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Crowdfunding Fascinations!

With the revelation of the Internet, crowd-funding has become widely available to individuals and groups to help them realize their vision. Whether it be funding money to get a child cancer treatment, creating a video game, or releasing an oral sex simulation device to the general public. I like crowd-funding sites a little too much. Luckily I am still stingy because if I weren't I'd have a negative balance in my bank account. But there are some projects that I think are just neat to share. Even if you can't donate it's always helpful to spread the word. And who knows? Maybe you can't support the initial funding but can be aware something that further interests you later, especially if the end result is a product of some kind.

So today I bring to you guys this IndieGoGo campaign for a 2D animated steampunk short film called Hullabaloo. This thing looks fantastic. I REALLY REALLY want them to make their stretch goal of $140,000 so that they can make that Curse of the Cheshire Cat short. I love allusions to Alice in Wonderland, particularly the Cheshire Cat. Plus it reminds me of Cheshire from Young Justice emot-mad; .



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Re: Crowdfunding Fascinations!

Sweet! Hullabaloo looks beautiful so far. Hehe, as soon as I clicked play on the video I immediately recognized the style of the Disney artists. Yeah... good ol' 2D art. I like the fact that they offer an online class for aspiring artists that benefits both the project and the donators. emot-keke

This is a thread where we can share crowdfunding projects that pique our interest yes? There's a Harvest Moon-esque MMO in pre-development called Pumpkin Online.
They're only halfway to their goal so far... and I'm a little skeptical because the team, while educated in game development, doesn't seem to have many previous completed game projects under their belt. And an MMO... as their first game.. Risky.

I hope they prove my inner skeptic wrong and can pull it off. It looks like a cute game. I have a few friends who like games like this and I'm interested in playing it myself if it were to come to fruition. you suppose happiness is something close to us, after all?



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Re: Crowdfunding Fascinations!

Oh-ho~ I can see a clever angle to garner them attention when the game comes out. As horrible as it is to say, the controversy of same-sex marriage in a game that appears intended for kids could be a good way to get the gaming community interested in a hurry. Especially following on the coat-tails of the Tomodachi Life controversy.

I've got to agree with you on it being a tall order as a first time major project.
But I definitely see that they've given people a lot of reason to take note. I hope they have a Tumblr campaign going on. A lot of their hooks seem like the would attract a fair percent of the Tumblr userbase.

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Re: Crowdfunding Fascinations!

It looks like both of those got their funding!

Recently, there was a KS campaign for Rebuild: Gangs of Deadville, which due to reasons, came to the choice between seasons and relationships/children for first priority for inclusion into the game. Relationships and children won the vote, interestingly.

For those who have not heard of Rebuild, it's a game focused on rebuilding a city in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. You start off with a small band of survivors and direct them in retaking the city, block by block as you fight starvation, zombies and other survivors. There are two free flash games already and it is reasonable to wonder what would make a game in such a series worth buying. The answer is 'surprisingly far deeper strategy and writing'. As of the last I'd heard, the writing stood at approximately 85,000 words long. The art looks great, the music's kinda nifty and atmospheric. Fantastic stuff.

Oh, Exalted: Third Edition. KS'd two years ago, fans thought that they were in for a short wait-they were wrong. Several things happened and it was delayed due to several factors-rewriting one (quite substantial) part of the system and a few other segments to higher quality, one team member exiting due to creative difficulties and the project lead developing a life-threatening health issue* as well potentially the playtest being leaked onto the internet. However, in spite of all this, it has gotten several bright spots-it has regularly updated on progress honestly and openly and its 'signature characters' boast an unprecedented amount of representation of non-binary gender (one is (for a lack of a better word**) a transman) and color. It does not look quite like any pulp or D&D-ish game I've ever seen in an excellent way. It nears completion and may be out in October at the soonest, a year after the original date.***

* John Morke/Hatewheel had a gofundme that raised ten thousand dollars for medical expenses. He recently had minor surgery and has pulled through his issues. His state (Florida) did not opt into Obamacare's medicaid expansions, leaving him uninsured and out of luck when his neck swelled alarmingly, giving him a great deal of pain. He has pulled through and so far, the surgery seems to have corrected the issue.

** Dereth are not transexuals as understood in modern parlance. They are people that when they come of age, don the opposite sex's clothes and take on that role. They are identified by that role, not by their biological gender. They wear grey on their person, so that there is no mistake. Prince Diamond is also a pretty awesome character.

*** The dev team freely admitted that the date was chosen at random, due to corporate demands as Exalted's owner is CCP, AKA the EVE Online guys. They full well knew that they would most likely take longer, though they didn't figure it would take a year longer.

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