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If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Just a fun little scenario. If you were a part of the student body of Ohtori, what would you think of the characters? Chances are I wouldn't even know them unless they were in the same classes as me, and I probably would have no idea there were duels, but who knows? I'd like to see myself as a character behind the scenes who writes for the Ohtori student newspaper and reports on what's going on. Sort of like the Shadow Girls.

Anyway, here's how I would react to the characters if Ohtori was a real place:

Utena - We would probably get along pretty well, actually. It's funny because Utena doesn't seem to talk to a lot of people outside of the duelists, Anthy, and Wakaba. But I would admire her athletic ability, and her kindness and interesting gender-bending ideas would make me want to be friends. She'd probably turn into one of those friends I'd have a crush on and wouldn't be able to tell (and I would definitely think she was at least bi, haha). But it would be difficult to be friends with her because she's involved in this whole hidden agenda that I would know nothing about. Her naivety would probably grate on me, though, and we wouldn't be able to grow close since she's not really a deep-thinker type. Still, I can see myself having pleasant conversations in class or going out to eat together.

Anthy - I would be intrigued by this silent beauty, but since I'm quiet and shy myself I'd have a hard time talking to her. I'd probably feel sorry for her since it seems she has so few friends. If I saw how Saionji treated her I might feel resentful that she let him control her. I would try to understand her but never be able to fully grasp what she's really like. I might try to befriend her but since Anthy is so distant I would eventually give up. If I noticed her and Utena constantly being together I would wonder what exactly their relationship was.

Wakaba - I have a friend who is a lot like her, actually. I'd probably enjoy talking to her about silly things and going shopping or watching movies, but we wouldn't be close. I'd be amused by her obvious infatuation with Utena. I can see me, Wakaba, and Utena sitting together at lunch. I'd tell Wakaba to get over Saionji, so she might not talk to me after that.

The Student Council - As a group in general, I'd probably be a little intimidated/intrigued by them. And I'd also probably wonder how exactly they represent the student body, since all they seem to do is hold secret meetings. I know they're more interesting than my real high school's student council, at least.

Touga - A superficial lady's man? Yeah, I wouldn't like Touga very much. Even though I wouldn't know the full extent of how manipulative he really is, I would still dislike him for being a player. I'd probably want to touch his hair just once, though. And he kind of reminds me of a guy I used to be infatuated with, especially if he jokes around in class, so I don't necessarily know how I would react to him. I'm not the type of girl he would normally notice.

Saionji - If I saw how horrible he treated Anthy, I'd probably hate him. Unless I witnessed one of his moments of vulnerability. But chances are I'd think he was an asshole.

Juri - She probably wouldn't notice me at all since she's so wrapped up in thoughts of Shiori, but I'd have the biggest crush on her. I'd go watch her duels and admire her intelligence and resolute personality. I'd really want to talk to her but feel completely insecure. She's also rather cold in order to hide her own self-doubts, so I'd get upset that she's not a nicer person. I'd probably observe her from afar, though, and maybe be intrigued by her involvement in the student council. If I ever had to chance to talk to her I'd probably get so nervous I'd make a fool of myself, but maybe I get to know her (after Anthy leaves Ohtori, perhaps). I'm a pretty good listener, so maybe she'd open up to me, especially since she and Miki seem to get along and I'm a little like him.

Miki - I think Miki is the first character I could see myself being good friends with, since he's probably quite a thoughtful person at times. He'd probably be the easiest of the student council for me to approach. I'd enjoy listening to him play piano, and I could use the tutoring in math, that's for sure. But he already has a group to belong to (the student council), and I would probably only talk to him about school-related subjects. I'd probably think he was gay (he reminds me of a kid I talked to in high school who I also wondered about).

Nanami - It depends on whether I witnessed her being cruel or not. I might just think she was a cute, frivolous and harmless girl, but I would dislike her if I happened to be at the ball when she embarassed Anthy. She might be nice to my face but I'd always wonder if she was talking about me behind my back. I might find her naivety amusing, though. And I wonder if I'd notice her obsession with Touga.

Kozue - I like Kozue in the anime, but I'm not sure what she would be like to know personally. She would probably have a bad reputation and be gossiped about all the time, so I might feel sorry for her. She seems like a rather outgoing and fun person and I would probably like her wild side if I got to know her. It would be difficult to have a close friendship since she seems a little ditzy, but I could see myself having a crush or even just having fun together once in a while. I would have no idea about her brother issues, though. Unless I saw them interact with each other... Being friends with both might be difficult.

Juri, Shiori, and Ruka - I would be very intrigued about the relationship dynamics between the trio.

Akio - He wouldn't give me the time of day. I might think he was attractive, but I'd be so nervous I'd purposefully avoid him.

The Shadow Play Girls - I would love to witness one of their plays or maybe just see them ocassionally in the halls. I'd really like their personalities and want to learn more about them. I would definitely think there was something going on between A-ko and B-ko haha.

Well, that's how I would probably relate to the cast if I was a student at Ohtori. Feel free to post your own opinions.

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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

Touga's a good example of how I'd be about most of the cast. If he ignores me, I'll hate him. If he pays attention to me, I'll know it's for no good reason and I'll hate him more.

Applied to other characters? Let's say Juri. Ignores me? God damn superficial athletic chicks look down on everyone. Pays attention to me? Ugh, so I'm the loser buddy? Anthy I would wonder about from a safe distance. Saionji I would lust over from...a very very safe distance. At the end of the day, I'd be chummy with the faculty--in all my years of school, it's never been the students I've been most familiar with. Given a centimeter in which to do so, I'd be hanging around Mikage and Akio. (Often as an excuse to get away from the counselor. Yeesh.) It doesn't hurt that aside from being obscenely hot (I'd try to ignore that part in hopes of being able to speak like a human being, a capacity I lose on the odd occasion I meet someone I'm attracted to), they're both nerds. I could listen to them rattle off about science experiments and mythology all week. emot-dance

Edit: In light of the 'debate' I just had with Yasha, I'm forced to admit I would hunt Akio down like a heat-seeking status missile because I'm a massive scholastic suck-up and he's the most powerful person in the school. This would have nothing at all to do with his sex appeal until I was aware of it. Then I'd stutter, jumble up words, blush, and try never to see him again.

This would get me in a lot of trouble.

Akio, you have nice turns of phrase, but your points aren't clear and you have no textual support. I can't give this a passing grade.
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Re: If you were in Ohtori, what would you think of the characters?

I've thought about this a few times, and the only thing I can say for certain is that I would think Juri was a major bitch. emot-gonk I'll admit that I would partially be frightened by her, but I would also resent her for being so cold and unfriendly. Look at Utena-- she's also athletic and not held down by gender roles, but she's very warm and approachable. I'd admire Juri to a certain degree, but I'd never try to speak with her.

I like to think that Shiori would actually be a friend of mine. Aside from her interaction with Juri, she can be a very sweet girl. She is seen walking with a group of girls at one point, and later in the series, a girl waits for Shiori after class. She's also polite and friendly with Utena and Anthy the first time she meets them. It could be an act, but hell if I'd know. I think Shiori would be the closest to a friendship I could establish with any cast member. Well, and Wakaba. I think anyone could get along with Wakaba.

I'd also hate Touga while secretly loathing myself for finding him attractive. Same goes for Saionji, which is ironic, because I can get behind his Anthy-slapping in the series, but if this were to be a reality, hitting his girlfriend would be a major no-no.

... I'd still probably have yaoi daydreams about the two. emot-redface

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