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Bettie Page Princess
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Re: The shopping thread.

Snow wrote:

Does anyone know of a webstore selling stuff similar to what Modcloth sells, or used to sell (mostly aiming for retro-ish flowery dresses and similar stuff), that ships worldwide? I'm not really into what Modcloth is offering these days emot-frown

Pin Up Girl Clothing
Doll Me Up

There's quite a few sellers on Etsy, and you can also look for Lindy Bop which is a UK or AUS brand, (I can't recall) that is carried a lot of places, including amazon.

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Troublesome Insect
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Re: The shopping thread.

Thanks, Miss! I'll check those out.



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Juri Jeerer
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Re: The shopping thread.

Lindy Bop is UK brand. emot-smile This year, I bought a dress (this one … rint-p1010) on their website and I was really satisfied. The quality is great, as well as service. Don't worry about shipping rates - they are quite reasonable.
But there is only one thing about Lindy Bop that concers me - sizes of their clothes. If you are a bigger girl, you'll be fine but in fact it's hard to find smaller clothes on their website and even the smallest one is still a little too big for me (especially in bust area).



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Thorn of Death
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Re: The shopping thread.

Where can I find geeky/nerdy shower curtains? Ive been googling around and i keep getting stuck with things like this

I want to turn my guest bathroom into a nerd / gamer / animu paradise ... so halp! where can i find themed items??



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Raven Nightshade
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Re: The shopping thread.

ThinkGeek's bath section.

Your curtain choices are Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and the periodic table.

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