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God of Comedy
From: Minami Goushuu
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Re: New Zodiac?

I wonder how this would change how you read the SKU cast with their birthdates?

EG: Akio was a Virgo *snicker* now he is a Leo



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From: ...the space between your ears
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Re: New Zodiac?

I was always more of a fish anyway.... lol.

I stopped seeking to be sought after. That wasn't being true to myself.
I want to become someone who can exercise power. I want to become a prince. - Ikuni



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Marionette Mistress
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Re: New Zodiac?

When I heard this, I was mad, because now Akio's mention of Ganyamede doesn't make any sense if Shiori's not an Aquarius anymore. WTF zodiac?! You're ruining the symbolism! emot-mad



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From: Idaho
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Re: New Zodiac?

I guess now I'm a Virgo instead of a Libra, but it doesn't really matter since I don't believe in astrology. Those horoscopes are worded so vaguely that they could apply to anyone.



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Rotten Mooring
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Re: New Zodiac?

emot-dance I'm gettin' a new siiii~ign, I'm gettin' a new siiiii~ign!emot-dance

This pleases me only because I've always been told I was a Sagittarius and I've never had the personality to match.
Maybe Ophiuchus will suit me better? emot-biggrin

OnlyInThisLight wrote:

And personally I've always been a fan of the Chineese Zodiac.  Snake definitely suits me.  A lot of my friends have said so to the point that the match is kinda scary.  Even the relationships part is correct - I do have trouble with Tigers in my life.

I'm the same way. Where Sagittarius has always failed me, Rabbit fits like a glove!



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Re: New Zodiac?

Scorpio kinda got screwed.

I was an Aries, I'd be a Pieces under this.  But I believe the part about not taking effect unless you were born after 2009, considering that the starts were in a different position the day you were born.

I'm all for this new zodiac becaise 1) it's a guy strangling the crap out of two snakes, and 2) seriously... no joke... when you pronounce the new zodiac sign out loud, it sounds like you're saying "Oh F*ck Us".

Try it.



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