This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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Juri Jeerer
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Manga recommendation: I like Yuureitou/kaguyahime/tghoul and

I read and love Tokyo ghoul/Tokyo ghoul re, utena, kuroshitsuji, hunter x hunter, kaguyahime, no 6, and Yuureitou and am looking for more of the same: Manga with LGBT representation, a interesting and complex plot, drama, has dysfunctional characters that struggle with issues like moral ambiguity and may have done terrible things but are still sympathetic, and it can also have gender identity as an optional theme.  Does anyone know of any other manga that fall under some or all of the above mentioned criteria?



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Sunlit Gardener (Finale)
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Re: Manga recommendation: I like Yuureitou/kaguyahime/tghoul and

Shimanami Tasogare. You can thank me later emot-wink

If you ever feel like wanting to ruin your life...



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New Student
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Re: Manga recommendation: I like Yuureitou/kaguyahime/tghoul and

I love manga characters and I wrote someday stories in a site best essay writing service.Personally I likes Son goku is the one character who is very subtly written with a very separate border of being true of heart and crushingly powerful...Best manga character ever. Funny, stupid and more. He is grave when he wants to be and is loyal to his friends and help anybody who wants help and are accurate to their heart.



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