This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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[ARCHIVE ONLY] The One Word Story Archive

All right, this thread is NOT FOR POSTING IN. This is merely to collect all of the One Word Story chapters into the same spot. If you post here, your post will be deleted.

Now, Chapter One.

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Re: [ARCHIVE ONLY] The One Word Story Archive

Chapter One

Ice cream makes for a porn-filled evening if you dance with trolls while swinging on rapidly decaying ropes about an hour past after sunset.

My bountiful beloved bouncing toaster Breasticles like Ghastly’s pastry filling and crunchy lips suck delicately at his eyeball.

Meanwhile, Shattered was enjoying some delightful Pudding.

The moans echoed through the wet dungeon where Shattered was fucking KissingT.Kiryuu and morosemocha and they invited Gio to have pomegranate tea with biscuits that they had up ended on Gio’s pearly balls which sprouted petals that tipped off their delightful wings and Frosty thumped his head against a phallic

However Ninjas attacked, destroying several important balls which were licking Gio’s high-heels, so Chuck Norris decided against exposing the hairy truth, that helped him avoid unpleasant smells.

This holy angel of sexual satisfaction controls Gio’s most scandalous desires and tempts her voracious appetites for Gouda ducks.

After one too many burritos, everyone wept because Jesus puked large balls.

Soon extreme purple tomatoes oozed down the legs of Tamago’s love-slave because nobody remembered to suck bluebirds off using fifteen prostitutes for legal ownership stolen by Hugh Laurie.

Meanwhile, Akio was driving through the empty airport when naked women paedophiles tap-danced causing earthquakes and torpedoes with raging hormones running south.

Then Mr. Satan called Akio whispering silently to stroke his cock lovingly and drive through McDonald’s.
Suddenly Touga began shaving closer than Saionji towards Nanami’s bootay because Yasha missed sucking all the Ramune water off the slender tips of beef cutlets.

Some yaoi porn revolutionizes Saionji’s underpants making Anthy snicker mercilessly as Touga licked Saionji’s broad sweaty forehead.

The elephants squirted semen a sculpture of Gio’s masterpiece depicting Akio bent over his car backwards shaking Touga’s limp wrist holding cock that dripped glorious Akio hair lusciously curling from AWE-gasmic telephones ringing named Tamago answered “Hello?” while Hyacinth nibbled on toast.

Several fan-girls squee-ed as Juri flashed Shiori her violet heart shaped bra.

Suddenly, Mikage pulled out five glass dildoes which were covered in bubblewrap.

Yasha opened her eyes so she joined together with Akio in unholy sexual ecstasy.

Amazingly, Kanae knew about Akio’s lacy ribbion panties tied to Anthy’s left nipple.

This caused much hijinks involving wings and BBQ sauce and a cattle prod rushed into Tokiko’s lower regions painfully.

Meanwhile, Shiori snuck her some tantalizing brownies steaming sweltering and exquisitely layered to perfection.

Miki begged Mikage to carefully insert a chocolate covered spatula near his trembling soufflé sized donut hole.

Mitsuru yanked hard as Akio moaned because of his penchant for young gerbils covered in high-protein syrup and popcorn.

Kozue fell up her slave child who wore Anthy’s tiara on his penis while stroking Mr Mongoose’s tail rather quietly.

Meanwhile in Juri’s bed, Keiko screamed as Akio called his Mom.

Once everyone heard Keiko’s orgasmic high-pitched Glockenspiel, something large grew from inside the cavernous depths under Wakaba’s desk and suddenly the beast sprung out of her shoe-locker.

Reports are varied as whenever Miki actually sleeps with 'the Shadow Girls' chastely or Akio bangs Ruka mercilessly instead.

Shiori lifted tulips towards her WET friend ‘Slippy’ the gigantic sea-urchin.

Slippy thought it could squirt hot sea-water at Juri’s unfortunate locket but instead reached Miki’s chest.

A sheep was grazing atop an infested patch of buggy grass which caused much havoc amongst all the students currently reading:

‘How to Make Love’ by E. Jack Ulate.

However, their inner starfish throbbed while they experimented with tentacles wiggling from the inside of their moist vaginas.

Horrible things began emerging when Keiko decided her dear friend Nanami could afford to try Wet chocolates.

Unfortunately, Wet chocolates tend to melt whenever they’re placed under moist towelettes so instead, Saionji carried them to a place where magic cannot touch mackerel flavoured pancakes.

Bagels, however produced made in Korea by giant midget pandas.

An explosion rendered Kanae orgasmic.

Eventually, Chu-Chu ate many bananas only as practice for contests against the hippies who were protesting against the dotcoms because the elephants were crushed by the repressive thrusting stock market.

Supermarkets have curious subliminal oranges with odd shaped grapes calling out for Mikage since he was their father.

Damn those unholy symbols eat everything around his special friend who believes that miracles do good things to fairy penguins from Uranus, where palm-trees sway seductively over the bungalow where odd lawn-gnomes gather in worship of the great chapstick king.

Chappy the Bunny ate acid cookies topped with nipple rings of happiness unimaginable.

Meanwhile, Shiori danced naked in Yop! (tripe flavoured) with an incredibly long mannequin resembling Mitsuru.

Suddenly, Yuuko began sewing small bunnies in order of height.

Unfortunately, Chu-chu drank blood and became a lawyer.

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Re: [ARCHIVE ONLY] The One Word Story Archive

Chapter Two

Beetles attack the absolute finest silken blouse, eating through Juri's cotton panties and her with fevrer.

The morning light hit the cold, hard nipples poking out of Miki's shirt and danced across the shagpile carpet, setting fires using poptarts as fuel.

The End of the World watched over the increasing madness, and quickly reached down with lust to grab a hold of Nanami's luscious, perky breasts because Utena said so, and then decided to squeeze Miki's ass, surprising him so much he creamed all over Juri.

Eggs were in the frying-pan until Chu-Chu pops out of the syrup jar and dressed in lingerie with lace flowers and elephant buttons walked towards a drunk Tokiko who had perverted designs of Mikage and Mamiya written in pink icing covering her exposed breasts.

Everyone began to make their way to school as the bells turned into large freakish deformed breasts.

Akio giggled most uncharacteristically as he snorted coke from the back of his wings, flexing which fluttered around his gigantic shiny buttocks.

Meanwhile, while recited Philosophy In the Bedroom as Saionji bitterly inserted a vibrator deep into the Rose Bride's tight left kidney with a swift massaging motion.

Chu-Chu creamed in delight in his creme brulee.

Back at the tower, Juri discovered that Miki was a robot and ate his parsley while Juri pressed her goodies against the vibrating washing machine and oozed antifreeze from her eye sockets while Kanae masturbated to pictures of Anthy smiling her usual smile.

Anthy was having cybersex with Anthy's pet snake who was posing as Akio's car, but Saionji logged on and cyber-smacked Anthy with his e-cock, this was all being recorded by Miki, who was licking Kanae's perky nipples while she kissed the tip of his right toe lustfully.

Tsuwabuki was spying on rabid chickens gleefully pecking the eyes out of Kanae's underwear.

The eyeball underwear in question was a surprisingly fragrant mixture of oranges and Windex with bacon overtones.

It wriggled in pleasure and batted its lacy eyelids as Shiori licked a watermelon over a dead cat on a hot summer cattle-probing day.

Ruka sniffed at the shrubbery when a puppy pissed on his leg out of the puppy's urethra.

This made Anthy sweaty, as she planned for her movie comeback playing a passive-aggressive by rapist with a fetish for spitting llamas.

Nanami avoided death and Akio's not happy about it.

He pulled out his enormous squid and released it into the Kiryuu house where it molested Touga's kitten as well as poor Nanami's bear, then it seeked out the pantry.

Soon, the squid gorged itself on month old yogurt, which caused it to prance and hallucinate.

Afterwards, everybody partook in The Feast of a Thousand Suns, during which Miki slipped Chu-Chu a nauseating piece of bread carrot cake in which he stuck a deal to save poptarts.

Juri ran into a very large dragon ball which split into seven freakish gnomes, gnomes with massive pointy teeth and shriveled fingers.

They jumped Juri's bones, yet Juri purred they were confused, but danced a happy jig.

Anthy comes with flamethrower yelling incoherently while waving the obligatory white government envelope filled with broken bones and Valentines.

Then, Saionji bitched about how his fat ass was in those pants when a tensile barrier burst into a blaze of glory - Mari's hymen was gone, having gone for a stroll in the public washrooms looking for some casual sportswear, not realizing she was on the edge of losing her immunity to syphilis which she caught from the dead of night from Mikage.

Nanami sang "Live and Let Die" that echoed through the hallways until Anthy dropped the flowerpot on Miki's piano, and it explodes into a million smelly chunks of fetid monkey vomit.

Up in the sky, is it a bird?

No, it’s super Touga’s penis space rocket bursting with streams of brightly colored bubbles from Steve Irwin’s manta ray wounds!

Everybody run away, Akio got wood today as he fervently watched Keiko dress up as Barney the purple dinosaur.

Movie!Akio was sound asleep counting little black sheep testicles while he fondled them lovingly then bites off their tails with vigor!

Akio’s mouth is full because he is kissing a large wombat with a massive chunk of rose jams which he ate with some fava beans and a Miller Lite.

What he didn’t know was that Miller Lite was actually a pink jar of pepto bismol paint with extra lead chips.

Anthy watches anticipatorily, smiling, holding the sharpened meat-cleaver.

At long last, Pikachu zapped Chu-Chu with his pulsating Pikachu pancreas sending Chu-Chu into a enormous H-bomb, crushing Akio with the pressure of his gigantic inflated ego.

But, then Utena got caught in a meat grinder in the middle of the Dead Sea which was quite painful due to the angry beavers dammed up in her colossal metal underwear.

Touga was playing with fire, when suddenly money started falling out of Saionji's stolen piggybank onto the burning matches in his pants which were just repaired after many erections in the quiet corner of Wakaba's room where the leaf hairpin bubbled merrily and changed colors, very pretty colours while Wakaba, angry because she wasn't getting any grabbed a mallet and abused it, sexually.

Over at the boy's washroom, Saionji was peeking at Touga's very minature nose razor, which was buzzing rather disturbingly as he trimmed his alarmingly lush white hair which had sprouted from his palms and his thighs.

A breeze was wafting over the hill as the bull mounted the rather rusty-looking metal underwear, as he tried to impress Nanami with his giant swinging cowbell.

Nanami was less than thrilled, because she knew the ringing would cause her to freak out Touga's large, hairy pussy.

Akio, however, had no qualms rattling Touga's "pussy" so, with frivolous passion, he "rang the bell".

Touga complained that his ass had grass growing out of his bunghole, causing Nanami put on her thinking cap.

Meanwhile, back at Utena's dorm Utena was exercising her skills on tongue flexibility with her best partner, Chu-Chu.

They used a strawberry and decapitated bunny's skull which she borrowed from Anthy's giant Octopus formerly known as Prince Yummy Takoyaki.

Anthy had a great scheme involving cocaine and hookers and inflating alien dolls but somehow, Mikage took full credit and everyone loved him.

Mamiya, who was Anthy decides a new scheme of commiting a murder.

With truckfull of cyanide, he frames Mikage and Mikage jumps off the ridiculously phallic pancake because of his nerd rage and viagra.

It was a simple matter of scraping him off and then covering him in syrup.

As Mamiya savors Mikage, they are interrupted by Touga's floozies who make them slaves to Giovanna and her flying screencaps that bound them with tentacles and carefully removed their shoes and secret stash of barnyard animals.

Mikage is force to join forces with Chu-Chu and the frog for the communist revolution!

They donned tutus and strangled Touga's floozies with symbolic taffy Mikage ate with a bottle of pickled cyanide and some cheap blood of virgins.

The floozies fight back with slingshots that held Saionji's large, pulsing shinai in some weird places, while Mikage molested young boys who were dancing delightfully with scantily clad toilet gnomes.

The quick brown fox bit Anthy's hand as she held freshly sliced meat that looked like a symbolically important phallic symbol that had been put through hell.

She told it that it had been rather delightful, but awfully naughty for something that used to be attached to a fencepost that Kanae built for her personal enjoyment.

Somehow, somewhere, the fencepost was yearning to be humped gleefully by little gray guys with gigantic eyes.

They did a Vegas dance and hopped into a giant red motorbike with sidecar and took a slice of gouda that was burning with unholy flames and used a slingshot to catapult the crack pipe over yonder hills and through a rainbow and into Utena's bed in the hopes of planting a webcam so anyone can watch her secret nighttime job as a pole-dancer.

'Himemiya,' said Utena, 'Please spank me hard while the sprinkler gets me wet because the customers love to see my happy smile on my 'lips' when I whip out five giant pistols made of soggy taffy.’

But, Anthy is actually an ex-stripper disguised by Touga and his love of secret side jobs involving BBQ ribs and flame throwers , not mentioning the bazookas fired by women with rubber bands wrapped around their nipples.

The angry mob stopped dead as popsickles in the sunlight, watching in horror as Touga and Utena proclaimed their newfound joy in s&m as Utena cattleproded Touga.

Touga wails in ecstasy as Utena viciously rammed that sucker up into his guts and fried his dinner on his scorching back.

Akio barges in to demand what can only be called A Very Bad horseback riding experience.

He had been saddled like a pro and he wanted someone of that sweet S&M game to ride all over with 1,000V of electricity.

The demand-supply curve for their porn tapes got bent in the wrong direction shortly after Nanami's henchgirls flew to Touga's pants.

They made serious damages, kicking aside the prone prawns that had accumulated inside Touga's thong Touga is in hell.

Hell is a very sanitary place that smells like Akio's car seat after a fabulous romp with badgers and boars in bikinis on boats with coats of beaver fur soaked in yak fat and sewed with Chu-chu's intestines and rum.

The only drawback is that Hell doesn't have any good places to get fucked for half price because of union rules.

However it's breeding grounds or demons who are into various forms of love and utensils, were infested with blood sucking bunnies!!!!

The demons were actually typecasting nymphos who had way too many viagra and ecstasy mixed into their drinks, causing them to projectile vomit rose rings and pork chops.

A crash of elephants ran across Nanami's pale legs leaving large hickeys from their trunks, traumatizing her for the next life-time challenge.

Meanwhile at the cocktower, Akio was dissatisfied with his live porn, so he makes Touga 'deliver roses' to him 'roses' with multiple settings and voice control capabilities, such as radioactive sensitivity with three choices of salami for penguins.

Akio likes salami when it's properly driven into his ready mouth as the salty taste tastes salty.

But the salami mutates into an alien cock and starts gagging Akio, who was into breath, among other questionable hobbies.

He spits it out making a TING sound  hitting Touga's eye "Oooooo my eye!" he screams in torment (and possibly orgasmic rapture) making him float like a bird high on crystal meth sippin on vodka in a high-heeled shoe which Saionji wore with genuine pleasure to be fucked hard by both Akio and Kozue wearing a strap-on buckle simultaneously.

The pain, he knew, was sparkling and very worth it.

Mikage and Miki were staring at Anthy, drunk and holding a butcher knife.

She was waving it wearing nothing but a dress made of dynamites.

A-ko grabbed the detonator planning to take down the cocktower when the cellphone sang "mushi mushi" she answered, "Como estas?"

"C'est qui?"

"You speaka English?"

Suddenly, the detonator was dropped on the floor and blows up Anthy into cotton candy gore.

Which is surprising because everybody thought that Anthy was made from snail goo and newt eyeballs with a dash of rose hip jam.

But no, the evil monkey savors Anthy's remains.

Jaws dripping salaciously he pulls her spleen through her nostril.

Dripping slowly, viscously, Chu-Chu felt himself lactate due to male pregnancy although, was he really that excited because Wakaba's the father of the hideous Chu-chukaba.

A hideously genki monster raises hell in Ohtori.

While Nanami's egg hatches, devours Akio and turns everyone into monkeys!

Monkey Saionji is killing a chimpified Utena, who developed a taste for Pop-tarts  stuffed with prosciutto.

Monkey Akio went down to Funkytown, and discoed ridiculously which angered monkey Juri because of the lack of banana dildos , so new duels begin , bells chime, shadow girls sell tickets as monkeys pick weapons.

The monkeys eyed, Anthy offered banana peels and pinned them to the delicate flesh then ripped them off her velcro couch, as the blood dripped from the ketchup bottle the duel commences.

Monkey Juri brandishes the banana rapier, while Touga and Miki argued over penis size.

C-ko and Tokiko were frolicking in Anthy's garden when suddenly, Mikage sashayed in with banana condoms asking to be whipped with a tube-sock.

C-ko responded by kicking it up a notch, causing the Pop-Tart God major concerns about his sexual well being.

As a result, he was to be castrated with a bottle of Vanilla Ice-cream Spider and a rusty cast-iron 10" dildo to ensure that he had chocolate gelati to help cope with the excruciating pain.

The sound of poptarts dancing in the air filled the hallways as Mikage gently massaged monkey Mamiya's back.

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Re: [ARCHIVE ONLY] The One Word Story Archive

Chapter Three

The throbbing, pulsating absolute destiny apocalypse rode his tricycle upwards into the swirling whirlpool of gay roses which only screamed when Freudian hobbits stormed the region, clad in nothing but smiles.

Unknowing the doom within, Juri opened her vagina, which consumed all virgin girls but not dear deer Mr. Bowjangles. As monkey Akio found his missing banana cock, he started to massage the potassium rich rapier of love carefully. Monkey Juri then jumped Monkey Shiori's pulsating banana dildo, stroking her eyeballs with fervor unseen by Miki, who timed between repetitions of folding laundry and stroking his stopwatch while turkey basting.

Meanwhile, in the cocktower cave the duel bells chimed an annoying fergalicious song, 'Acky Breaky Heart', which annoyed all cows and chickens within 25 kilometres. Monkey Nanami found the silvery dildo stuck inside Monkey Saionji's bum, and she grew a flower from her perky appendix of horrific cuteness.

Anthy ran to the duelling menagerie, charged with hadoken power (stolen from Ryu) and crushes seven chickens to make KFC for the monkeys. Akio licked all the while he baked Pillsbury toaster pastries for the surviving clansmen of the milling livestock. Philosophically, it's important that for Chu-Chu that he burnt a Pop-tart everyday to symbolize incestuous relationships between the Himemiya families. This was Chu-chu's final plan for the absolute domination of  Utena's panties. Chu-Chu was eternally lusting after Utena, running backwards into Saionji's face in his diabolical chicken fight!

While the monkeyfied was unwatched by all, who were interested in the interesting new monkey duels. Monkey Utena vs. Monkey Juri; jello-wrestling and wearing nothing. Monkey Miki flicked his poo at Monkey Kozue, Monkey Kozue reacted by stripping and chattering obscenities that made Miki really horny for ‘milkshakes’. As the incestuous couple copulate, Utena stabs Juri. The wound oozes banana juice, oddly enough. The lesbian continues the duel.

Which lesbian, they wondered, and Shiori was strangely turned into Keropon! "In the name of the cheese products, I will eat you." as she transformed Monkey Touga into a pregnant clock tower. (Yes, the clock tower is organic now, as it should've been all this time) Shiori's face was stapled to her lips that belonged to the frog.  "The Final Countdown" began as duel ends... Ten seconds later, Monkey Juri suddenly fell to Chu-Chu’s soiled underwear of evil.   

Elephants use sheep as earmuffs as protection against the sounds of drowning kittens that cursed them to an eternity with gonosyphiherpelaids on their gonads. Miki cried “Oh Dios! Why do fools fall for my hot, pedo-bait ass like  lolikon addicts do?"  He was then asked to drink poison apple cider as a manhood test because Kanae needed proof she wasn't in the closet like Juri was.  Sadly for Miki, Nanami's panties were more masculine flavoured than his panties and he failed miserably.   

Meanwhile in the rainbow shadows, Anthy searches for a cookie cutter to kill her nemesis, the vicious, fluffy, cerulean, pretty pretty, My Little Pony. (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)  Anthy would use the cookie cutter to magically cookie cut it's heart of pixie dust that created flames when she served with a smile.   

Poo flinging monkeys dissolved into delicious gingerbread monkeys! This was obviously another sexually charged communist plot by Anthy, still human.

"I see nuffing... wrong with booming a truckload of elephants!" screamed Nanami, flustered after mooning frat boys high on crack and dandelions roaring with orgasmic delight.  The afterglow created many tiny strands of spaghetti and Nanami mayonnaise.

A fapping sound could be heard distinctly through the sewer tunnels as Gingerbread Touga moans 'kneading his dough' because Utena bent it kinda funny.  Under the sea, Saionji, who invented plastique tampons was smacked hard, by Pedobear.

"The hell?!" Touga sang merrily, and Shiori, with her massive dildo, makes campfires out of flaming semen aimed towards Juri.

Bubblewrap fetishists convened to rally for the Akio Pimp to beat Anthy in tiddlywinks, with his demonic ‘horn’ of supreme retarded, sexiness notwithstanding.

The duel in underwear screaming of ungodly destruction of life and claiming virginity with a spouse (god damn shame), among other trifles such as pickled lesbian or gay marriages.

The unholy Hammer of Hades crushed a picket fence and his bread, narrowly missing his ant farm and his genitals.  At the same time he squealed into Wakaba’s ear in excruciating pain, that made Wakaba do the hussle and beetles began crawling over Juri’s locket which was damped in Anthy’s curry, much to Chu-Chu’s perverse pleasure.

Some pickled secret panties found their way to the dueling basketball disco room where fire sprinklers paraded, naked over the hordes of flaming fanbois as Akio sprays generous amounts of weasels to gnaw lettuce trains from Anthy’s pantry.  Suspicious, Utena carries a candlestick in the shape of croissant, a holy croissant of the lesbian nuns starts spitting creams . Utena shrieks as drunk Anthy does unspeakable lickings to the lesbian nuns.  The cream spills on a bat which flaps away like a turkey in the roaster.

"Gogai gei shouboushi!" (Japanese for 'extra gay fire-fighter') C-ko dashes through the yellow snow, her long, flowing melted marshmallows exploding cum, onto a visibly twisted super penguin of DOOM.  The penguin combusts! OH NOES!! Anthy's animals mourned the penguin's demise when Chu-Chu farted loudly and sang gospel from the book of cowboy Dios like Judge Judy.

Oh, the HORROR! is what she screamed upon discovering that Akio fucked her as Anthy collected her super crack pipe of Dios filled with crack and buttercups. Chu-Chu got angry at the lack of hot, nubile crack whores spying on Akio and his sexploits and dreams of hosing Utena and Anthy at once.  Mongooses were flying at supersonic velocity searching for sex with little white large googly eyes and long antennae made of suggestive phallic references to lesbian marriages.

However, the ants saw it all through a battered keg of whoop-ass to pound Touga cakes covered in flour and daisies.

Akio was fucking bellybutton lint delicately into poor and fat Keropon, low on crack and Toberones.  Akio and Touga dance the cancan while sipping pig's big fat ass...... monkey brains.  People threw things at Anthy as she ate pie cheese cake so they can wheel away the illegally imported stem cells that began to turn into gigantic fetuses who eats Akio's golden hub caps.

Meanwhile, some cakes were totally into kink were knitting an apron made from shredded cheese rolling downhill in slow motion, smashing on Akio’s fine collection of carnival mirrors for watching 70s pornos in distorted shapes and colours.

The unearthly sky fell down on Juri’s croissant hair.  It touched pastry, leaving behind traces of creamy yet disturbingly sticky tomato soup, which blazes like Madonna when drenched in fire… as chickens bounce to jazz music with Akio humping the furniture in a desolate shark-infested, sushi restaurant.  The chef accidentally molested a sea urchin and faced charges of 1st degree clam chowder.  Clams swear revenge upon crossdressers and target Juri.

Mr. Mongoose yawned because watching a monkey fling poo gets boring after a few beers and fifty doses of pig wings.  Anthy casts a sex spell turning Juri into a horny bandicoot who is undeniably fixated on humping Touga’s ‘third leg’ which is disturbingly hairy.  Hair Removal Penguins gnaw on his innards only to realize that they're supposed to add salt and turps to their toilet soup.

Squeaky urinal cakes find Miki fucking a clone of himself shamelessly while Kozue sets afire their discarded clothing in Nanami's bed, immediately exposing Touga pictures of questionable content involving acid trips.   Osama hid in Akio's projector living on Pop-tarts and rose crack while picking lint from his codpiece.

Anthy discovers that tongue depressors make the best Pop-tart scoopers covered with crumbs of flying Toasters and pigs, but Amish Clowns never give up, even faced with semen filled smoke alarms.  Erotically, Akio clipped his toenails thinking that his package would be ‘enhanced’ by stuffing his nostrils with egg.  But zit cream never fills the cavities of Mitsuru's banana.

His longing for Bubblewrap made Chu-Chu angry.  The devious rodent of questionable origin, sent rocket launchers straight to Juri's jewelry chambers.  There, the explosives glittered like radioactive bling bling, confusing the lesbian Pop-tart spokesperson into stabbing a Shiori clone when screwing Touga and Akio forcefully with twin Speedos made of naugahyde.  Elvis was shocked.  Nanami was not impressed. Ruka was fapping in synch with the motor scooter mud wrestling piggy.

Ultimately, it all boiled down to spooning a great big glob of semen flavoured ribs which smelled terrible and needed helicopters to send to Mars.

Henceforth, the Cocktower will be called Akio's Funhouse & Boutique, and the aliens lick the top of the phallic-shaped car ornament impregnated with bisexual underwear gnomes who enjoy maniac-dancing three-legged Darwin dogs.   The solution Utena proposes to Saionji's impotence is a special retard on crack with ‘special abilities’ like destruction of Anthy's snail collections.

Touga licks a carrot looking strangely at drunk Kozue, who was frolicking in Miki's bedsheets.  Anthy rediscovers her virginity in the blooms of Kanae's throw rug of symbolic placement where Dung beetle sacrificed Akio's anus to Cancer Duck and the majestic Starfish Emperor Wang push up bra.   The sleeping weasel was rudely awakened because the French celebrated Bastille Day by eating live wormholes full of crack and alcohol, and drunken Utena pulled the plug on Mamiya.

All along the watchtower, the sky rains Bob Dylan to stop dugongs from catching Akio in his state of extremely sexy sex inside Arnie's mailbox.

Touga fought in Hello Kitty boxers in a war against kangaroos that destroyed Jupiter.  The angry Jovians (Supposedly what we'd call the aliens living in Jupiter) retaliated with bubble butts.  The confused duellists ran from the smell of a thousand hygienically lacking fangirls.  As they recovered, the anal wounds started to emit radioactive waves into Tatsuya's brain, giving him nymphomania in the kidneys and left testicle.

Unknown to Wakaba, she was the weirdest of them all. f

Touga was incredibly overwhelmed by floozies and fucking Utena.

Nuts are best sprinkled on caramel Koalas with powdered sugar and pot while llamas chew cud playing GTA:SA and the Sims2 characters crawl out from under rocks.  Sim-Shiori ate a pickle suggestively in front of a mailbox where garden gnomes tested their strength pulling each other's throbbing cocks, licking salty tequila glasses with Pop-tart freshness and the power of Dios was break-dancing on the platform and spilt some delicious turkey sandwiches with salad dressing all over their testicles.

Spawning a wave of fruit mutants with tangy Tang, the drink that turns on lesbian lumberjack nuns in SPAAAAACE!

A musical of Jamiroquai, tap-dancing, twirling and the interpretive dancing midgets visited Ohtori to kill Chu-Chu.  Their mission failed due to bladder problems caused by incontinence.  Utena injected Draino into her uvula, making her commit to a serious mission to bring back disco and sexy too.   Drugs are on the table of loving lesbians, who knit and pose in bloomers quite seductively but they lacked teeth as sexy ladies lacking in bananas ate their brains.

Giovanna questioned the morality of incest under a flowery bunch of coconuts (tweedle dee dee) big ones, small chocolate bon-bons big as your head!

In Amsterdam, hamsters are privately screaming at the one who invented the English one word story.

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Re: [ARCHIVE ONLY] The One Word Story Archive

Chapter 10

The bells were clanging loudly as Saionji unzipped Touga's pants so he could smell the daisies alongside the bulging white fudge balls of destruction.

Meanwhile, Tsuwabuki's Hypnotoad cooked with Cheftokaichou with his hands tied behind with yellow honey ejaculated from Saionji's erect flowerpot of roses. 

Later that day, Utena came crashing through Touga's wall of throbbing Ruka interlaced with weeping Shiori clinging to Anthy's torn clothes as pregnant penguins aborted the pain, smoked crack and used whipped cream on Touga's nipples and on Akio's finely sculpted doom ice phallus, like every Tuesday.

Miki examined Kozue's opening flower with a pair of hedge clippers and gently inserted a package of delicious treats into her left petal of epic doom.

In the midst of sixty billion World of Warcraft rabid fans, Anthy stripped and exploded into a hairy alien creature. 

She was amazing!

Her uniform was made of vibrators bought from Pennywise and designed by some old guy.

Her hair was impregnated with sperm whales by Donnie Darko and his marine biologist.

Meanwhile, the cabbage patch from Dr Gingerbread's toaster sizzled as the mods deigned being wholly unanimous in regard with Wakaba's glass exploding chains, as it ensnares the next chick.

If the chick was a guy, then that guy would woo Stiffler's Mum into a vat of Utena's cheaply mixed perfume.

From Anthy. Miki caught Nanami sniffing aerosol with the Mythbusters and flying pigs asking her why she learned to abuse metal hornets while shoving Akio's phallic cacti into Saionji's bleeding anus.

"Where the hell is your turgid tadpole spawning bellybutton going?" asked somebody important who didn't have a proper regulation of his enturbulative trachea and pharynx, while stroking his expansive phalanx.

Miki sorted his towels according to color, flavour and absorbancy while sniffing deeply due to his cocaine addiction which was getting embarrassing.  Under his bed, Kozue was undressing Akio's GI-normous red convertible, dressed as a sailor scout in lingerie as white as newly-bedded Utena.

Heroes of Might and Sugarless Glory raided the Underdark section of Keiko's innermost intimate places, in search of Anthy's long lost dauphin's dildo. 

While shaving ice, the phone rings and rings and nobody answers. 

"It was Touga who stole my object of desire, all scarlet and wet and dripping with honeydew and blood of the Crimson Hypnotoad of Love."  She wrote as a remixed version of 'Das Engelandlied' played after she ate several highly flammable poptarts sold by Tokiko in a jar.

Everyone agreed that Shiori was not so evil as Mamiya was because she gargles mayonnaise with Jables and mixes it with Jagerbombs instead. 

Meanwhile, Kozue picked her nose because her leg tastes like cockpussy sold on corners around the world.

Nanami and Mitsuru spent the night alone together watching porn in between Kanae's thighs.

During one particularly normal Rose Con dinner, Akio suddenly demanded porn-flakes for brunch, forgetting CDs' tendency for overt homosexuality and lewd displays.

Upon the heath, a string of black pearls and Akio voodoo dolls were draped suggestively into Miki's secret apple pie-holder.

Chu-Chu puked over into Saionji's shoes with a cow flavoured cheese stick dripping with sweet barbecue sauce.

Nemuro fapped manically to his incinerator, while Mamiya inhaled the scent of burning human flesh.

The bell tolls thirteen times, giving Akio warning that the duel named 'mot Français approprié' was cancelled due to stormy weather.

Snow was invisible under the blood of 100 Duelists freezing in Mikage's bathtub full of angry cicadas.  It chirped loudly as cocaine dripped from the Akio Car's catalytic converter.

"Utena lapped it up, the cokey bitch!"

But Nanami caught Utena's ass in a blender filled with guacamole.

Madame Lamer screamed her glasses off, causing Akio's libido to swell to watermelonic proportions.

He rushed to control his exploding 'pelvic-porpoise' by performing suspicious surgery. Bald Doctor Faust had a giggle while staring at Touga's deformed bellybutton in abject horror.

A burning poptart ignited Nanami's precious ecologic diary which she had hidden her dirty octopus drawer in, throughout the long night of "The Boobies Ball".

The window breaks into one hundred slivers as Anthy tests her voice on an episode of "Pokemon Special".

That evening, Anthy threw up in Wakaba's handbag which eats children for communion.

Miki was singing in the bathtub to Kozue that he shaved his nostrils just for a week of delightfully minty vacation.

She was impregnated with Chuchu's evil brother/sister, their name was Smegma and they were dancing with devils under the bright burning and very exciting DNA hot tub.

Vampire Nazis wanted to crossdress the cast of Heroes, their hidden guilty pleasures which they imposed on Akio and Anthy, the most fashionable people at Ohtori.

Everything was carefully inserted into Mikage's anus as demons jumped the shark and harpooned massive, MASSIVE incredibly massive explosion, giving birth to a giant number of Cthulhus.

Shiori and Kozue were piping hot; Kozue's turkey, however, tasted foul while Shiori's frog croaked endlessly. 

The Mind Eraser Ray erased Saionji's external lesbian senses, thereby making him less lesbian than NRG without his lesbian chew toy.

Mikage started the nasty rumor that Psycho Inseminator Jesus was coming SOON to visit the eager teachers.  Suddenly came the dread archfiend, Stupid Jetpack Hitler aka Anthy's hero as he ejaculated the finest silk known to dermatologists all over Yasha's bathroom mirror because it resembled Buddha sitting in a lotus garden of fornication. 

Soon after, the Papaya Brigade led my Mamiya into a tight situation involving batteries and nuclear reactors as Robo-Akio activated and raped Akio Car's gearshift so badly that M&Ms oozed out in a tasty burning flan. Then, Jetpack Hitler opened his shirt and blinded Juri with deliciously designed nipples so sculpted that Juri got wet behind her ears.

Everybody wanted Juri to show her erotic fridge magnets so they can steal them.

Mamiya started the disappearing act that devastated Nemuro's big appearing act.  Suddenly the freezer opened showing a dead cold heart of stick and stones that belonged to none other than Frosty's evil twin aka Akio's clone.

Yasha and Batman, namely, Satyr's cousin hopped in a vat of custard made from fried green tomatoes that tasted like delicious cow chips.  This custard was surprisingly disgusting because of Nanami's egg whose father was a yellow leghorn which Seitokaicho is making croquettes from Madam Cheezy's Cheese.  Furthermore this custard turned out to make treasures by inserting large Nanami's Rose Grooms into convenient toilet bowls.

Sharnii asked Stephanie, "What are you thinking you beautiful lady?"

And Stephanie replied, "How amazingly hot NRG is, when did you get lacy pink panties?"

"From the Internets." he replied. 

Pregnant teenagers are Juri's 100 Duelists who chew big wads of cow cud mixed with mystery, and smelling like Dolce and Gabbana.

The lack of Epi_lepsia/Tamago Yaoi is quite acceptable for today's audiences as children were not made of grapes.

Tomorrow's world is made of fish and is smelly, oily and fishy.

Saionji dated Nanami, NRG stabbed Saionji and Akio fucked everyone else, while Gio wanked off to polka music.

Cannons blasted Miki, who used Touga as extra ammunition for his orgasmo laser-beam gender-swap under the radar.

Yuuko took out The Poptartverse Multiorgasmigenerator and adjusted the Strawberry Flame dial to OVER 9000!

Over 100yrs ago, a purple tiger ate some cheetos and decided to promote the site as his most favourite website because it had over 9000 of Sharnii's babies.

A millenium later, some argue that Ikuhara was too yummy to be thrown out, so they put him in the freezer until Hell froze over.  Then, after contemplating Hell's new decor which consisted of many colored roses and bottles of Bailey's shoe cream, Ikuhara wrote a ballad for Time and Sausages. 

Utena took off her underwear in front of Shiori as Miki sang arpeggio scales that sounded like cats yowling.

Bruce Wayne called sounding very drunk that Akio's drugs were ready to go Broadway.  This development will allow Mamiya to 'powder his nose' and 'stroke his ego', leaving Akio dead to the hot and heavy.

Defying all odds, Utena decided to smash her shell by using a chisel and her incredibly callused foot.

LN and BioKraze mamboed through Wakaba's sock drawer after Chu-Chu fell through the spiral vortex of of disenchantment. 

Glass cows observed the Winter Solstice because they believed in falling rose bras, one size fits all, Tamago's lacy bras,  Stephanie's vibrating bras and Yasha's aphrodisiac panties. 

Anthy removed Utena's princely garb for some badly needed deep diving and cherry cola was used as delicious food source after they had run out of glazed ham and virgin girl scouts.

The disturbingly phallic of unimaginable existence which calls forth the Spice Girls from retirement was Master of Persuasion™.

Touga and Saionji settled their differences with a game similar to Makio's "special sibling time", but with bigger "specials" going into PBS syndication.

"Holy Shit" screamed the mother of all underpants gnomes, "I'm going to see the Santa naked this time."

It is small is the most marshy way.

Flying monkeys flew out of the LARPer's tiny penis and nibble on Akio's extremely sensitive nipples.

If all the Haruhi fans would all masturbate simutaniously, what a wonderful sticky white rain it would make.

Fruitcake thieves will attempt to brainwash my teddy bear by ingesting vast quanities of lasagna and soft gooey breast milk, topped with Irish cream. 

At the Cocktower, satyr betrayed Gio by commiting Akiocide (Death by Sex) apon an unconscious Kanae. 

Love means never having to say ktnxbai to a drunken duellist when they are screaming their lungs out orgasming like cats and dogs.

Seito and Tamago were poking Chu-chu then both kissed by fate to kill little girls.[?]

Lady Nilamarthiel's Icons inspired the world to lower their inner focus, so the space vampires would be allowed to rape evil in the name of Cowthulu, the evil alter-ego of the infamous Tamago.

Cowthulu tentaclly grabbed Stephanie's cute purse from between her clenched shoulderblades, which she had been using as a novelty cat toy.

Aiko displayed her new metallic bra to the world on the BBC, generating fifteen minutes of awed silence.

"Fabio, oh Fabio, what'd you do or, rather who?" pondered Miki as he crunched the crunchies of d00m with a passionate spoon which Kozue pulled from Miki's pocket full of flies. 

During class, Shiori and Juri peeled off their skin, revealing bloody wire and ashes, which symbolized the ROBOT REVOLUTION!!

As a result of the uprising, the cockpussy, dripping due to leakage, leapt upon the velociraptors that Anthy kept under her at all times.

Then, delicious Allegoriest was served with a nice Chatenay and Guacamole salad.

The Akiocar crashed through Nanami's bedroom and destroyed her moment of ecstasy with NRG, at NRG's great expense.  The cost of petrol was rising, so Mikage switched to cheap beer and fish oil, so smooth skin will shrivel up like a raisin.

Akio made delicious roofies for Kanae, who used them on his sister Miki before removing his smelly socks and tying Miki to the front so he can molest her mercilessly.

Saionji boiled his shoes, following advice from the best proctologist in the entire freaking universe!

Tragically, the surfing was cancelled due to a fuckton stuck up Juri's vacuum cleaner hose otherwise known as Touga Kiryuu.

Around the riverbend, Anthy's colon bubbled to alert her that Kerropon was ready to burst into uproarious laughter in order to share the wealth with Obama's nymphomaniac Thai maids.  Who have penises.

Three elephants entered waving their loooooong penises mockingly, upsetting Akio, which amused Anthy.

Not a creature was mixing chemicals; not even a mouse, for they were busy getting high with rose wine and Akio's ganga.

Shiori married Juri in Juri's wet-dream after many helpings of Bon-Bons washed down with refreshing unicorn blood.

Anthy, high on life, took Shiori's pure concentrated bullshit mixing it with canetoads and invented Touga, resulting in tons of lulz.

Mondays are the Rose Bride's day to kick some puppies with her evil cackling laughter kept in a itty-bitty cage,

Inside Touga's gramaphone, sleeps an insane My Little Pony bend on mindless intensive fornicating and finger painting.  Thus leading to screams of young children as they drown Touga's many kittens Nanami style. 

Satan appeared before a confused Utena, and demanded her share of Anthy's delicious curry recipes.

In the Library, with the Rope wrapped around around Akio's neck, Kanae tightened her fetching corset which accentchuated her slamming chest puppies and their sparkling diamond encrusted pasties as much as possible.

Removing his shoes was Tsuwabuki's way to uncover hideous aspects of Juri's psyche, by using the stench to fuel her rage over her insecurity about phallic objects.

The first thing Keiko did was kill Nanami, which annoyed Juri because Anthy's special jam made Nanami attractive to Shiori and the very toothy Akio Car.


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