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Thorn of Death
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Happy Penguin Awareness Day!!

Lets post random gifs and images from penguindrum to make sure we are all aware of penguins school-eng101

All penguins are welcome!



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Sunlit Gardener (Prelude)
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Re: Happy Penguin Awareness Day!!
Here is something to help teach those who are not aware of penguins what they should be aware of.
(Also this is one of my favorite amvs to be honest about it.)

EDIT: I had such a hard time embedding that though...

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Mikage Mistruster
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Re: Happy Penguin Awareness Day!!

(( Hey all,

I know it's both late to Penguin Awareness Day, and not from Penguindrum... but... how can you say "no" to a wizard Penguin, named Peggy, right?

Um... yeah.  Me and my sense of humor. ))



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