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Cruelly Innocent
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Question about an EM fic...

Any sign of life from the author of "If I Could"?

(Not sure where else to post this -- it's not related to the show proper, not really a glitch on the site, and it's not exactly chockfulla smut.)



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Re: Question about an EM fic...

I've been in contact with the author of that fic-- she's taken a hiatus to revise, but is busy with college so it will take a while. I hope there's some soon!

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Ends of the Fandom
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Re: Question about an EM fic...

You're right to wonder where to post, I haven't decided if Empty Movement related stuff should be in GD or in the SKU forum. emot-confused Probably the SKU forum, so I might move this thread.

As for the fic, I've been waiting on it myself. Mostly because for some odd reason I have a feeling Akio's going to have sex. Not sure why.

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