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*Utena game spoilerzz* What do you think happens to D-ko and Chigusa?

If you get any of the good endings from the Utena game, our purple haired protagonist (who I shall refer to as D-ko in reference to the ol' Dalbun let's plays here) has to leave Ohtori because her father had become ill. She waves sayonara to her quirky companions and the credits roll. But... is that all there is to it? Well I mean yeah it is but here me out
Chigusa, the main antagonist of the game, and Mikage are cut from the same bright red cloth that Akio owns. They've returned to the academy because of their Japanese horcruxes. But when Mikage disappears, everyone forgets him. It's not explicitly stated whether Chigusa is remembered or not, but it seems like she is. Why is that the case? ...I don't have any ideas. Maybe I'll think of something later. Also, do you think D-ko would become forgotten by the Ohtori gang? I think that is possible considering how when one "graduates" Ohtori, nobody really speaks of them again.

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