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Re: What kind of jobs would the characters have?

Kozue: Still living together? What's the deal with you two?
Utena: We're business partners now! You wouldn't believe how beneficial it is to have a wise woman on your side, know in advance which districts will get bigger crime rate or where a new highway will pop up.
Kozue: Hmm. Business partners. Right.
Utena: The best!
Anthy: Ne, Utena-sama. Do you remember how you asked me recently why I returned to my former updo?
Utena: Sure?
Anthy: Isn't it amazing how much the hair can amortize if one were to bang their head against the wall repeatedly.
Kozue: I think I suspect why I was invited. In advance, I'm not in the business of delivering roofies. Much as I sympathize with your position, Himemiya.

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Re: What kind of jobs would the characters have?

Ok so I know this topic is dead but I looked at the Miki bot twitter and... I must do changes

Miki: Bodybuilder and personal trainer.

Looking at who he follows is just so funny. Wouldnt think the little cute boy wants to be macho beef guy


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Re: What kind of jobs would the characters have?

Super bump. But the bump is topical because Saito's anniversary sequel puts Touga and Saionji as art dealers!

Miki: A college professor specializing in pure mathematics. He isn't too great with the real world complications. Ivory Tower for him.
Juri: Some kind of super high powered executive. She is brilliant, ruthless, and well connected. 
Saionji: Art world dude
Touga: Shady art world dude
Anthy: Works from home, trading stocks from the computer. She doesn't have to interact with anyone.
Utena: For whatever reason, I see her doing any kind of job but more importantly, being this social media darling. If she was smarter, she'd be one of those crusading lawyers that fights for human rights. Maybe a more personable, charming Amal Clooney.



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Re: What kind of jobs would the characters have?

Sorry to necromance but this thread got me to thinking, based on my own interpretations of the characters, what would be good jobs/careers for them:

Utena: Some might find this a bit strange, but I was thinking a nurse! A nurse is a person who is very strong, both physically and emotionally, and helps and protects those in need, much like a prince. I could also see social worker. Basically, any sort of honorable job where someone takes care of or advocates for the rights of others, is something I could see Utena doing. And now I just gave you a mental image of Nurse Utena, didn't I? emot-smile Someone needs to make that fanart!   

Anthy: I was thinking either florist, or working with animals in some capacity - like pet shop, vet, zoo, shelter, etc. Even after Ohtori, I still see her as being somewhat introverted and having a jaded view of humanity, so I'm thinking she'd prefer jobs where didn't have to interact with humans much, and could enjoy the company of flowers or animals. Something quiet, where she could work at her own pace.

Touga and Saonji: Well, according to Chiho Saito's canon I guess, they grew up to be art dealers. Which fits! I think.

Miki: Definitely a college professor or instructor.

Akio: Well, the series has his job as chairman of the school, but I feel I should mention -- that I could totally see Akio as a pimp. Like, whatever it takes to be a pimp, he's got it down to a T.

Juri: Not sure. Fencer or model -- the series states that she did modeling work at some point.



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