This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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Aru Kazoku no Chi no Kigen--missing link?

I found something very interesting today as I was doing my J. A. Seazer research. I've never actually come across any Seazer CDs with clear musical links to Utena from before Utena... so this is interesting:
The description in Japanese calls it a missing link between J. A. Seazer's underground theatre and the world of Revolutionary Girl Utena. That's really interesting. There is a tracklist, and it doesn't actually include any duel songs. It does include one song that was included on the Rose Egg Sophia CD, though, and it includes that song with "Ootori" in the title that I'd seen on some post-Utena album tracklists and wondered about.
Only one problem... I don't think the CD even comes with lyrics... … 85%B82016/ This page makes it look that way.
This album isn't actually pre-Utena, but the fact that Utena is mentioned in the description... That obviously caught my interest. Sadly, I don't have any real info... It seems like if you want Seazer lyrics that weren't in Utena or Rose Egg Sophia, you have to buy super-expensive limited-edition CDs, period.

Edit: Well, I've got some more info. I now know which limited edition CD includes the lyrics to this: Tenjo Sajiki Ongaku Sakuhinshu Vol.3. I also found something else... CD Japan lists a book by J. A. Seazer called Apocalypse. Never heard of that before, and I haven't found any info on it, but that sure is interesting.

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