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Sunlit Gardener (Finale)
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New hopes for 2017

Post anything that you hope will happen in 2017 or were too lazy to do in 2016 (like me...). While most people hated 2016 because of the us elections and many beloved people passed away but personally it was a great year for me' having crawled my semi-depression days, coming out to my friends and making more friends and generally being more socially active. So it can only go down hill from here... But I have hope that this year will be better , for me personally and especially for the rest of the world.

My hopes for this year:

-Better grades in everything

-Putting more effort in to school

-Spending more time doing sports

-Being more open about being gay

-Learning how to cook (I mean more then the basic)

and... having  FUN !

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New Student
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Re: New hopes for 2017

Build Up My Self Esteem, Self Image, Self Confidence

Go Back To School

Get More Of A Social Life

Learn To Eat Healthy and Exercise



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String Theorist
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Re: New hopes for 2017

1. Get in good physical condition to accomplish my greater goals that require good health.

2. Tightly control my expenditures on food and entertainment because I really go over budget on eating out. This goal is important because the less money I need the less I have to work. This will create free time for the other two goals.
   2a. Make a strong commitment to saving the money I would have wasted eating out.
   2b. Liquidate assets if I don't add to savings every month.

3. Spend time reading, drawing, and playing cello and piano. This goal is not necessary but desirable for personal growth.

4. Spend time with old friends and go make some new friends.

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Anthy Assailer
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Re: New hopes for 2017

Work on finalizing the minutia of an upcoming relocation.

Working towards regaining full mobility in my ankle.

Generally improving on overall physical and mental health.

Anything else would be a plus after those. emot-keke

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