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Re: Movies

What happened to Monday

Wow. It has been a long time since I have seen a movie this bad. Can I just say the main characters performance is very unbelivbale. Every time she is screaming or crying it looks like she is going to burst out laughing. I get its hard to play seven characters, and while she did make them personality-ish I feel like their reactions were just so forced. Not to mention the over use of blood, which is just gross to me and one of the weirdist uses of camera I have ever seen. It was really distracting. Nit to mention the stupid setting, like poor people still can use super technology, which really doesn't make sense how they can afford it. I will admit the themes are cool, but it honestly feels a little unresearched, because it doesn't comment on the real problem, and the government being angry at something they cannot control.
The secret villain as a character sucks and people in the movie forgive her too quickly.
In short, its dumb

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