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Re: Movie Akio v. Anime Akio

Hmm... Utena doesn't know Anthy is free at the end of the series, though, does she?

Shit, you're right. She thinks she failed, and couldn't be a real prince after all.

Oh well, it was a nice fit while it lasted. emot-frown



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Re: Movie Akio v. Anime Akio

That's up for debate, actually. Just because Utena feels/realizes that she wasn't Anthy's prince doesn't necessarily mean she's given up hope of Anthy freeing herself. It's my current belief that Utena in her last moment on screen has just crossed the bridge into adulthood, where fairytale princes have no place. She's regretful that things couldn't be as ideal as a child's storybook, but she's also now matured beyond the confines of Ohtori itself. This is why, again in my opinion, Anthy believes that Utena has left Ohtori; as she tells Akio. (Akio himself is unable to accept genuine maturity can even exist, as seen by his lifestyle.)



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Re: Movie Akio v. Anime Akio

My personal interpretation of movie Akio has some similarities to the dream theory. I always viewed it that Akio was dead and gone, and that what we see in the movie is Anthy's failed attempt to replace him. This is how I comprehend Utena saying there was never a live Prince when Touga is explaining the need for the duels.
This Akio is not an accurate recreation, but rather something based off both how Anthy sees Akio, and what she wants him to be; he's loving and charming, and thinks he's a prince. The problem is that this means that Akio isn't a complete person, but rather a collection of ideals and memories in the semblance of a person.
Similar to how in science fiction self replicating robots go out of control self replicating, movie Akio's shallow but obsessive personality causes unstable behaviour as his traits are in the extreme. When he jumps/falls off the balcony it's because he's torn between his love for Anthy (that she wanted him feel) and the fact that she is his sister. Likewise, when Akio is trying to grind up Anthy and Utena to prevent them from leaving Ohtori , it's because he's being the Prince, protecting the princesses from the outside world.
That all said, I'm fairly certain there are flaws in my interpretation (as I tend to ignore anything that is just too random, or that references something I'm not familiar with), and that some else could better articulate my thoughts.



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