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Tenjou Tilter
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Avengers: Infinity War

Hey, all!

I don't know if anyone here is a Marvel fan, but, if you are, let's take a moment to talk about Infinity War... as spoiler-free as possible. emot-smile

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Re: Avengers: Infinity War

I think Avengers Infinity War is more than a typical MCU superhero film. It is a celebration of ten wonderful years of entertainment and overall fun. While the film does struggle with some tonal shifts during the first act, its brilliant action scenes and clever dialogue more than make up for these shortcomings. The film's ending will be overwhelming to some and most likely will divide fans over how it is executed. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo do a superb job developing Thanos' personality outside of simply wanting universal domination. His motivations feel somewhat morally ambiguous and at times even make him seem sympathetic. Despite the film's darker tone, there are still some hilarious scenes of banter among the heroes, particularly between Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and Steven Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). As is the tradition, be sure to stay after the credits for one bonus scene.

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