This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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this is the podcast thread.

talk about podcasts.




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Re: Podcasts!

Ohh, discussing podcasts we like, or discussing having a podcast for IRG?



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Re: Podcasts!

I only really listen to BBC documentaries and technical ones related to my job.

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Re: Podcasts!

The only two podcasts I listen to on a semi-regular basis are Podquisition ( here ) and The Flophouse. ( here )



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Re: Podcasts!

Pathetic confession, I've never listened to a podcast and I'm not sure exactly what they are, how to listen to them, or what they are used for. Can someone enlighten me, please? emot-confused

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Re: Podcasts!

maridaberri wrote:

Pathetic confession, I've never listened to a podcast and I'm not sure exactly what they are, how to listen to them, or what they are used for. Can someone enlighten me, please? emot-confused

First podcast I listened to were college radio stations ran by my friends back then. Usually podcasts have websites to go to, where you can download into your iTune, and you can listen to them as long as you are listening to them via scheduled times with an internet connection.

That was years ago. Things are little different now. Now most people post podcast episodes on their own websites or blogs for people to go back to, so you don't necessarily have to listen to them like live radios. Here is an example of podcasts by NPR:



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Re: Podcasts!

The one I listen to most is Welcome to Night Vale, though I've fallen behind on it. I used to listen to Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, but I don't really have 80ish minutes to listen to it. I keep intending to listen to other ones like Caustic Soda, Serious Eats, and a few others, but I haven't gotten around to them.

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Re: Podcasts!

There's an upcoming podcast by Ryan Estrada coming up called Big Data. It's about seven people with keys to the Internet and the keys are getting stolen, one by one. Sounds really promising.

I used to listen to the Switchblade Kittens podcasts, they were mildly interesting.

I also listen to interviews of writers and artists that I like.

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Re: Podcasts!

Y'know, maridaberri, you're not the only one with the whole podcast confusion thing.  I never really listened to podcasts either but ever since Legend of Korra finished I've ending up enjoying hosted by the voice of Korra, Janet Varney.  Pretty ridiculous and a bit scattered at times, it's mostly a very down-to-earth look back at guests' teen years and normalizing things people don't realize are common and can be talked about.  Some episodes can be very heavy to listen to, but for the most part they're interesting, funny, and meaningful. 

I'll get around someday to giving Welcome to Night Vale and Serial a try.



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Re: Podcasts!

The only podcast I really follow is the Completely Unnecessary Podcast (aka the CUPodcast). It is YouTube based, but it's a series that updates every couple of days where Pat (the NES Punk) and his co-host Ian talk about a specific topic, usually game-related.



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Re: Podcasts!

Podcasts make my commute a joy!

Welcome To Night Vale - humorous drama series, recommended for Twin Peaks & Lovecraft nerds
The Flop House - extremely amusing discussion of subpar movies
ANNCast (Anime News Network podcast) for anime news and opinions
Crunchycast (Crunchyroll podcast) for inane anime-related banter
Fast Karate For The Gentleman - video game chat, and recaps of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episodes
Bonfireside Chat is a deep dive into the plot and lore of the Dark Souls franchise
Metal Sucks - heavy metal news, hosts are dickbags but occasionally very funny
We Have A Technical is a goth/industrial music podcast, run by a couple of guys I know

I went to one of the Night Vale live shows (The Investigators) last Halloween, it was great!

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Re: Podcasts!


In general, I can only really listen to podcasts while I'm driving.  If I'm working, I can't focus on either thing enough, and I end up missing what they talk about while also not accomplishing anything.  Anyway.

I'm a big fan of My Brother, My Brother, and Me.  I think Travis McElroy described it best as, "An advice show where [they] don't give advice."  I recommend starting from the most recent episodes and going backwards, since continuity is not an issue.  I started from the beginning, which is okay, but they definitely make more problematic jokes.  They get better, and they're very receptive to criticism about things like that.  They're such sweet, soft boys.  (They also have multiple shows and podcasts that you should certainly check out, including The Adventure Zone, where they play D&D with their Dad)

I also really enjoy Harmontown.  It's a live show hosted by Dan Harmon, the quintessential warts-and-all creator.  Dan's a really good storyteller and improviser, and it's comptrolled by Jeff Davis from Whose Line Is It Anyway?  But my favorite thing about the show is their dungeonmaster, Spencer Crittenden, whom they recruited out of the audience.  He's deadpan, great at DMing, and the best rapper out of all of them.  Who knew?

Lastly, I'll recommend Friendshipping.  The episodes are shorter (around 20 minutes each, give or take), and it's hosted by Jenn and Trin (two women who work for Cards Against Humanity).  They answer questions about how to navigate friendships in the 21st century.  It's a nice, positive, funny podcast to listen to.



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Re: Podcasts!

I just recently (like Monday lol) I tried out this new podcast thing.  I found one run by Wisecrack for Rick and Morty called "The Squanch".  It's insightful, funny, and I can always do with more Rick and Morty.

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Re: Podcasts!

hello i am here
and here are some podcasts in no particular order

1. welcome to night vale is of course a favorite of mine, though ive fallen behind on listening, for sure!
2. alice isnt dead is from the creators of welcome to night vale, and is a serial fiction story about a trucker woman who is searching for her wife all over the conteninental US, who went missing under Mysterious Circumstances (i find it really interesting and spooky)
3. ive been listening to the adventure zone for a good while and its So Fun. it's a trio of brothers and their father (the guys from my brother, my brother and me, actually!) playing dungeons and dragons together. it starts off with the mine of phandalar, which is a starter kit/adventure for the game, and moves swiftly into some wonderful homebrew nonsense. they have canonically gay and trans characters who arent played for laughs or whatever
4. if you have trouble falling asleep in silence, listening to levar burton reads is a good idea, possibly! it is exactly what it says on the tin
5. within the wires also comes from the creators of welcome to night vale, and its a weird kind of surrealist ... something. where it sounds like youre listening to government mandated relaxation tapes in some weird dystopian future

theres a few more i listen to but i feel like thats a lot already c':

hm. i'm... here again? catch me in the discord-- im fairybull



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Re: Podcasts!

if you happened to be in seattle in december 2017 it was the first (lots of notable show hosts) and since "Cecil" and "Tamika" of WtNV had a night off between their earlier live show and the con... i got to bring them to a fab show emot-biggrin

MikoRanjuro's regular podcast recommendations so far in logical groupings as things influence each other, mainly existentialist, geeky, humor, satire, so bases are covered for fictional radio show fun (wish i'd dived into this all sooner) plus a couple of current tech discussion shows. i've exported my list from the open source android app plus a little extra notes from what i've heard so far, as i'm not current yet on WtNV (s4, book 1 wip) and SAYER (s2 fin).

(podcast premier,title,web site,rss feed) had so many recommendations for me to read it (like i did for listening to WtNV later on), once i started, i was hooked, quickly caught up in progress, and i filled the waiting for more of my first (rational) fanfic by getting just as hooked on my first podcast (audiobook), now see how the list has grown. note that like any situation, these first timers get better with experience, they mention later aspiring to WtNV quality, sample their short stories "The Sword of Good" or "The Study of Anglophysics" at other stories page for an idea of quality they end up at. also, i suggest using the HPMOR "episodes only" feed to fill gap until you reach the HPMOR "episodes plus notes" feed (weird size limit clips it down to the most recent stuff, but sometimes has interesting notes and background that would otherwise be missed).

(Petunia married a scientist, Harry grew up in a loving home reading sci-fi and science, level up all around in challenge)
2011-04-07 Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (episodes only) … ThePodcast
201x-xx-xx The Methods of Rationality (almost all episodes plus note posts [switch to this feed as you catch up, after HMPoR completed then they have other goodies like most recent fic to audio project featured Lex and Lois in "The Metropolitan Man"])

(spinoff rationality discussion group references HPMOR so first few eps have spoilers)
2016-02-17 The Bayesian Conspiracy

(WtNV is a supernatural community radio show that is just slightly off in the right way, great live shows, very queer friendly artist network, oh and there is a fanmade short film set to ep13 best to watch afterward, and also you are likely to fall into fan art holes)
2012-06-15 Welcome to Night Vale

(HA builds a metaphysical world and adds more characters as it goes via m-w-f microfiction so 3 pieces a week = 15min and so quirky good)
2013-09-13 The Hidden Almanac

(SAYER is like male Portal AI meets Night Vale, so popular they got funded enough for 4th season and bonus dating sim with their AI robot boys, also the voice evolves into final form after a few eps)
2014-02-28 SAYER

(Limetown is a short 6 chapter scifi mystery in style of Serial, if you've never done podcasts before, start here, warning intense drama first couple eps, recently teasing a s2, haven't yet checked out their completed project of a couples drama musical)
2015-07-21 Limetown

(WtE is like Night Vale meets SNL sketch comedy)
2015-09-21 Welcome Thru Effingham

(EC is like Night Vale meets The Office meets North Pole as improv comedy for almost all ages, surprises near end of s2)
2015-12-31 Elf Centered

(BRASS is a multimedia steampunk sherlock family with a father who invents, mother with more perfect recall than most, daughter skilled with disguises, and son practiced in many fighting styles, recently starting s2, check their short videos, Seattle stage plays)
2016-06-21 BRASS

(very approachable discussions on current interactions between technology and society)
2017-06-25 IRL: Online Life Is Real Life

(i wasn't sure about including general news but lately i manually grab the weekly BBC and Monday+Friday CBC, PRI, NPR shows which i listen to at 1.5x speed for some slightly different perspectives, but there tends to be overlap for big events so use that 30s skip or 2x speed)
BBC The World This Week
CBC As It Happens
PRI The Takeaway
NPR Here & Now

this took a fair while to format, but i figured y'all did a lot of work with translations, the least i can do is provide similarly helpful contributions, and hope this makes your commutes or low brain manual labor more interesting (though i really do recommend prepping for bed listening to the delicious voice of Cecil in WtNV... mmmm, Cecil.)

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