This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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satyreyes wrote:

High five.  And there's another one in the same game whose surname is Nanami.  emot-biggrin

Ah yes, though Chiaki doesn't remind me at all of Nanami Kiryuu... However with Hiyoko I think I have it in my head now that she's similar to our Saionji... While I'm still early in the game and don't know her backstory, something about her behavior... I can't quite put my finger on it yet.

Continuing the topic of character names..
I remember the first time I watched Madoka Magica and how I thought about Miki Kaoru when seeing Sayaka Miki. They both have blue hair and eyes, and some sort of nostalgic adoration with wanting to hear someone play music...

Also, the other day could have sworn I heard the piano version of Nanami's "Her Elegance" song in some kind of car commercial. I can't for the life of me remember what the type of car was in the commercial so I could check online ads to confirm whatever music was playing...
I'm probably just hearing things because SKU has infiltrated my mind.

Yet another example of "YKYWTMSKUW" is when I saw this color hair dye and the first thing I thought was "Shiori hair color."

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Well, one doesn't even necessarily have to watch too much Utena for this to be in effect... It only takes having seen the Akio arc at least once. For me the following has been in effect after just the first time I had watched Utena.

...When any red convertible real or otherwise will automatically make you think of Akio's car.
Yes, even the one seen in the older Animal Crossing games. No red convertible is safe, no matter where it appears or what form it's in. In my mind, Akio is there with it in spirit.

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You've noticed that when Utena is spinning in the OP the color of her socks does not quite match.



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Looks more like her left leg is casting a shadow on her right. Notice there's a thin strip of pink.



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... Do a plank and all you can think of is how much Anthy must have been hurt being impailed by a thousand swords and think "yeah, If she can take it, I can too". Also you sing quietly to yourself zettai umenai mokoushirokou while doing that.

... Name most of your porn accounts akio.

... You cant look at a pug without thinking of juri ( Weird story behind it, but now's not the time).

... You want to learn fencing to be like juri and miki.

... You want to have a wedding themed around utena.

... You want a lolita dress or outfit based around utena ( A lolita dress with the shadow girls on it as the print, and an utena inspired ouji outfit )

... You cant look at a freaking rose without thinking of utena.

... You cant look at kendo and fencing without thinking of utena.

... You cant hear the word revoultion without thinking of utena.

... You think of feminist media utena is the first on your mind

... You cant pass a single day without thinking of utena.

God, what happened to my life emot-gonk

SKU, not even once. Warn the kids, before it too late!

If you ever feel like wanting to ruin your life...



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