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Revolutionary Girl Utena... Reanimated?

In 2014, a video was released online that featured an episode of Sailor Moon with every shot reanimated by numerous animators across the internet. It took the news by storm, and in 2016, they are planning and creating a sequel to the project, and various other re-make projects are done with other works.

The question I'd like to ask is could any episode of SKU be taken out of context for people to reinterpret on it's own?

Most of the time, the works chosen are either filler episodes, trailers, or even entire movies, in the case of Star Wars Uncut. ( Here is the original website for the project! ) The biggest problem with a hypothetical remix of SKU is that in my view, almost all the episodes can not stand without the others for context and contrast. What seem to be filter episodes end up becoming very important to understand the series in a metaphorical sense. Even the clip episodes end up sharing important details. While it's amazing in a watching sense, finding something that could act as a jumping point for creators to express themselves through the work becomes difficult.

The only episodes I considered likely choices were "Take Care, Miss Nanami!", "Cowbell of Happiness",and a double feature of "The Song of the Fallen Kingdom" and "Wakaba Flourishing". None of these are perfect, but as I said before, it's difficult to pick an essential episode for this show without trying to present the entire series afterwards. You also could try the movie, but even though it's more well-known than the series to a degree, it's a bit more obtuse.



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