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FTP Server interest check, also advice, please!

Right. So hardly a week in and I've noticed a high demand on these here forums for things I have. Full collections of scanlations, digisubs, mp3s, digibooks, etc, etc. Most of these things can be tracked down online if you know where to look, but it's not fun, and I do have quite a few things that are trickier to come by, and since I'm a compulsive collector, I always have the whole thing unless it's not released in full yet. (Unfortunately, of the 320GB I have, I've consumed 300...I really need money to get a raid array going, I remember when 320GB seemed like more than enough but I have to burn DVDs of my crap every other week. emot-frown)In short, I'm asking if there would be interest among you in a superexclusive FTP server of my computer. In other words, you get an FTP program, you can grab the Rose of Versailles anime right off my hard drives. I'm one of those people that leaves Direct Connect and eMule on all the time, and I never shut my PC off. In fact, I don't think I've rebooted in two weeks. But if there's interest, I'd rather help cool people I know get a hold of cool stuff than just be another seed on eMule.

Among a whole, whole lot of other things, this would gain people access to my obviously fucking huge collection of SKU stuff. Mp3s? I got 'em all. Wanna download the whole gallery in one swoop? Sure. Episodes? Naughty, naughty, but if the translations on the local releases piss you off, the digisubs are a great alternative, and I use them for quick reference. Hell, I even have 3/4 of the series dubbed in Italian, and if there's interest I can get most of it in Catalan. I got the videos ripped from the game, I got AMVs, I GOT IT ALL.


Assuming there's interest, does anyone have any experience hosting FTPs? I've done it before but that was back in the stone age and I'm not up on the current best software for it. (Which is the recommendation I need.) Also I'm working through a router so the software would have to cooperate.

So yeah. Anyone interested?

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Re: FTP Server interest check, also advice, please!

Failing that, how about some kind of private BT tracker or something?

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Re: FTP Server interest check, also advice, please!

I think it would be best to do the BitTorrent tracker thing... Add the tracker to some page and that's all, or if you really like to set an FTP server... I reccomend WinSockFTP, it's not free. Does anyone have another idea? emot-confused I installed that one centuries ago...

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