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Songs to Duel To: A music suggestion thread

I know there probably was a thread or two like this already, but I sort of wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for anything that could work as a duel theme, or generally fits in with Utena in any sort of way.

J.A. Seazer's work sort of strangely enough sounded somewhat similar to Gentle Giant's work for me. Might be the fact they both are very deeply in the progressive rock end of the musical scale, but listen to their Proclamation ( here ) and you could see how it could fit a Dios/ a younger, still trying to hold onto the goals of his former self Akio.

Also, Diablo Swing Orchestra's Voodoo Mon Amour ( Here ) definitely has a thematic nature and I could see it played against a sword fight... if SKU was based in a more Jazz Age aesthetic.



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