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Rose Bride
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Need advice on an upcoming Anthy cosplay

I'm a cosplay virgin, but that's coming to an end next month. A friend of mine has promised to help me sew a Rose Bride dress so that I can fullfill my wet cosplay dream of dressing up as Anthy, and of course I'm very excited about it. emot-dance I don't think the dress itself will be a problem, but there are still some... question marks on how I should do some things.
Most notably these things here:

Does anyone have any good advice on how to make these... "accessories" of hers? I have no idea what the things aside from the crown are even called, much less how I could get around making them and still ending up with something that looks somewhat good.

Other question I have are... what kind of fabric would be best for the dress?
How do I even attempt at doing that rolled up hairstyle of hers? Or should I perhaps just settle for letting her hair out? Some tips were I can buy a good wig (that can be shipped to Sweden) would also be appreciated.
What kind of underskirt/petticoat would be good to use?
How do I make those cuffs stick to my wrists?
And would it be a complete sin to cosplay Anthy without being tan?

Any answers, advice and potential do's-and-don'ts are very appreciated!



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Bettie Page Princess
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Re: Need advice on an upcoming Anthy cosplay

The cords are called aigrettes if I remember correctly, which might help you find some tutorials or suppliers.

A friend of mine has been pinning hairoll inspiration and tutorials to her wedding board so I quickly snagged this for you: … -tutorial/ <<  She has a tutorial on making the actual roll, and then also styling around it, AND it looks pretty straightforward/easy. So, win.

Good luck! I've always wanted to cosplay a Rose Bride gown, but never had any means/talent to do so.

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Delicious Duellist
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Re: Need advice on an upcoming Anthy cosplay

I know you can buy a hair roll too, I saw one in a catalogue a few years back. I've known people to carefully sculpt the shoulderballs from styrofoam, papermache over them, and paint or, dare I suggest, gold leaf. (DON'T spraypaint styrofam.) Alternatively, you could maybe make them from wood, and they'd have delicious weight.

For the jewels, you can cast your own out of resin. I think I've known people to use this tutorial:

The cuffs will stay on by themselves. I sometimes wear cuffs for the hell of it. >__>
And if that fails, tape the damn things on from the inside. But really, they should be fine.

I want to say a complete hoopskirt with a full length petticoat under it, but I know that would be expensive as hell. Don't get one with a loop just under the bottom, those always look like hell.

And uhh... Is it cold in Sweden? Whenever I go out in costume its always 100+ outside, so I'd usually be like, hell no, use cotton. But I have no idea if you need to worry about these things in Sweden. (But not satin. The answer is NEVER satin.)

Oh. Uhh... For the bottom of the shirt, don't try and cut the pattern out into a V shape under the last button. Just make it long and rectangular. After fitting it to you and putting the shirt on, it should become the glorious V-ish shape you desire. I'd also recommend making most the ruffles start right at the bottom of the shirt, and only have long greenish parts where they're actually visible. It will hold its ruffliness better that way and not look like some stupid extra slip type thing peeking under.

I've done parts of a bride outfit, I'll see if I can find pics at least later. But I'm about to go garden and whatnot. >__>



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Thorn of Death
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Re: Need advice on an upcoming Anthy cosplay

When I made my crown, I found a soft styrofoam crown headband in a toy section of a grocery store. I cut off the strap part and then I painted it with gold shiny paint to make it look metallic. I used purple hair clips to clip it on. You should try and see if you could find something similar, or you could just take a piece of soft styrofoam and cut it into a crown shape yourself.

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