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Miki Molester
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Painting of Shaved Ice

Yesterday I painted a picture of shaved ice or "snoballs" as they are called in the Big Easy. I figured it would make sense to share it here considering it is The Shaved Ice Lounge. I painted my favorite flavors: spearmint, nectar cream (pink lady), and ice cream all topped with condensed or evaporated milk. In New Orleans snoballs are extremely popular in Summertime.

What do you refer to shaved ice as? What are your favorite toppings and flavors? Also, if you have any shaved ice paintings or pictures, go ahead and share 'em!



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Miki Molester
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Re: Painting of Shaved Ice

I've heard people around where I live call it Italian Ice. I wonder if lots of places call it something different.



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World's End
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Re: Painting of Shaved Ice

We call them snow cones here. There's a great snow cone stand by the local farmer's market.

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