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The Rules.

This forum is for SKU discussion. The rules (rules? What rules?) (THESE RULES) are as follows:

1. Discuss SKU in here. You know that show that this entire site is about? Yeah, that one. All of the questions, thoughts, interpretations, roleplaying and all of that belongs in here.

2. Swearing. I hate it when people can't tolerate swears. That said, I also hate it when people swear for no reason. If you are either of these people, I'm going to send you nasty messages. We're all mature enough to watch and understand SKU, so we are all mature enough to hear a few swears. Don't get upset over it. Excessive swearing, however, is just as immature and very rude.

3. Be polite. We expect a modicum of decency outside of IFD. 90% of you people won't even need this warning.

4. Don't post if you have nothing to say! Are you adding something interesting, informative, funny, or otherwise worthwhile to the conversation? Then go ahead and post. If you're not, posting is a bad idea. No one wants to read a thread full of replies like 'yeah', it's like eating a box of aspartame.

5. Introductions belong in the introduction threads. You are hereby encouraged and welcomed to introduce yourself and give a short profile, some pictures, a link to a video of your funny elephant dance, or whatever you like there. In other threads, an introduction is off topic, and we do not need a whole bunch of introductions clogging up the forums.

6. First Post/Postcount++ are annoying. Posting first doesn't mean you're cool. Posting just so that the numbers get bigger won't get you a prize. See rule 4.

7. If you find yourself derailing a thread, make a new thread. Just for convenience's sake, we're going to assume that what's in the thread title is what people in the thread actually want to talk about. In that case, try to keep on topic, and make a new thread if you find yourself derailing. If you're really nice, you'll provide a link to the new thread!

8. Mod/Admin Respect. To have a forum, we have to have rules, and having rules means we need people to enforce them. This means people are putting in free time to make sure these forums are a great place to be. If someone else on the forum is harassing you, definitely message someone in charge to take care of it. Don't waste our time with complaints about someone who's not doing anything wrong, and don't complain about the other mods/admins. We are paying attention, we will try our best to be fair, and we will fix any mistakes as soon as possible (we're human, okay? we're not going to pretend to be perfect).

9. No X-rated pictures! That belongs in IFD. Don't be a jerk about it, cause if I catch anyone posting X-rated stuff in this forum, you're banned immediately. And then you have to beg me for mercy so you can come back. If you really think it's relevant, post a link, and clearly mark it NWS (Not Work Safe).

10. A few things we like: polls about which character everyone likes best even if we don't currently have a poll function (emot-mad), analysis of the show or various elements thereof, comparisons between SKU and other shows, roleplaying threads, critique my fanart/fanfiction/Juri Chia Pet, lyric interpretations, favorite pictures from the show, that sort of thing. Some sexual content (text-only) is tolerable here, as the show deals with sexual themes, although please keep really graphic stuff to IFD.

11. SUPER EXTRA BONUS RULE. No racism. Ever. Ever ever ever. I realize that I am impressing my own judgements on society at large here, and that maybe not everyone feels this way. I don't care. No racism. At all.

If you're not sure, ask a mod or admin for clarification. If you are sure and turn out to be wrong, don't bitch too much, I have my own hands full with all of the bitching I need to do. Most of all, just enjoy yourself!

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Re: The Rules.

Yasha forgot a couple things.

1. Avatars. They're hosted on the forum server, but you're responsible for making them. 100x100 pixels max, 10KB max. If you're really hurting, PM me with a request image and I will probably be nice.

2. Signatures. Please keep them to a max of 500x75 and a max of 25KB. A lot of threads will be image heavy on their own, sig images would cause higher load times. You understand, don't you?

3. Images in posts. Again, you're responsible for hosting (try and Unless it's an image from the gallery, feel free to directly link to them. They're on my server anyway! HOWEVER, do NOT put images wider than 600 pixels in the post! Link larger ones so you don't break tables. BREAKING TABLES MAKES ME ANGRY, and the vast majority of the gallery will violate this rule.

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