This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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Rose Smilee
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From the USRF: Official website now moving.

(Long time not posting here; so sorry for crashing in like this my good admins ^-^v
If it's not too much trouble, kindly allow me this little space for a while. )

If anyone has noticed, has been frozen apparently because of the changes in the T.O.S. that we failed to read up and therefore violated unknowingly. *sheepish grin here* So if any has been trying to access the site for inquiries and such, we apologize for the inconvenience; rest assured that USRF is still alive. ^^

However even before this, we have been planning to move the online shop to a merchant site that will more appropriately serve the purpose. We are currently in the process of transferring our product line to Storenvy. It will take a while since the interface is quite new and we have too many things to sort out before the store can be opened; hopefully we will be able to wrap up sometime early this November. We will have our site on site taken down permanently once everything has been smoothed out with the site administrator.

So to reiterate: while our website is currently frozen, USRF is still a functioning entity; and we will be moving the online store to Storenvy. Should any wish to address their concerns to us, kindly send your messages to our official e-mail address: utenasignetringfanbase @ hotmail . com

Thank you very much.

Juri-senpai / FencingCaptain
USRF Project Staff Member


Yes, Seitokaichou is still alive. *laughs*
I am most definitely strangling her for making me post here and doing her job on her behalf.



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Myth is my Bitch
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Re: From the USRF: Official website now moving.

That e-mail address is rejecting...  You guys still running?



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