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Anthy Assailer
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Re: Burning Flag: The Pirate Bay is down

Snow wrote:

KAT seems to be down too.

KAT has what I consider to be a useful strategy with torrent sharing. They didn't do it as often, but with the crackdown on free sharing sites after TPB had their stuff seized KAT began to cycle their domains more frequently to avoid continually going offline. Every now and again (usually 6-8 months) I have to do some digging to find the new domain name. It can be a pain in the ass, I'm not gonna lie.

Also, while I think that cycling the domain has its advantages, the main one being that if the "go-to domain KAT.blahblahblah" becomes too popular and fall on the radar and is taken down, another will be there waiting. That being said, I don't think it's the best idea in the world to advertise the new domains on their Twitter. That's just me. I feel like it makes it just as easy for those trying to shut the site down as it does the users.

All in all my advice is to buy it if you can. This only happened to me once (when getting something from TPB, actually), but I have been notified by my ISP that my piracy had not gone unnoticed and if they caught it again they'd discontinue services. Nowadays I torrent as little as possible, buy things when I can, and if I can't find it to purchase I resort to scouring the net looking for something I can preferably buy, but if all fails I will resort to downloading.

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Ends of the Fandom
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Re: Burning Flag: The Pirate Bay is down

It is not official. emot-smile And I've never compiled the fanart sections and such, there never seemed to be a demand for it. emot-keke

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Troublesome Insect
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Re: Burning Flag: The Pirate Bay is down

I'll go to jail and probably to hell for it, but I decided that as long as I'm not spending my own money, I won't spend on unnecessary things. I have a list of games I love that I definitely intend to purchase when I start making money, though. Even if I've played them a hundred times I still want to give something back to the makers for doing a great job. Same applies for anime, tv series and movies.



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