy, because it emphasizes the cyclical/eternal nature of the duels.

Utena sees Anthy up on the garden before she ascends to it. In the movie, she's just curious about the falling roses.

Anthy is surprised when the Sword of Dios emerges from her, while in the movie she produces it on her own initiative. That seems important.

The key visual components, like the hanging rose garden, are there from the start, but Enokido doesn't seem to have come up with the more bizarre imagery. I guess whoever was heading up the visual aspect came in later and said "you know what this classroom scene needs? Sliding chalkboards!" "Let's make the school designed by M.C. Escher!" "A garden on the roof of a building is so passe. Let's make it a huge suspended platform, instead!" I wonder if it was Ikuhara's doing. emot-rolleyes

Anthy: Saionji-sama, one isnt permitted to duel without a sword

Saionji picks up a nearby bamboo broom and throws it at Utena.

Saionji: Any complaints now?

Interestingly, in the final version, it's Saionji who says you can't duel without a sword, and Utena who grabs the bamboo pole and asks if he has any complaints.

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Chapter 2 Part B
Le deuxiéme chapitre Partie B

O  Night - a star-filled sky
The campus is silent and empty.

O  Student Dormitories, East Building - a window
The lights are on inside the room, and we see Utena, still in her school uniform.
Before long, she closes the window and warily draws the curtains.

O  The same - inside the room
It's Utena's personal room.
She just moved in, so there are a lot of cardboard boxes and stuff lying around.
Her uniform is still torn at the chest.
While taking it off, she walks up to the closet.
She opens it.
Inside is a row of "girl's clothing."
And - a photo stand is sitting there quietly.
It's a photograph of her and Touga, "silhouetted against a starry sky."
Utena starts to get out of her uniform, but...
Just then, there's a knock at the door.

Utena: !

Utena cautiously closes the closet.

Utena: ...who is it?
Anthy's Voice: It's me. Himemiya Anthy.
Utena: ...


With a relaxed air, Anthy sits herself down on Utena's bed.

Anthy: (looking around the room) You just moved in, but it's already so tidy.
Utena: I was about to go to sleep, and I don't make a habit of inviting people to my room.
Anthy: (standing) Then, I guess I should leave for tonight...

Utena takes Anthy's shoulders and sits her back down on the bed.

Utena: Don't be stupid. I'm not going to let you go back yet.
Anthy: (smiling) Of course not.

Utena's hand, pressing down on Anthy's shoulder.
Utena's eye is drawn to the Rose Seal on her finger.

Utena: What is this?

Utena shows her the ring on her hand.

Anthy: It's the Seal of the Rose. You know that, don't you?
Utena: ...
Anthy: Those who possess it can participate in the duels.

Utena: That Saionji guy... he said that everyone duels because they want you.


Insert. Utena's flashback.
Touga, wearing the Rose Seal.


Utena: ...what do they do after they win you?
Anthy: (smiling) You're funny.

Anthy takes Utena's hand and looks up at her.

Anthy: Tenjou, Utena, san...
Utena: Just "Utena" is fine.
Anthy: Well... how do you do, Utena? The two of us will get along, won't we?

Anthy softly kisses the back of Utena's hand.

Utena: you always do this with the winner of the duels?
Anthy: I am the Rose Bride. I do whatever the one I'm engaged to wishes.

Anthy, still sitting, takes Utena by the waist.

Anthy: You're so thin.
Utena: Cut it out!

Utena hastily pulls herself away from Anthy.
Her back bumps into the closet.
By some chance, the photo stand falls out of the open closet.
Utena snatches it up so that Anthy won't see it.
But Anthy seems more interested in the inside of the closet.

Anthy: (standing) You have so many cute clothes.
Utena: (in a bad mood) So what? Do you have a problem with that?
Anthy: Not at all.

Anthy again moves to press against Utena's body.

Utena: I said cut it out!

Not thinking, Utena shoves Anthy away.
She falls on the bed.

Utena: What were you thinking...? You're weird.
Touga's Voice: She's weird.

O  Touga's bedroom.
On the bed, Touga is talking to himself.
Next to him, Shiori is there too.

Shiori: What? Talking about the prince again?
Touga: Yes, the girl who wears the prince's clothes now... but, I'm sure she's still dreaming of the prince's castle.
Shiori: ...

On the wall next to the bed is a picture of a castle.
A big river and a boat are also drawn to the side of the castle.

Shiori: That reminds me, I used to have one myself. A prince.
Touga: Oh...?
Shiori: But he died. It was a childhood friend of mine, a girl, who killed him.


Juri, as a child.


Shiori: The prince liked her, so when fell off a boat, he saved her but was swept away himself.
Touga: ...
Shiori: So stupid. We were supposed to be together, just the two of us, but he went missing...

The boat, painted in a western style.

Shiori: (smiling cruelly) That's why I'll never forgive her. I'll make her fill in for the prince for the rest of her life.

O  The next day. An indoor pool. The afternoon.
The pool is empty.
Utena and her classmates are in gym clothes, cleaning the bottom with scrubbing brushes.
Wakaba and some others are also messing around, spraying each other with the hose.


By herself, Utena walks to a water tap off to the side of the pool.
She twists open the faucet, and takes a drink.
When she lifts her head, she suddenly finds Touga beside her.

Touga: So you've also been chosen as a Duelist.
Utena: ...

Utena takes Touga's left hand and compares it to her own. No matter how she looks at it, the two Rose Seals are identical.

Utena: You said that this ring led you to this academy. Does that mean that you're also... aiming for her?
Touga: You could say that.

The two of them look at Anthy, who's in the pool, cleaning.

Utena: Why?
Touga: (jokingly) Why? Because she's charming, of course.

Anthy, using the scrub brush.

Utena: Do you know what kind of girl she is?
Touga: What kind of girl is that?
Utena: ...she's weird.
Touga; Oh?
Utena: I mean, that girl... whoever wins the duel, she'll...
Touga: What?
Utena: ...
Touga: She's the Rose Bride. Of course she'll spend the night with the one she's engaged to.
Utena: Have you ever won a duel yourself?
Touga: (a meaningful smile)
Utena: And got engaged with Himemiya, and....
Touga: (nastily) That isn't any of your business, is it?
Utena: ...
Touga: (raising his voice) Himemiya, Anthy.

Anthy turns their direction when she's called.
Touga gestures for her to come over.


Anthy comes to them.

Anthy: (to Utena): What shall we do tonight?
Utena: ...I told you last night. I have no use for the Rose Bride.
Anthy: Really?
Touga: (still looking at Utena, but to Anthy) What a cold prince. And after she went to all the trouble of winning you.
Anthy: Indeed.
Utena: ...

Suddenly, Anthy is showered with water.

Anthy: (smiling) Aaah...!

Touga has mischievously sprayed her with a nearby hose.

Anthy: Stop it, Touga-sempai!

Anthy doesn't look altogether displeased, and seems playful.

Utena: ...

Utena, with an unreadable expression, turns away from the two of them and returns to the pool with her scrub brush.
Touga and Anthy both watch her as she goes.

...The sound of a ringing phone.

Telephone (Akio's Voice): Why did the younger sister imprison the Rose Prince...?

O  Night. Touga's bedroom.
Touga is holding the phone
Tonight, too, Shiori is beside him.

Telephone (Akio's Voice): And once she had imprisoned him, the mob stormed in...


The world of myth.
In a fairy-tale like image:
The younger sister is shutting her brother, the prince, into a room in a tower.
The people are pounding at the gate.

Man A: Open the door!
Woman A: Give us back the prince!
Man B: Open up, you witch!
Man A: Witch!
Woman A: Witch!


The Rose Prince and his younger sister are in the tower.

Akio's Voice: Yes, my sister was really a witch. She had magic powers. But there was something else, that the people didn't know...

As the younger sister watches, the prince collapses in front of her.
And his form darkens and roils.
At the same time, the sound of innumerable insects' wings can be heard.

Touga's Voice: What was that?
Akio's Voice: That the Rose Prince was really the Lord of the Flies. My sister, the witch, used her magic to make him a prince.


Touga's bedroom.

Telephone (Akio's Voice): So, when my sister's magic faded, the prince returned to his former self.
Touga: So you set up this game to regain the lost magic, huh...?
Shori: ...

Shiori's expression, as she's listening to Touga's words.

Touga: But I'll be the one to gain it in the end.
Kozue's Voice: What are you trying to gain?

O  Miki's house. The bathroom.
Miki is leaning back in the tub.
Sitting by his side, trimming his eyebrows with a razor, is Kozue.
The two of them are naked as the day they were born, but seem nonchalant.

Miki: What do you mean, what?
Kozue: Don't try to hide it. I know you're doing things I don't know about. Ah, don't move.

Kozue politely shaves his eyebrows.

Miki: ...we can't go back to that garden where we spent time together. But you'll always be precious to me.

Kozue brings the razor to Miki's throat.

Kozue: You traitor.

O  Student Dormitories, East Building. Utena's room.
The picture in the photo stand.
A shot of a childish Utena, and Touga as a boy.
Utena is alone, lost in thought.
Suddenly, outside the window, she sees Anthy.

Utena: Where is she going, at this hour...?

Anthy disappears into the nighttime campus.

Utena: The "Rose Bride," huh...?

O  Togua's bedroom

Touga: ...When I was a child, I grew out my hair, like my father told me to. That's what the customer wanted.
Shiori: Customer?
Touga: My current father. I was sold.
Shiori: ...
Touga: I lost a lot of things, but thanks to it, I was able to participate in this school's dueling game.
Shiori: I'm sure you'll win. You won't lose to Juri.
Touga: (looking at Shori and smiling) "To Juri?"
Shiori: Because... she's gross. She doesn't think that anyone knows, but I saw it.
Touga: Saw what?
Shiori: She's always wearing that pendant, right? Inside the locket is a picture of me, and she stares at it when nobody is around.
Touga: ...
Shiori: I could just throw up. It became a rumor, and it's been really annoying.

Touga laughs, amused.

Touga: I wonder who was spreading that rumor.

Shiori, not noticing Touga's sarcasm, says sweetly,

Shiori: Win the duels, and crush Juri, okay?
Touga: I don't know... I plan to win the duels, but I can't be cruel to Juri.
Shiori: ...why not?
Touga: Duelists have high aspirations.


Touga, who's fallen asleep.
Shiori, holding an oil-based pen.
Drawn on Touga's back, Chu-Chu.

O  An underground parking lot. In the dead of night. The entrance.
A locked-up iron gate.
Juri's hand, wearing a Rose Seal, using a key to open it with a "click."

O  The same. Inside.
In the darkness, the sound of a heavy metal gate creaking open.
Two duelists - Juri and Miki - walk side by side into the dark underground parking lot.
Inside, it's quite spacious.
Along both sides of the room are innumerable cars, like flies clinging to walls, but the darkness is deep, and we can�t see them very clearly.
The sound of a car engine - or perhaps it's a sound like a fly's wings, echoes among the darkness.
The two people stare into the darkness.

Juri: This darkness leads to "the Ends of the World."
Miki: It's somehow frightening... I feel drawn in.

"The Prince" crosses beside them.

Juri: The revolution will begin soon.
Miki: (nods)
Juri: Why are you a Duelist?
Miki: Because I was chosen, of course.
Juri: But you could have refused.

Miki gently touches his eyebrow.

Miki: I always wish to obtain more power.
Juri: How like a boy.
Miki: And you, Juri-san? Why did you join the duels, even though you hate the Rose Bride so much?
Juri: (with a thin smile) I want power so I can be free of everything.
Miki: What do you mean, "everything?"
Juri: Everything that binds me.
Miki: ...
Juri: (bringing her face nearer) We're all alone like this, but this is such an unromantic conversation.
Miki: (blushing a little) Uh...

Then -

Shiori's Voice: Juri-san.

When they look, Shiori is standing at the entrance. Who knows when she came in.

Juri: Shiori.
Miki: Ordinary students aren't allowed to enter here.

Shiori walks in timidly.

Shiori: I'm sorry. I'm in the way, aren't I...
Juri: ...What's the matter, at an hour like this?
Shiori: I was lonely... for some reason, I just wanted to see your face...
Juri: Did something happen?

Shiori takes Juri's left hand.
Juri's feelings are stirred.
Shiori touches Juri's Rose Seal.

Shiori: Juri-san, you're a Duelist, aren't you?
Juri: How do you know that?

We see Shiori smiling triumphantly.

Shiori: I know lots of other things, too.
Juri: "Other things?"

Without thinking, Juri's hand reaches out for the pendant at her chest.

Shiori: For instance, I know about that Tenjou Utena girl.

Juri and Miki exchange a look.

Miki: What do you know about her?
Shiori: She likes Touga-sempai. That's why she stubbornly dresses like a boy to try and become a Duelist.
Juri: Playing prince because of some guy?

Shiori takes Juri by the arm.

Shiori: It would be wrong for a person like that to get the power to revolutionize the world.
Juri: She does sound rather insipid.
Shiori: You'll win, won't you? You'll be the one to win, right, Juri?
Juri: Yeah, I'll kick her ass in the next duel.
Miki (M): (watching the two of them) The things that bind Juri-san, huh...?

O  A roof. The hanging garden. Night.
In the garden, at night, Anthy is watering the roses.
Suddenly, the hand holding the watering can stops, as she senses another presence. She turns around.

Anthy: Utena...
Utena: You're taking care of the roses at this hour...?
Anthy: Because I'm the Rose Bride.
Utena: (gets a strange expression)
Anthy: It looks like I've said something to offend you again.
Utena: Do you really do those things with anyone who wins the duels?
Anthy: Are you, perhaps, curious to know about Kiryuu-sempai?
Utena: ...
Anthy: Is he your...
Utena: Shut up!
Anthy: Ah...!

Utena draws near to Anthy and grabs her by the chest.
Anthy drops the watering can she was holding.

Utena: What do you know!?
Anthy: ...Utena.

Anthy falls.
Utena, as if forcing her down, is still holding the front of her shirt.

Utena: You made Touga weird, didn't you!?
Anthy: ...
Utena: When I lost my parents, Touga was by my side... he saved me. I thought he'd be by my side forever... I thought he'd be beside only me...

Suddenly, Utena bursts into tears.
Anthy's expression.
A moment passes.
Anthy kisses Utena's cheek, wiping away the tears.

Utena: ...but, Touga went away. He left me behind. Even though he said we'd gaze at the stars together forever...
Anthy: Stars?
Utena: ...He left me alone... There's no such thing as a prince.

Anthy tenderly holds Utena's head in her breast.
Utena clings to her desperately.
Anthy looks up at the sky.
The thick clouds have cleared, and the starry sky is spread out in front of her.

Anthy: ...

Anthy stands up.
She looks at Utena, and we see her smile.

Utena: ...?

Anthy walks over to a water tank on one side of the roof.
Then she picks up an axe, which is next to it for use in case of emergencies,
...and decisively strikes the side of the water tank.

Utena: ...Himemiya?

Water gushes out from the tank.
In no time at all, it spreads out over the roof - and becomes a mirror just like the surface of a lake, reflecting the starry sky.
Looking around, suddenly as far as the eye can see there's nothing but stars, and the reflections of stars on the mirrored floor.
The two girls are now standing in a dazzling galaxy where roses bloom.
With this beautiful sight suddenly appearing before her, Utena, in one moment, loses sight of the feelings that were overwhelming her heart.
Anthy, smiling, holds out her arm.
Utena breaks out in a smile, too, and takes Anthy's hand.
Music flows quietly -
The two of them spontaneously begin a waltz step in outer space.


Utena doesn't notice the fact that there's an enormous castle at the bottom of the galaxy below them.

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Okay, so by "in the next day or two," I apparently meant "in the next few hours, because I have a whole lot of free time today." emot-redface

This entire section is very, very close to the movie. Don't worry, the fourth part at the very least looks like it'll have a lot of fun stuff. In the meantime, see if you can play "spot the differences!" school-sherlock Even here, there are a few interesting changes.

Inside is a row of girls clothing.
And a photo stand is sitting there quietly.
Its a photograph of her and Touga, silhouetted against a starry sky.

I have no idea what's going on with the quotation marks here. emot-confused

Telephone (Akios Voice): Why did the younger sister imprison the Rose Prince?

In the final script, he initally refers to the sister as "imouto," which barring any other context would refer to his own sister. In this draft, however, he says "sono imouto" ("that younger sister"), which distances her a bit from him. Then he just starts referring to her as "imouto" after that, though. I'm not sure whether the original intent was to hide the fact that Akio is the older brother in question... but if so, they weren't doing a very good job. In the end I decided to have him start calling her "my sister."

Miki: I always wish to obtain more power.
Juri: How like a boy.

In the CPM translation, Juri's line is "That's so mean." Not sure where that came from.



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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

It's interesting that this script doesn't make mention of the Kozue-mobile... I find it odd that it doesn't seem to be considered an important enough detail to mention. Maybe they hadn't added it yet?

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Chrome Homura wrote:

It's interesting that this script doesn't make mention of the Kozue-mobile... I find it odd that it doesn't seem to be considered an important enough detail to mention. Maybe they hadn't added it yet?

Yeah, I expect that's another one of the visual flourishes that Enokido doesn't seem to have written in himself.



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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

This is so freaking cool. I love it! Thanks for translating, Dallbun! emot-biggrin

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

I know how hard translating stuff is, so I;m not trying to hurry you, but I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this (especially if there are no cars in the end emot-smile ). Thanks Dalbun!



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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Chapter 3 * Part C
Le troisième chapitre Partie C

O  The next day. Afternoon. The Art Room.

Art Teacher: Alright, form up into pairs and draw each other. Don't get bogged down in detail - it's important to capture your partner's essence. The weather is nice, so you can work outside.

Utena's classmates, sketchbooks in hand, form pairs and directed and head out.
Utena looks around.

Utena: Hey, Wakaba...

...she calls out, but Wakaba has already formed a pair with another male classmate (Kazami Tatsuya?), and they're leaving together.
She realizes that the only people left are herself and Anthy.
Anthy is smiling, holding her sketchbook.

Utena: ...

O  The Chairman's building - observation room
Anthy enters.

Anthy: - Over here.
Utena: Hey, is it really okay for us to come up here...?
Anthy: It's all right. No one comes here.

Utena hesitantly climbs up the stairs after Anthy.
But as soon as she steps foot in the observation room, she lets out a small cry.

Utena: Woah, what a great view...!

From this huge, open observation room, there's an panoramic view of Houou City's cityscape in all directions.
Their hair waves in the cool breeze.


The two of them sit facing each other on a bench, their pencils running over their open sketchbooks.

Utena: (while drawing) Sorry about last night... thank you.
Anthy: What for?
Utena: Don't tease me. I mean, I got so emotional at you. But for my sake, you...
Anthy: Don't worry about it. You are engaged to me, after all.
Utena: Um, can you cut it out with the "engaged" stuff? I'm not going to be dueling anyway.

Utena takes off her ring.

Anthy: Do you not like me after all?
Utena: It's not that... it's just, if we're going to be close, let's do it properly.
Anthy: ...
Utena: Last night, I was surprised to realize that I felt a little better, even after I got back to my room and was by myself. Thinking honestly to myself, I wondered if talking about our problems, and helping each other out, might have been the simple things I needed all along.
Anthy: ...
Utena: If you don't mind, won't you open up a little more to me, too? I want to be your friend.
Anthy: ...
Utena: I mean, you don't really talk about yourself. Let's not keep any weird secrets like this Rose Bride stuff.
Anthy: ...

Anthy stands, holding her sketchbook.

Utena: What is it?

Anthy, as if to beckon Utena, goes inside the observation room.


Hanging here are innumerable painted portraits (artistic, but in a radical style) of a naked girl.

Utena: Where is this?
Anthy: (quoting the art teacher) "It's important to capture your partner's essence."

Anthy makes Utena stand here among the pictures.
She begins to unbutton Utena's uniform.

Utena: H... hey, what are you doing?
Anthy: (smiling, mimicking Utena's tone) "Let's not keep any weird secrets."
Utena: ...

With a smile that says "see? you aren't able to reveal everything," Anthy turns to leave.

Utena: Alright, I got it... is this what you want?

Utena has started to take off her clothes herself.
Anthy's expression as she sees this.


Touga is looking through opera glasses from the watchtower.


Anthy is sketching on her canvas with her Conte pencil.
Utena is standing before her, completely nude.

Utena: Hey, it's not fair if I'm the only one being the model.
Anthy: ... (a telling look)

Anthy also begins to remove her clothes.
Utena's not sure where to point her eyes.
Anthy becomes nude.
On her chest, there's a "scar."
Then she takes off her glasses, and unties her hair, and -

Utena: !

Utena finally takes notice of the pictures around them, and looks around.
The subject of all the portraits strikingly resembles Anthy's true face.

Utena: Is the model in these paintings' you?

Utena once again looks at the surrounding paintings.

Anthy: I'll teach you the reason why everyone wants me, the Rose Bride.

If the girl in the paintings is Anthy, perhaps that reveals a terrible truth.
We see Utena's shocked face, as she's thinking this.

Utena: That's...

O  The broadcasting room.
An old cartoon is being played.

E-ko: I got a big scoop! There's a totally scandalous painting hanging in the chairman's room! It's a huge, huge deal!
F-ko: Oh, but I've obtained an even better video tape! It's no time to be watching this cartoon!

A finger, flipping a switch on the tape deck.


The video screen.
A western-style castle towers above.
Parked in front of it is Akio's sports car.
The door opens, Akio offers his hand to Kanae to help her out of the passenger's seat.

E-ko's Voice: Oh, if it isn't acting chairman Akio! This must be back when he got engaged to the chairman's daughter.
F-ko's Voice: He's the very picture of a prince!
E-ko's Voice: He's still young, but he's competent, and kind, and oh! those looks!

A close-up of Akio.
Looking into "the camera," he says,

Akio: Thank you, but you flatter me.
E-ko's Voice: this really a video?


Akio, driving his car alone.
Out the window, we can see the castle.
The image on this video is unnaturally dark, and we can see the castle in every cut.


Akio, arriving at the front door, is greeted by Anthy.

Anthy: Welcome home, my brother.


Anthy is sitting in the living room.
Beside her, a canvas that's just started to be painted is standing on an easel.
Akio is preparing drinks in the kitchen nearby.

E-ko's Voice: That's right - I heard that Akio-san takes care of his younger sister. You know, they're really close to each other!
F-ko's Voice: But the scandal starts here. The shocking secret of the Rose Bride is...

Suddenly, the kind smile disappears from Akio's face.
He drops a suspicious-looking tablet into Anthy's glass.

O  The Chairman's building, observation room - Inside
Utena is in front of the paintings, in a daze.

Anthy: This is the secret of the Rose Bride.
Utena: ...

-- the bells that signal the start of a duel ring out.

O  After school - the Dueling Arena
Utena's hand, drawing the sword from Anthy's chest.
On her finger, she's put back on the Rose Seal that she'd removed before.
The setting sun is enormous.
The figures of the two Duelists, tinted red by the light of the evening sun.

Juri: Haa!

With a battle cry, Juri violently lunges with her sword.
It's a fierce offensive.
But with the Sword of Dios, Utena skillfully deflects the tip of the blade - she's pretty skillful herself.


The Student Council meeting room - watchtower
Touga is watching the situation with opera glasses.
Miki is also there next to him.

Miki: She's really doing it.
Touga: ...


It's a close fight, and the two jostle for position.

Juri: Let me teach you how much playing prince halfway will cost you. The Seal of the Rose doesn't suit a girl like you!

Utena barely leaps away to avoid Juri's sword, trying to create some distance between them.

Juri: Well, you have a good arm, at least.
Utena: There's no way I'm going to lose!
Juri: (spitefully) Do you love Touga that much?
Utena: Haa! (with a keen thrust)


Insert - Utena's memory.
Utena and Anthy are both naked.
But around them isn't the room - it's dark, empty space.
And in the background, an enormous western-style castle looms.

Anthy: I still haven't been inside myself, but it's said that if you go there, you can obtain anything. Eternity, miracles, shining things... your secret wishes will surely come true. That's what it means to win me. Despite all that, are you going to throw away your Seal of the Rose?


The two's swords, clashing.
On each of their fingers, a Rose Seal.
The fierce back-and-forth continues.


The Student Council meeting room - watchtower
Touga hands his opera glasses to Miki, and turns to leave the room.

Miki: ...aren't you going to keep watching? She's fighting for your sake, isn't she?
Touga: Well... I wonder.

He exits the room.
Left all alone, Miki watches the duel through the opera glasses.


The Sword of Dios is knocked to the ground.
We hear the clank of metal.
Utena is backed up against the wall.
Juri's sword is pointed at her chest.

Juri: What, aren't you going to keep playing the prince?

Looking past Juri, Utena sees the Rose Bride, Anthy, standing there.
For a moment, their eyes meet.

Utena: It's not over yet!

Utena throws herself off the side of the rooftop arena.

Juri: What...?
Anthy: !

They thought that she'd fallen, but Utena is leaping across the bas-reliefs that jut slightly off the edge of the school building's wall, in a display of death-defying acrobatics.
Juri is shocked.
Utena lands behind Juri.
And at the same moment, strikes out with her sword.

Utena: Haa!

Utena lunges towards Juri.
For a second, the figure of the prince overlaps her own.
Insert: Juri, Anthy, and Miki's expressions as they see that.
Juri crosses swords with Utena.
In that moment -
The rose scatters from Juri's chest.
The bells start to ring.

Juri: ...

Utena and Anthy look at each other.
Their eyes meet.

Juri: (to Utena) A moment ago... you looked...

Just then - there's a commotion from the central garden.

C-ko: Extra, extra, extra!

Utena, Anthy, and Juri look down towards the voices in the courtyard.


The courtyard. A bed of roses.
Teachers and students are gathered around the rose bed.
The rows of blooming roses have been cruelly torn up, though.
A shovel is lying on the ground.
Lying on a stretcher is a corpse, covered by a sheet.


Anthy's expression, looking down at this.


Kanae is clinging to the sheets and crying.

Kanae: Akio-san... Akio-san, Akio-san...

Whispered gossip comes from the crowd behind her.

A-ko: I wonder, I wonder?
B-ko: Do you know, I wonder?
C-ko: It's the chairman.
B-ko: I thought I hadn't seen him around recently...
A-ko: So did someone kill him, I wonder?
B-ko: Well, someone buried him, after all.
A-ko: But I wonder who did it?
Shiori's Voice: It was the owner of this flower bed.

Everyone looks towards Shiori.

Shiori: She grew the roses here to hide the body. Look, here's the proof!

...she says, holding out the videotape (stolen from the broadcasting room) to one of the teachers.

O The broadcasting room.

E-ko: Huh...? I saw it just a minute ago, but the scandalous tape is gone...

O The dueling arena.
Utena is looking down at the courtyard.
Suddenly, she notices out of the corner of her eye that Anthy, who was standing there earlier, has vanished.

Utena: ! Himemiya...

She looks around, but Anthy is nowhere in sight.

Utena: (calling out) Himemiya!

Utena takes off running.
Juri watches her go.
Once again, the image of the prince overlaps with hers for a moment.

Juri: The prince...


The sun is setting.
Night is close at hand.

O Inside the school building - the corridors
Utena runs into the dimly-lit building, spread out before her like a giant cathedral.
A shot of her face.

Utena: ...Himemiya!


An insert - the footage of the video.
Anthy is lying on a sofa, completely nude.
Akio, who has been caressing her body, finally notices something, and takes a step back.
He looks dismayed.

Akio: You... weren't asleep?


Inside the school building.
Utena reaches a junction in the corridor, and stops at the center, calling out in all four directions.

Utena: Himemiya! ...Himemiya!


An insert - the footage of the video.
Her eyes open, and with a rather apologetic expression, Anthy looks at the floor.

Akio: How long... how long have you known...? (taken aback) Have you never been asleep at all�? Were you always just pretending?
Anthy: Don't worry.

Anthy stands and moves close to Akio.

Anthy: Big brother, you're my prince. You can do as you like with me, whenever you want...
Akio: Shut up! I'm not that kind of person!

Akio takes hold of a painting knife.


In the school building.
Around a corner ahead of her, Utena catches a glimpse of something that looks like the Rose Bride dress, which then vanishes.

Utena: Himemiya!

She chases after it.


An insert - the footage of the video.
Painting knife in hand, Akio is pacing around, rather unhinged.

Akio: -- I'm a prince!
Anthy: So, you can do what you want.
Akio; What do you know!?
Anthy: Aah...!

He stabs Anthy in the chest with the painting knife.
Anthy slumps down, clutching her chest.

Akio: Aaaaah..!

Akio throws himself out of the window.
A shot of Anthy's expression, as she watches this.


Inside the school building.
Utena is running.
But when she turns the corner, nobody is there after all, and she�s at a crossroads again.
However, the corridor is lined with chairs, which the images of pointing hands on them.
Their "fingertips" are all pointing into the depths of the hallway.
There's a note stuck to the wall.

"To the one engaged:
Please wait inside."

Utena proceeds down the dark hallway.


Before long, Utena reaches the destination, a small room that looks like a confessional.
Behind her, the door closes by itself.

Touga's Voice: Your class year and name, please.

Apparently, Touga is behind the dark, ground glass wall.
Through a small window, only his hand can be seen.
Utena is a little bewildered, but she sits in the chair.

Utena: Middle school second year, Class A, Tenjou Utena.

"Goun, goun..." A heavy, low throbbing sound beings from beyond the wall.
The room begins to descend, like an elevator.
The two don't seem to notice this strange occurance.


The image of the prince, running down a spiral staircase.


Utena: I've finally remembered.
Touga: What?
Utena: The time when we parted. For some reason, when I came here, I forgot. Back then, in the river near our school, a boy drowned.
Touga: ...did something like that happen?
Utena: It did. A girl riding in a boat fell into the river. The boy jumped into save her, but although she survived, he was washed away.
Touga: ...
Utena: Why had I forgotten that until now?
Touga: Utena, won't you come with me? I'm here, now. I've always been thinking of you. I promise, our love will continue until the ends of the earth. Isn't that enough? Let's be happy here.
Utena: (with a small smile) That's what you said back then, too. That night, when I was crying alone in the church, you said you would always think of me.
Touga: ...
Utena: Thank you. You really were my prince.
Touga: ...
Utena: What's the purpose of the game at this school?
Touga: ...Everything about this place was created centered around the prince. But no prince exists, in the flesh. So this game is necessary to fill the void.
Utena: Where's Himemiya?
Touga: Why do you want to see her? Have you grown to desire the power of miracles?
Utena: Does that power really exist?


Insert - the footage of the video.
Akio's corpse by a freshly-dug hole, Anthy standing to the side.
Overlapping with that image -
Akio's grave becomes a flower bed, and Anthy becomes the Rose Bride.
At the same moment, the castle in the sky appears.

Touga's Voice: When she became the Rose Bride, the castle that holds eternity appeared. Yes, when she killed her older brother, the Prince.


Utena: No, the prince was dead to begin with.

"Goun, goun," The sound of descending continues.

Utena: And you're actually dead, too, aren't you?
Touga: ...

"Go--n." Just then, they reach the bottom.
The room stops descending.
And the glass separating the two of them disappears.


At the bottom of the spiral staircase, the prince opens a large door.
Behind it are Utena and Touga, in the elevator/confessional.
The two are kissing.
It looks like Utena had assertively kissed him, but at this moment she pulls away and looks up at the sky, though the open door.
There, the spiral staircase is leading up into the night sky. A rainbow appears across the stars.

Utena: Himemiya is up there, right?
Touga: ...yeah.

Touga's Rose Seal begins to darken.

Utena: ..your ring?
Touga: The Seal of the Rose... when its owner dies, it becomes dark.
Utena: I really loved you. And even now, my feelings haven't changed. But...

Utena resolutely turns away from Touga, and looks up at the spiral staircase.
She begins to ascend it.
Behind her, the door closes.

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Hey, folks, sorry it�s been so many months. I just got distracted with life, is all. I hope to translate the last section and afterward in a slightly more timely fashion, at least. It�s been fun coming back to this� I�m reminded what a unique piece of art the Utena movie is. emot-smile

I�m sure that lots of dialogue in this section is identical to the final version, but I didn�t have access to the CPM translation for the latter part of this section, so I had to wing some of it. Next time � cars! And some interesting differences!

Utena has started to take off her clothes herself.


Touga is looking through opera glasses from the watchtower.


An old cartoon is being played.

The term the script uses is "manga eiga," which is apparently used to refer to old-school animation like old Disney cartoons and such.

F-ko: He's the very picture of a prince!

The CPM translation makes this line "a textbook example of a prince," but the expression she uses is actually another reference to painting and drawings, tying into the themes of the previous scene.

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Very, very interesting. Thanks for doing it. I had always wondered how Anthy might have gotten Utena to pose nude, and now I can see how it might've played out.

Touga is looking through opera glasses from the watchtower.

Really, really glad they took that out, it was a wise decision. That would've completely ruined the sense of intimacy between Utena and Anthy which was the whole point of that scene.

Then she takes off her glasses, and unties her hair

Another interesting change from the final draft, and another good one IMHO. Anthy's glasses and bound hair were the symbols of her oppression in the series, and it's appropriate for the much more empowered and self-deterministic Movie Anthy to lack those shackles.

In fact, the older draft of the movie in general seems a lot more geared toward Utena/Touga than Utena/Anthy, with no duel kisses among other things....good thing Ikuhara was there to fix that. emot-biggrin

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

When I read Touga looks at Utena through opera-glasses, I thought of a vogyuer .. (one who peeps through windows)

In lumine tuo, videbimus amor ('In your light, we shall love') Slippy slippery mambo~ everyone at Ohtori is in some kind of spiritual land, created by Goddess Anthy and her brother Akio?!



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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Chapter 4 * Part D
Le quatrième chapitre Partie D

O  The spiral staircase
"Absolute Destiny Apocalypse" is playing.
Utena fearlessly climbs up the stairs.

O  Fireworks being set off into the starry sky
Soon, Utena ascends to an open square.
The air is split by thunderous applause.
People are whistling, too.

Utena: ...

It seems that the square is flooded with masked students, who were awaiting Utena's arrival.
Everyone is smiling towards Utena.
A spotlight shines into the center of the square.
There, a "coffin" is standing, and its lid slowly opens.
Inside is...

Utena: Himemiya!

Anthy emerges, dressed in her school uniform.
Masked female students cluster around her.
And when they move away, Anthy is dressed up in her Rose Bride outfit.
Similarly, masked male students gather around Utena, and when they part, she's dressed as a prince.
Surrounded by students, and with the spotlight still on them, the two step towards each other.
Quietly, music begins to play.
In the center of the square, a vivid carpet unrolls a wedding aisle in front of them.

Anthy: Come, Utena-sama, let's go together.

Arm in arm, the two walk on the carpet.
The masked students watch over them.

Utena: ...I saved you.
Anthy: Yes, you're my prince. I was saved by you.
Utena: No... that isn't right.
Anthy: You'll always be my prince.

Their eyes meet.
Soon, following the carpet, they step onto a platform, and Anthy, in Utena's arms, quietly closes her eyes.
Light crystallizes within her chest --
The hilt of the sword emerges.

Anthy: (eyes still closed) Go ahead.
Utena: ...
Anthy: You're my, and this academy's, prince. Any miracle, any kind of eternity... you can now take them into your hand. As long as you're at this school... as long as you're within those walls.

They can see that the darkened campus is encircled by enormous walls.

Utena: ...

Utena gently reaches out her hand for the hilt of the sword.
We see the expectant, curious eyes of the masked students watching them.
But --

Utena: Let's run, Himemiya.
Anthy: ! (she opens her eyes in surprise)

The sword snaps back into her chest.

Utena: Come on!

Utena takes her hand, and dashes.
But the masked students gather around them, as if to catch them.

Utena: Out of the way!
Anthy: Utena...

Utena tries to forcefully break her way through, but there are just too many masked students.
Soon, they are caught by countless students' hands.
The students try to pull them away from each other.

Utena: --Himemiya!
Anthy: ...

The two are just barely holding on to each others' hands, but at last they're torn apart.

Utena: Himemiya... here!

Finally, at the moment their hands separate, Utena slips something into Anthy's hand.

Anthy: Utena!

The two are pulled apart.
Anthy looks at the object Utena handed her - it's the Rose Signet.
Utena is pushed over to a dimly-lit garage that's in one part of the square.

Utena: (shouting) Himemiya... get out of here... get out of here! There's definitely a way out!
Anthy: Utena...

The masked students force Utena's body into the garage.
She's swallowed by the darkness.
An iron grate closes over the entrance.

Anthy: No... the magic is coming undone!

"Bu-n..." the sound of flies wings can soon be heard from the darkness behind the iron grate.
The students look like mocking corpses.
The "bu-n" sound within the darkness gradually becomes more distinct.
Unable to face it, Anthy turns away. (Could Utena have become the Lord of the Flies?)
Bu-n... buon, buon!
Soon, the iron grate opens and a form emerges from within...
An engine revs up... it's a sports car!
A car in Utena's image colors.
The license plate reads "UTENA."
When it appears, the engine, which was running, suddenly stops.

Aiko: Another car that doesn't run.
Yuuko: One more car that nobody can make move.

Like hunters carrying off a shot animal, the students start to push away the "Utena Car."
As it passes by her, Anthy watches the Utena Car in a daze.
She can't do anything for Utena any longer, so she just stands there.
Then, she looks at the ring in her hand.

Anthy: !

The Rose Signet has, at some point, turned into a car key.

Utena's Voice: (in her memory) ...There's definitely a way out.
Anthy: (internally) An exit...

Anthy looks around.
Far away, she can see a lit-up castle.

Anthy: Over there...
Utena's Voice: (in her memory) Get out of here... get out of here!
Anthy: ......!

Anthy looks determined.
Shaking off the hands of the masked students, she jumps in the driver's seat of the Utena Car.

Keiko: (derisively) What are you trying to do, Rose Bride? You think you can move it?

Anthy inserts the key, and turns it.
The Utena Car's engine starts.
It's the only sound we hear.
Anthy shifts into gear, and steps on the gas.
The Utena Car rushes forward.
Now the crowds of students have no choice but to flee.
A voice comes from the car radio.

E-ko's Voice: Hii, everyone! If you can hear this, then listen carefully! We're the Ohtori Academy Broadcasting Club duo, E-ko...
F-ko's Voice: ...and F-ko, reporting in!


Insert. The Broadcasting Club room.

E-ko and F-ko: With live race coverage!

The two are sitting across the mike from each other. (As always, we can't see their faces.)


A highway, stretching into the darkness.
The Utena Car is speeding forward.

E-ko's Voice: Alright, today's main event has already started, and at the moment Himemiya Anthy is way in the lead!
F-ko's Voice: Well, of course - she's the only one racing!

Anthy glances in the back mirror, and tenses up.

E-ko's Voice: Uh-uh - a dark car is coming up from behind!

A jet-black car comes up a rampway, and approaches.
Its license plate reads "Beelzebul."
Beelzubul begins to gain from behind.
The glass in its windows is also dark, and all we can see of its driver is a dim shadow.
The distance between them gradually narrows.

E-ko's Voice: The black one is gaining!
F-ko's Voice: It's huge!

As Beelzebul pulls up alongside them, we see that although it's in the shape of a passenger car, it's unnaturally big.
It recklessly smashes into the Utena Car.
Anthy desperately grips the steering wheel.

F-ko's Voice: What reckless driving!
E-ko's Voice: Will Himemiya Anthy be able to get away?

Twice, three times, Beelzebul heavily rams against her.

Anthy: ...

Finally, she goes out of control.
Caught between Beelzebul and the guard rail, trailing sparks, we hear the sound of screeching breaks.
But she can't stop the car, and plunges towards a corner turn -
The Utena Car crashes into the guard rail.


Meanwhile, Beelzebul breaks through the guard rail and goes flying through the air.
Keeping its momentum, it looks like it's going to have a safe landing, but the moment its tires hit the field below, it overturns, flips around 360 degrees, and comes to a stop.
Because of the impact, the shadowy figure of the driver breaks apart with a buzzing sound.
It was just an assemblage of flies.
They quickly form back into the shape of a human.
And as if nothing had happened, they race off.
It's very eerie.

O  The underground parking lot.
We hear the sounds of innumerable flies.
The many cars packed into the wall flap their side doors open and closed, like insects streching their wings.
As if maddened by their companion's crisis, they run up across the walls.

O  The highway.
The Utena Car is trying to back away from the guard rail.
But the tires are hitting the air, and it can't really move.

E-ko's Voice: Himemiya Anthy has crashed into the guard rail!
F-ko's Voice: Looks like she's pretty stuck.
E-ko's Voice: Uh oh... and meanwhile, that black car is catching back up!


Beelzebul is rushing to catch up.
But following behind it, somehow another dozen cars have also joined in.

E-ko's Voice: What the heck? The number of black cars is increasing!
F-ko's Voice: I hate to say it, but it looks like they're working together.


Anthy looks very impatient.
At last, she buries her head in the steering wheel.

Anthy: It's impossible, after all... there are so many enemies, and I'm all alone...


Beelzebul is still in pursuit.
What's more, their numbers have increased again.


E-ko's Voice: It's not impossible!
Anthy: (surprised, she lifts her head)
E-ko's Voice: What's impossible about it?
F-ko's Voice: Remember what your friend said!
Anthy: !
Utena's Voice: (in her memory) Himemiya... get out of here... get out of here! There's definitely a way out!
Anthy: My friend...

Anthy, looking resolved, steps on the gas.
The Utena Car finally comes free of the guard rail, and begins to move again.

E-ko's Voice: And the race resumes!
F-ko's Voice: I'm glad... for a moment there I thought it was the end...


The broadcasting room.
We can see that F-ko, sitting across from E-ko, is really a doll.

E-ko: (speaking in F-ko's voice) You can do it, even by yourself.
F-ko: And she isn't even alone! But come on, we have to hurry.


Beelzebul, gaining on Anthy. Their numbers are increasing.
Finally, the lead car pulls parallel to Anthy, and starts to narrow the width between them again.
Anthy's expression.
It strikes the side of the Utena Car.
The windshield cracks like a spider web from the impact.
The other Beelzebuls also come up from behind, one after another.

Anthy: ...tch.

Anthy pulls the Turbo Charge lever.
With a roar, the Utena car leaves them in the dust.
At the same time, Anthy's garb changes from that of the Rose Bride, to that of a Duelist.


The Beelzebuls are pursuing in a flock.
Together, their left and right doors open, and things that look like insect wings emerge from inside.
They all speed after Utena.


Once again, the Beelzebuls are closing the distance.
But then --
With exquisite timing, a ruby-colored sports car pulls in from a byroad, and crashes into the front of the Beelzebul in the lead.
Without time to break, the lead Beelzebul spins out of control.
The one driving the ruby sports car is...

Touga: Baby!

With splendid technique, Touga again smashes into a pursuing Beelzebul.
Both the ruby sports car and the Beelzebul tumble together.
The pursuing Beelzebuls crash into the stalled outs, one after another, and go up in flames.


Anthy, not slowing down, looks back.


Touga gives a thumbs up towards the escaping Utena Car, and winks smugly.
By his side is the crashed ruby sports car.

Touga: (to the car) You handled wonderfully... you were very easy for me to manipulate.

Still overturned, the wipers move once, chagrined.
Its plate says "SHIORI."


The Utena Car is going at an extremely high speed.
The cracks in the windshield make it hard to see where they're going.
Anthy stands up in the driver's seat, and draws a sword from her own chest.

Anthy: ...Fh!

Then, she uses the sword to smash away the offending windshield.
She sits again, and resumes driving.

E-ko's Voice: Now you can see again, Himemiya Anthy!
F-ko's Voice: But it looks like the black cars haven't given up yet, either!
Anthy: ! ...up ahead, too.

Out from the darkness ahead of her, a new group of Beelzebuls are closing in.
More and more pour into the group, one after another.
The Utena Car barrels towards them.
Anthy looks anguished.
Then --

A motorcycle with a side car leaps down over the wall of an adjacent lane, and drives alongside Anthy.
Juri is driving, and Miki is riding in the sidecar.

Miki: You can take the left bypass. Leave these guys to us.
Anthy: Why...
Juri: (Smiling) If you have high aspirations, you'll find yourself in good company.

Miki (imitating Touga) gives a thumbs-up and an uncharacteristic wink.
Juri twists the grip and accelerates.
The bike and sidecar speed up.

Miki: ...OK!

Miki was doing some "work" with something down by his feet in the side car. Now he jumps onto the motorcycle, hanging on to Juri.
The Beelzebuls close in on them from up ahead.


Juri's hair is fluttering in the wind.
She smiles fearlessly.
She performs a bootleg turn.
The side car breaks off from the motorcycle, and goes plunging towards the Beelzebuls.
The rose-marked sidecar comes into contact with the one in the lead.
At the same time, Miki clicks his stopwatch.
And --


Touga watches the rose-shaped explosion in the distance.

Touga: My, those two are showy... but I wonder if the Rose Bride has found the exit?


Anthy has turned onto the bypass, and is once again racing down a highway.

E-ko's Voice: Hurry, hurry! You've got to move fast!
F-ko's Voice: You only have * minutes and * seconds until the end credits!
Anthy: (looking around) Where's the castle...?

A shot of the Utena Car, still racing along.
Before long, the castle starts to loom up from behind the wall beyond, unexpectedly close.

Anthy: ...what?

It almost looks as if the castle is "moving."
-- No, it's definitely moving.

Anthy: This... isn't the exit.

The castle draws closer and closer
It's actually an enormous trailer... a "Castle Trailer!"
Its engines roaring, it merges onto the highway that the Utena Car is going down.
It looks like a mountain is looming from behind.

Anthy: !

Anthy is surprised when she notices a certain section.
Sitting up on the hood (roof?), his shirt open, is Akio.
He looks down at Anthy derisively.
There's obvious malice in his expression, as if he'd like to step on Anthy and swash her.
The enormous Castle Trailer moves closer.
Desperately, Anthy pushes down on the pedal.
The road slopes upward as if it's going up a hill, then quickly becomes steeper, but the heavy-looking castle continues its pursuit, accelerating at an unbelievable speed.
Moreover, because they're on a straight course, there's nowhere to escape from it, and it gradually closes the distance.
Soon, it's enormous wheels are about to reach the Utena Car.
Akio smiles cruelly.

E-ko's Voice: Run, Anthy!
F-ko's Voice: Anthy!

The Utena Car flees.
Anthy grips the steering wheel tightly.
"Gigigi..." With an unpleasant metal clanking sound, the Castle Trailer comes up from behind the Utena Car, to swallow it up.
At last, in a single burst, it engulfs the entire Utena Car.
Akio's triumphant smile.
With a roar, the Castle Trailer triumphantly climbs up the hill as if it owned the place, like a runner on a victory lap.


From far away, Touga looks up at this.


At the same time, so do Juri and Miki.


But -
The condition of the Castle Trailer, climbing up the hill, suddenly becomes strange.
It starts to vibrate ominously, somehow afflicted.

Akio: ?

Soon the vibrations become bigger, and Akio can no longer remain sitting - he tumbles into the middle of the trailer.

Akio: Aaaaaah...!

Akio falls.
His body dissolves into a swarm of flies.
The Castle Trailer gradually loses speed.
And then - as if the front wall of the Castle Trailer is eaten away, Anthy and the Utena car fly out of it.


Touga watches from afar.


Juri and Miki do the same.


The Utena Car flies headlong into the air.


The Castle Trailer, like a gigantic dinosaur whose feet have slipped, tumbles down the hill.


The Utena Car continues flying through the air, jumping over the "wall" before it.
If you look, you can see that the car has returned to the shape of Tenjou Utena, tightly embraced with Himemiya Anthy.


Juri and Miki stare up at them.


Touga stares upward, too.

F-ko's Voice: (speaking in Touga's tone) I'm here, now. I've always been thinking of you. I promise, our love will continue until the ends of the earth.


Slow motion.
Still holding each other, revolving slowly, Utena and Anthy fly towards the outside.

F-ko's Voice: (speaking in Touga's tone) Isn't that enough? Let's be happy here.
E-ko's Voice: (speaking in Utena's tone) I really loved you. And even now, my feelings haven't changed. But that's why I have to go. ...everyone, if you can hear us, then listen up! There's no such thing as the Ends of the World. If we keep going, then the world will get that much bigger...

Adolescence Apocalypse

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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Oh man, you guys. The previous three sections were of mild interest at best, but this one was made of at least 50% pure Awesome. I guess it makes sense that the last part of the movie would have gone through the biggest changes. I have comments as usual, but I want to give people a chance to read it in full for themselves and comment, first... emot-smile Enjoy!



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Ohtori Paramouri
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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script

Anthy's garb changes from that of the Rose Bride, to that of a Duelist.

emot-aaa Thank you so much for that, Dalbun etc-loveetc-loveetc-lovepoptartpoptartpoptart



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Chrome Homura
Poor Saionji :(
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Re: The Utena Scenario Book - an early draft of the movie script


I am no longer here. If you wish to find me, my discord username is Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi.



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