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Ohtori Paramouri
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Making a utena card game

Ever since The_A_Man started making Yugioh cards from utena characters I've been wanting to make a real playable utena card game.

Here's my declaration on that page:

Charuru wrote:

The_A_Man wrote:

Well that's it for the movie cards. I might continue with the TV series cards. *sigh* I wish there was a program that we could use to battle these cards online.

Oh oi your cards are so great. After seeing these I was inspired to take a crack at making one, but it was hard. emot-frown

Still haven't given up yet though. emot-keke

In the intervening year and a half since then, technology has progressed to the point where this is actually not hard to do! YAY javascript!

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Rose Bride
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Re: Making a utena card game

sounds like you have your work cut out for you. So in the end, does one play this online or a flash game you can download?



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Wakaba Wrangler
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Re: Making a utena card game

sounds cool I'm tolatl up for it

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Someday Shiner
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Re: Making a utena card game

Wow, you mean there is actually a way to make an online game out of them? That's great. That was one thing that disappointed me when I was making them that there would never be a way to actually play a game with them, but wished there would be.

Make sure to let me know when this is finished.



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