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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

YamPuff wrote:

Nocturnalux wrote:

I'd suspect I'd make a great BR duelist as well but it just occurred to me that odds are my issues would be more directed at Mikage himself then at the Student Council. Which would make for an...interesting elevator ride, that's for sure.

That thought cracked me up.

Like, the creepy elevator music is playing and everything and you just stand up like FUCK YOU, MIKAGE SHOW ME YOUR WHORE FACE RIGHT NOW.

oh wow, that'd be hilarious.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Tbh I am such a social outcast and I wouldnt really speak to them but...

Akio - I'd think hes hot, but will only talk to him when necessary because im too shy. Unless he approaches me, of course... etc-wankdude

Anthy - She's shy and Im shy, so not much talking unless she's a friend of a friend. Will think she's odd or autistic.

Utena - Well be friendly with each other and maybe talk frome time to time. Will think shes cool, but naive and kind of dumb.

Touga - I'd have a massive crush on him, but I' hide it because of shame that I like the popular guy... And I wouldnt talk to him, because shyness.

Saionji - Wouldnt get why everyone likes him, and kind of hate him for that. Still thinks hes hot, but damm is he a shitty person

Juri - Depends. I would be friends with her and would help her with her own crush problems, and she with mane. She will look down on me for liking Touga, but its not like she is better off. I would admire her adult behavior and manarisim, but also Hippocraticel in her actions and motivation.

Miki - I'd think hes smart, but I would have been jealous cause the guy is smart as fuck when he's younger then me. But I'd be nice to him and talk to him from time to time.

Ruka - I would hate him for how he treats juri and would want to slap his hot face.

Nanami - I'd think she is dumb and a bitch. Also weird for liking her brother. Will be polite, but she has to change if she wants to be close to me.

Mikage - Might want to put me in the semanier for artistic reasons, but other then that, I'd think hes smart and stuff, I guess...

Wakaba - BFF4EVR! We could both hang out, I'd make her a nerd, while she makes me a fanboy over her intrests and we'd both be obnoxius and normal togther. I will like her, but wont get why she likes saionji this much...   

Shiori - Bitch, for being a sadist and hurting Juri.

Kozue - Slut and a manpulitve person who is best no being close to. Wouldn't get how she is related to miki at all.

Also, might become a black rose duelist because of my connections.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Utena - if I managed to get on her radar, we would become very close friends. I might develop a crush on her but first and foremost, I would feel bright and at ease when around her. She might be the only person in Ohtori with whom I could truly unwind. She would like me a whole lot, though she might not realize that at all.

Anthy - I'd probably be very jealous of her close relationship with Utena. Once I'd have realized in what comes out of her mouth though - and that would be pretty quick - I would listen in to her every word, carefully. I would become fond of her eventually, which she might find annoying but it's not like she'd say it to my face.

Akio - I wouldn't get what's all the fuss about at all. It would bug me.

Touga - I might or might not develop a crush on him. Either way, he'd never notice me.

Nanami - actually, there is one reason Touga could notice me: I'd get into nasty arguments with his sister. We'd hate each other's guts.

Juri - I might evoke her protective side. If that happened, we could become very close. I'd feel comfortable around her, calm and quiet. Again, I might end up with a crush, but not if I knew about her love for Shiori.

Ruka - I wouldn't dream of getting close to him. Wouldn't care much about it, either.
He wouldn't notice me. If I somehow got to know him better (class assignments? apocalypse?), I'd be too stunned to fall for him. I would remember him. 

Kozue - dark, twisted, incorrigible, introvert, promiscuous, outcast girl with a malicious streak? We'd likely become BFFs right off the bat.

Saionji - He'd either dismiss me entirely or, if he got to know me better somehow, he'd have a crush on me. Then who knows. I might use him to get closer to Touga.

In short, I wasn't bad with cool girls. I was rather hopeless with popular boys.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I think I'd be pretty oblivious about them. I was always that kid in school who didn't know who the popular kids were unless they directly interacted with me. So other kids would be gossiping about them and I'd just be sitting there like "who??" I'm still that way to this day with movie stars and other famous people.

The one character I would probably take notice of is Utena herself. She reminds me a lot of one of my closest irl friends in terms of personality, and I think she'd be the type of person I'd gravitate towards.

I'd probably also notice Touga and Saionji for different reasons. I think they'd annoy me.

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