This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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Awesome tasty treats that are regrettably in Japanese. Translators?!

I've been kind of stockpiling a ton of really awesome stuff handed down to me from up on high (you folks)...things that hail from GLORIOUS NIPPON. And as such...I cannot read. I can, however, tell that a wealth of nerdy SKU-lover's candy is in these, so any of you folks looking for practice or at least want to muscle through some of this for the gold is welcome to do so and would no doubt be drowned in sexual favors from the rest of us for your efforts.

Soooo, drumroll! First up we have what I recall someone calling The Way of the Rose. This book happens to be a spare Dani had--she sent it to me, knowing the whole of what I would do with it. I'm cutting it up to scan, since it's one of those books where shit rides into the spine. This is the book I got Akio's car out of. The chunk I'm posting here is the first batch of scans I've done; note that the goal here was readability of the text, not overall beauty. These pages cover character bios (Ruka's birthday!), character interaction charts, duel charts, and blow by blow discussions of each duel. The next batch of scans will be the episode by episode pages (which presumably include analysis). After them is what appears to be a HUGE chunk of interviews (JA Seazer) and analysis of themes (Akio's car, the projector, and a figure of Lilith are in the pictures in this section). There are also pages that seem to be discussions of items in the show that symbolize stuff; milkshakes, jewelry, etc. As far as omake stuff, there are a few comics scattered about, as well as sheet music for several duel choruses. This book is an orgy. (25mb)

Next! Thanks to Clarice, here be high-resolution scans of an SKU interview from Animage. No idea what they're talking about but Ikuhara and Saito are pictured in the car Akio's is based off of. I really want to know who in the group owns that car. If it's actually the one mentioned in the above book, and it's a fuel injection model, it's one of 240 that were made. cool As far as the interview, I predict Ikuhara is evasive and a bastard. (22mb)

And last but certainly not least, AUDIO FUN! As has occasionally appeared on Yahoo! Japan, a tape cassette was released that had what I always guessed to be answering machine messages or something. It turns out, it's a tape of the student council running their mouth, and includes things like morning announcements. It's called Animate Voice Cassette 10. I'd love to know what they're talking about, the tone in some of the conversations is very suspicious in terms of obvious hilarity. Thank you Dallbun! BTW, here's an article about it. In Japanese, of course. … 04f058b0b6 (15mb)

Akio, you have nice turns of phrase, but your points aren't clear and you have no textual support. I can't give this a passing grade.
~ Professor Arisa Konno, Eng 1001 (Freshman Literature and Composition)



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Re: Awesome tasty treats that are regrettably in Japanese. Translators?!

Cool, you're posting the Animate tape. emot-smile I got it from Nico Nico Douga, by the way. I haven't listened through it thoroughly, but it features a Student Council meeting with actual Student Council business, namely recording audio messages to be broadcast throughout the school - morning encouragements, and the like. Not shockingly, Saionji has blown it off, so they call in Utena to help them out instead. Like the Utena and Anthy Real Model CDs, it's all very tounge-in-cheek. emot-tongue

I still have a longer project in the air that I should be working on, but I wouldn't mind giving some of these a shot at some point, if I have the time and energy. The question is what people are interested in.

Giovanna wrote:

The Way of the Rose

I'd call it "The Rose Revelations" or something: we're looking at "bara no mokushiroku," with "mokushiroku" being the same "apocalypse" word we all know so well.  school-eng101

Don't get too worked up. emot-smile I bought a copy a little while ago and glanced through it, and not all of it is as awesome as it sounds. The character bios and duel summaries are pretty factual, not interpretive, and even the lists of symbols didn't seem all that interesting when I glanced through it a while ago. The relationship chart is also pretty straightforward, though amusing in some of its details (for instance, the one-directional love arrow from Touga to Utena is labeled "baby, you set my heart on fire"). emot-wink

The interviews with Be-Papas folks and J.A. Seazer are likely more interesting, not that I've really sat down and tried to read them. Most of the little comics are drawn by Chiho Saito, and I remember that one is about Be-Papas getting their pictures taken for the Utena Carddass trading card series. And like Gio said, there's tons of random stuff scattered about the book.

Anyway, thanks, Dani, for sacrificing your physical copy of the books for the almighty Gallery!

SKU interview from Animage

This looks really awesome! emot-smile Thanks, Clarice!

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Re: Awesome tasty treats that are regrettably in Japanese. Translators?!

Thank you Giovanna for uploading the files from the cassette tape. Sadly I don't understand Japanese, but it sounds absolutely hilarious. Now I want to know what exactly the characters are talking about. I could hear at one point Anthy mentions something between Utena and her that get the rest of the student council (especially Miki) very tense. At another point of the story, Anthy summons the sword of Dios for Utena, and it seems the latter is ready to do some slashing with it. If I remember correct, it is the first time the pair has done so outside of the dueling arena/chairman's office. Awww, the whole thing seems so interesting, but I don't understand a word of it, what agony~~



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Re: Awesome tasty treats that are regrettably in Japanese. Translators?!


I'm posting my translation of  SKU interview from Animage. I divided it similarly to how it's divided in the file.

Please forgive me any grammar/vocabulary/etc. mistakes as English is not my native language ><!

I'll try to translate other stuff too when I have time (though when that'll be I can't tell for sure -_-")

Hope you enjoy reading this!

Having entered the season 3 “Ohtori Akio Arc” “Revolutionary Girl Utena” is becoming even more suspicious and even more surrealistic with even more high tension!
There has probably never been such a strange anime before!

Only those who hold beautiful memories are allowed to wish. Wish things like: if only that moment could last forever… If only present could be still the same way as it was at that moment…

Laboratory of Playwriting or Revolution of Production
People make various expressions. Baby when feeling hungry calls his/her mother by crying loudly – act like this is probably the simplest example of “expression”. In that way, every person is making “an expression”.
When growing up people start to make more complicated expressions. Women wearing makeup and dressing up is a form of expression, as is sport player’s competing for a record. Among various people who make expressions those who make outstanding, meta-“expressions” are called “creators” and among them some percentage is called “artists”.
Baby’s crying and author’s conveyment of social themes through his/her work, though the level is different, does not change the fact that both are “expressions” which one person uses when interacting with other person. Also, similar to novels and movies, works of animations are also types of entertainment and at the same time, “expressions” of author.
And so, here we have “Revolutionary Girl Utena”. We can probably say that this work is very enthusiastic when regarding the relation between “reality” and “story”. Things like, railway crossing located without any explanation in Student Council room and which indicates the passing of train. Baseball match taking place nearby the members of the council. Touga who rides a car towards “The End of the World” with, for some reason, unbuttoned shirt. Akio Ohtori making an ecstatic face while sitting on a bonnet. Or existence of Shadow Girls. Or cars sprouting on a dueling arena.
Here what staff is pursuing is not to make “expression” of something through a story, but to play with the expression itself. In episode 22, “pointing finger mark” which appeared on a screen and pointed at a lipstick stain on a coffee cup or cats outside the window, was invisible. It was to show something, that had no meaning (even if, like Ikuhara-san himself has said on the next page, it had in fact a meaning from storytelling point of view) like it was something very me