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Mikage Mistruster
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maybe a silly question

if you could have chosen your own name, what would it have been?



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Faceless Master
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Re: maybe a silly question

This is a question that has great potential for abuse. But I don't feel like doing that today, not to such a new thread.

If I had a choice and I knew then what I knew now, I'd go for either Taylor Dalton (first and middle) or Taylor Elisah (first and middle). The first choice because I think it sounds awesome, the second choice because it matches my given initials and I feel particularly proud of them (the initials are TEK).

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Rose Bride
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Re: maybe a silly question

Clarimonde Farica von Hildebrand

Why not? It sounds cool.

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Rose Bride
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Re: maybe a silly question

Oh my, I've never considered it before. The potential is huge! emot-aaa

To put a little context on why this is such an awesome question for me, it is worth noting my surname: Badger.

Pretty much everything I can come up with this point would break a kid, so I think it's off the naming list for future generations, but here goes:

Badger Badger - Meme-tastic

This one of course would've had me even better prepared for the old Badger Badger Badger meme, when it did the rounds at my high school. I guess some people might take to their name being associated with a meme quite badly, but I can't say I did. My nickname at school was unsurprisingly Badger. What was a little surprising, was how little the association actually came up. This name carries the risk of me just breaking off into the full song when introducing myself though.

Mischievous (or any adjective in fact) Badger - Very punny

An animal surname really comes into it's own here. Mischievous in particular would allow me to transform a terrible movie quote (Talladega Nights) into a nice in-joke. At least that's one of the many many bad Will Ferrell movies put to use. Rabid, Well-Dressed, and any other adjective that may invoke an unusual image are all good players here.

Honey Badger - Don't care

Perhaps one of my favourites, and a surprisingly usable name. Have you ever seen Blackadder goes Fourth? It plays as a name like Captain Darling:
People of all genders and persuasions would then call me Honey, and hilarity would ensure. Actually, that one is tempting enough that I may sneak it on the list of kids names for future generations, on the off chance it actually makes it. They'll thank me for it, I'm sure.



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God of Comedy
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Re: maybe a silly question

Azrael Meian

Azrael: name of the Archangel of Death

Meian: name meaning between the light and the darkness.



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Rose Bleue
Wakaba Wrangler
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Re: maybe a silly question

Never tought about it before...

My real name is Bárbara, and I like it, but I sometimes wish I had a middle name... Like Constanza or something like that...

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World's End
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Re: maybe a silly question

I used to wish I had been named Alexandra because I liked The Secret World of Alex Mack so much. I even asked my parents to call me that for a while. emot-redface

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Re: maybe a silly question

Edward.  In honor of the rock brilliance of Eddie Vedder and the legacy of the late Eddie Guerrero.

No last name.  Just Edward.



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High Tripper
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Re: maybe a silly question





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