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Miki Molester
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What's your job?

Rather banal question, I know. I work at a florist, and I was curious.

If you're gainfully employed, or even volunteering, what do you do?

What's the point? Art is so useless. It's such a waste of time!
And it's not like anyone else ever wastes time. It's not like you spend hours in front of the television or the computer accomplishing absolutely nothing.
Oh wait.



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Mikage Mistruster
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Re: What's your job?

(( I work at McMaster-Carr. ))



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From: The eastern U.S.... someplace.
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Re: What's your job?

Grocery store wage-slave. I make enough to get by, though.

watch me whine:

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Belladonna Buster
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Re: What's your job?

I work at UPS. My title is an acronym that doesn't really mean anything. I'm basically the go-between for customers who have special requests and/or complaints and the delivery drivers. And, believe me, that ain't easy.

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Ends of the Fandom
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Re: What's your job?

I'm a Registered Nurse working in a neurosurgical ICU. I work almost exclusively 12 hour night shifts. I deal with brain surgery. Tumors, car accidents, massive strokes, and so on. My patients are rarely in any way 'with it,' so I'm often being punched or told that I'm a terrible waitress. You could say I've seen some shit, and it gives me an unusual outlook on morbidity. Many of us nurses, while turning our drugged up patients, discuss how we'll haunt the crap out of anyone that lets us live like many of our patients ultimately will. You could say we're in the produce industry, because some of our patients become bedridden and barely capable of movement or coherent interaction. Others? It can be great. The rewarding aspect of saving a life and bringing someone back from certain death to fight another day is offset though by the cases where all we've done is create a living pincushion.

Wow that was bitchy. emot-aaa I actually like this job.

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Revolution Televisor
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Re: What's your job?

I currently work as an Editor for a company that makes subsea wellheads for the oil and gas industry. A lot of what I do is to proof the technical writers and make sure the language is clear and easy to understand. I try to keep the instructions so clear that anyone could do it, and I dare say I've done fairly well. emot-biggrin There is a data management component to it, as I house and organize the massive library of procedures we've produced.



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Bettie Page Princess
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Re: What's your job?

I work in a billing office, handling an almost insultingly large amount of money with such indifference it's almost sad.

On Tuesday I did $825,1076.62 in deposits. Yesterday was much lighter, only $364,532.72. Those are only our checks. I'm sure our credit card numbers are even heftier.

Honestly, I forget it's money that I'm holding most of the time.

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Nest Boxer
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Re: What's your job?

I am a Pre-K teacher in a private international school in Cairo, teaching an American curriculum. Teaching pre-k is pretty much my calling in life, I can't imagine doing anything else. I am never bored and I always feel at the end of the day that I made a difference, however small. Teaching literacy is my specialty.

On the side I am a freelance artist; I have recently self-published a coloring book, I sell digital stamps on Etsy, take art commissions and run a fairly successful store on Zazzle.



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Decrescent Daytripper
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Re: What's your job?

Professor in a Languages Dept where I teach literature, writing, communications, public speaking, and ethics classes (and for one term, baseball). I'm also an irregular columnist for an online magazine, a commercial editor and writer, and I work and volunteer part time at a children's library, because little kids are amazing.

None of that pays what you might think, but it is enough for me to live and send money home to family, so I really appreciate that.

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Eternal Castellan
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Re: What's your job?

I'm an Electrical Engineer. Mostly test circuit boards. Really boring.



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no, definitely no cons
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Re: What's your job?

Freelance high school tutor, on the one hand endowing my students with the enlightenment of their schoolwork, and on the other teaching them the dark art of standardized testing.  I've been at it for almost ten years and I've met hundreds of kids, mostly in their homes.  I've taught literature, history, bio, chem, physics, Spanish, ESL, economics, and every kind of math it's legal to teach high schoolers.  And the SAT and ACT.  Mostly those.  How I relate to my work is pretty complicated, so it's fortunate that it's outside the scope of the question. emot-biggrin



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Re: What's your job?

I'm a Community Support Specialist, commonly known as a Caseworker, for a behavioral health organization.  My team assists adults with severe and persistent mental and behavioral health problems transition to independent living.  I currently have a caseload of 11 clients, which will increase by two next week as we get new admits.  Individually, depending on each client's level of functioning, skills, and their chosen treatment goals, I do everything from act as their payee, teach them how to ride the bus, dispense their medications and teach them how to count and manage their prescriptions, schedule for and attend doctor and psychiatrist appointments with them, help them create healthy and budget friendly shopping lists and shop with them, teach them how to clean and organize their homes, help them find apartments, order drug screens; there are too many kinds of interventions to list.  Broadly, for each client I will assist them with applying for SSI, Section 8 Housing Assistance, Medicaid/Medicare, and Food Stamps (that way, even if they fail or drop out of the program, they have some way to help them get food, healthcare and shelter), as well as make sure that they are following necessary program requirements such as: attending three psychosocial rehabilitation activities or "groups" per week, passing their twice monthly housing inspections, completion of various DMH required reviews and being medication complaint. 

This job is mostly me dealing with client crisis after client crisis, it involves a plethora of paperwork and documentation that demands a certain amount of routine in order to get done (which is impossible with such unpredictable clients and the intense demands on my time), the pay is so low I still live in low-income housing myself,  and I was recently sexually assaulted by one of my clients... so my feelings about this job are currently pretty poor.

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La poétesse revolutionnaire
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Re: What's your job?

I'm a technical writer. At least that is my title. I'm not sure if what I do is according to Hoyle technical writing.

What I actually do is write training material, troubleshooting guides, and develop Learning Management System content for my employer. I work extensively in MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, MS Visio, and Adobe Captivate, among other applications.

The truth of the matter is I'm one of the more knowledgeable individuals in my building about how all of our processes and systems work, and I happen to have a writing education, so I do fairly well at this in comparison to the other individuals in my company who were hired in as technical writers but know very little about the processes and systems.

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