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Re: The Great SKU Re-watch thread!

Juri: I'm sorry I was just... lookin' at this bird over there...



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Re: The Great SKU Re-watch thread!

Isn't that line from Monsters vs. Aliens? school-eng101

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Re: The Great SKU Re-watch thread!

You know what? Juri is more masochistic than Anthy, in my opinion. She's acting as if having warm feelings towards someone was the biggest shame ever. No one thinks she's perfect so she has no image to protect from blemishes.

We've have been there, girl. Everyone was in love and wasn't love back. Just say 'Next!'.



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Re: The Great SKU Re-watch thread!

I'm not sure Juri is masochistic, in the sense that she invites painful things because she likes them or thinks she deserves them.

I think she's a very depressed person.  And sometimes, when people have been depressed for a long time... in some ways, they don't really want to get better.  I think a lot of Juri's self-identity is based around her suffering.  So if she woke up tomorrow and all her pain were gone, she wouldn't exactly know who she was or what to do with herself.  I also don't think that she feels her attraction to Shiori is inherently shameful (although Juri's handling of the situation might be).  I mean, Juri's actually pretty young so she probably feels an average amount of uncertainty about being "different" from her peers (for being same-sex oriented).  But really... there seem to be a lot of girls around Ohtori that have crushes on Utena or Juri.  And if Juri was ashamed of caring about someone, I don't think she'd be constantly carrying around a physical reminder of it in the form of her locket. 

I think the reason Juri keeps her attraction to Shori under-wraps for so long, apart form the normal awkwardness and uncertainly that people of her age are apt to feel, is that it allows her to dodge responsibility for her negative feelings and tell herself that she has no power to change them.  The mature way to handle her situation would be to tell Shiori how she felt, and if Shiori wasn't havin' it, to move on.  Of course, Juri can't automatically "turn off" her feelings, but it's certainly her choice to keep wearing that locket and fixating on her angst so entirely.  By continuing to wear her locket, Juri can stay in that comfort-zone of depression, but avoid feeling any accountability for her situation.  (I don't think she "blames" Shiori in the sense that she's especially bitter towards her; Shiori is just a source that's conveniently separate from and outside of Juri's control.)



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Re: The Great SKU Re-watch thread!

qualifications of a duelist:

the scene with Mikage firing the secretary/concubine was one of the oddest moments in the series.

don't think twice



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Re: The Great SKU Re-watch thread!

Why! oh why! emot-gonk Juri, why didn't you kiss Utena?, just a little closer... emot-wink , seriously the first time I watched that episode i didn't know who Juri was in love with, then she finally opened the locket and in that instant I knew she would be one of my favorites characters. The duel... wow just wow, she kicked Utena's ass, but she just had to monologue like an evil villain. Say, the sword cutting her rose was just luck or was it Anthy?

My second favorite episode in SKU is the curry episode, it's just so much fun, every time the elephants appear I fell off my chair laughing, I think Anthy had as much fun as we all did, just look at her erghh... Anthy/Utena's face when Saionji steals Utena. emot-rofl , Miki crying and blushing when he buys those photographs is priceless.

In my opinion she is trying not to laugh lest Utena finds out what she is really like.

I only caught to Anthy's mischief the second time I watched the series, the first time I just thought she cooked so bad her curry switched the poor commensal's personalities. Now that I think about it Anthy spend a lest a few episodes slap-free after the curry high trip episode. emot-keke

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Re: The Great SKU Re-watch thread!

So I guess with the current re-release of the anime news buzzing, a majority of the re-watch resources have disappeared, which makes it very hard to make my boyfriend watch it now that he's finally agreed :c 
The most hardhitting blow is the main uploader at the anime_downloads community taking them down. I hadn't yet downloaded most of the first thirteen episodes :/

Can't wait for the release!

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Re: The Great SKU Re-watch thread!

teyhy wrote:

Why! oh why! emot-gonk Juri, why didn't you kiss Utena?, just a little closer... emot-wink , seriously the first time I watched that episode i didn't know who Juri was in love with, then she finally opened the locket and in that instant I knew she would be one of my favorites characters.

I totally agree, I /spazzed/ when I saw that part. A part of me supports that possibility, especially with the whole "You're just like Shiori" line from Juri. My deep, dark hidden && so-called "crack pairing". But I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one disappointed with that scene ;D

Since this is the re-watch thread, I gotta say I had a fit with Saionji said "Think of it as a trick of the light" about the castle. When I realized he gave us the answer all along but I didn't listen to him, I had a fit XDDD;
Ughhh, I'm only on episode 8 or so again, I get distracted easily. Plus, I don't own the series like I do the movie, which I've watched more times than I can count emot-tongue


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