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Thorn of Death
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First Time Penguindrum Watchers Unite!

Hello everyone!

Just started watching Penguindrum. So far i'm up to episode 12.

And i've gotta say.... wat?

I'm going to throw the things i say into spoiler tags just in case new viewers want to share their experiences here as well.

I have to say i was really shocked with the [almost rape scenes]! I dont know why i expected anything different from Ikuhara, but I'm so used to Utena's subtlety about things, to see it so overtly just really made me uncomfortable. Which, I  have yet to understand (as of episode 12) [What the heck is actually going on with Ringo. I mean I get that she has this complex about becoming Momoko because of destiny and all that. But Her conviction to just follow through is so intense!]

I appreciated the prince, princess, and rose head nods to Utena (i assume?) but i dont know, its Ikuhara maybe that has other meaning as well.

I don't know anything about [the lady that looks like Jury other than she has a thing for kanba and her (brother?) is sick as well like Himari so I really want to understand that more...]

I also swear that [Pink haired librarian dude is going to turn into some Akio type role. The last episode i saw had him injecting himari w/ the needle of fate juice or whatever that was and I mean he just screams akio manipulator to me. I have no idea what his angle is, but i guess it makes sense that he'd *reallly* appear in episode 13 just like Akio. emot-tongue].

I apologize too, im not trying to pigeon hole the show into being "omg its like utena but different" because it definitely isnt that (at least i think).

This show doesn't have the same grab that Utena did for me. I dunno, I want to finish it because it seems interesting, but some parts like [the frog occult shit what the hell??] just really make me grimace. I can't suspend disbelief that much. Maybe it'll tie back in later, but those scenes really threw me. I was genuinely mad at the show for those scenes. Just so out there.

Anyway, sorry -- i wanted to vent and i knew you guys would love me and not judge me for my circle penguins emot-smile

What are your thoughts? What is your commentary on the things i've said about the show so far? New watchers, how do you feel about it so far?

PS: I LOVE THE OPENING AND ENDING THEMES. Dear Future should be on the radio. SO GOOD. Rock and Roll Japan or whatever is alright but ALWAYS stuck in my head.



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Thorn of Death
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Re: First Time Penguindrum Watchers Unite!

So i have now moved on and am up to Episode 16.

[Yuri is now terrifying, but i feel terrible for her because of what her father has done to her... but i can't pinpoint what exactly her body secret is? do they tell you explicitly later? i hope so. Super confused. Also Wow, rape scenes everywhere. Really uncomfortable watching this unfold to ringo, but at the same time it is exactly what she was trying to do. Seeing poor momoka though, i feel like maybe she's the most true victim in all of this... well so far? She loved Yuri... but i dont know what kind of love -- i only heard her mention 'daisuki' not aishiteru or anything of that nature? but like she wanted to help poor yuri from that terrible situation -- and yet she is the one punished becuase of the book's ways??

Also what is with Shouma's sudden change? is this just the japanese culture of GUILT FROM MY FAMILY? it seem excessive. It didnt feel natural or right to me either.

Seeing things tie in with the Sarin Gas attacks from 95 was brutal though. I hadn't though of it until i saw the smoke billowing from the subways -- then it clicked.

I dont know that i'm going to enjoy this through to the end, I just want Himari to turn out okay. I'm not really rooting for anyone else. I dont feel like any of the other characters are as likable? i dunno.

Also [ totally borrowing a lot of akio-isms this pink haired librarian doctor dude is... "isnt it electrifying" havent i heard that car sound before??]

I dunno, plan on finishing it -- not sure how i feel.. wow is this a roller coaster.



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Qualified Duellist
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Re: First Time Penguindrum Watchers Unite!

It's been a long time since I watched Penguindrum but I remember that most of the cast left me indifferent. I liked Shouma well enough and Sanetoshi pushed my Mikage buttons (to this day he reminds me much more of Mikage than of Akio) but that was about it. But I may be one of the few people who found Hiwari's Penguin Hat speeches to be absolutely hilarious. Spoilers for the first episodes [The first sequence when she dies and suddenly comes back to life and starts rambling on about 'conquering the world', complete with crazy outfit and the brothers 'wtf' reactions made me laugh a lot.]

I did like how it shows a surreal Ikebukuro since I have very fond memories of it. And I appreciate the effort put into it, at times it veers on amazing but my lack of investment on the characters hindered a greater enjoyment of it.



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