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The Riddler
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[Riddler] The Joker

The Joker

Welcome, superladies and supergentlemen, to my ultimate riddle.  Do you have the answers to all my previous riddles handy?  Well, now all the capes are assembled, and though the gentleman and I have had our differences in the past, in the end I couldn't resist letting the Joker preside over this one.  He's just such a colorful character!  Can you come together as a team to solve the final riddle and learn the password to disarm my bomb?



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Re: [Riddler] The Joker, I'm going to go ahead and state the obvious and say that the colors on the picture correspond to specific parts of the "board", namely where the matching-colored arrows are. But, it doesn't seem that anything on the Joker matches the blue-colored arrow...

Green=irises, background behind head, hair(this one doesn't look like it matches up exactly, though...)
Yellow="whites" of eyes, collar
Red=top background
Purple=gums, shirt
Black=lips, eyebrows, eyelashes

And there are six arrows, and six previous riddles, so because we need the answers to all of the previous ones, perhaps each color also corresponds to a previous puzzle? Like the light green = Poison Ivy, and the red = Harley? ...maybe?



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Saito Hoshikawa
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Re: [Riddler] The Joker

Crystalline_Dream wrote:

And there are six arrows, and six previous riddles, so because we need the answers to all of the previous ones, perhaps each color also corresponds to a previous puzzle? Like the light green = Poison Ivy, and the red = Harley? ...maybe?

There's a problem with that theory, though; The answer for Poison Ivy's riddle (CONAN) would fit where Harley's answer would need to go. Not only that, but the answer for the Penguin (GIBBER CALIFORNICUS) is too long to fit into any of the spaces, unless it's put into the simple form of what it is (a beetle), but IDK.

Though if we needed to switch around answers, that's a possibility, but in order to figure that out, we'd need the other four answers.

Also: It seems like the arrows might be pointing to the starting point of each answer, or where the first letter of each answer falls.

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Re: [Riddler] The Joker

This post will reveal the entire worked solution to this riddle -- as well as the solutions to all six previous riddles.  If you're still working on any of the riddles in this game, stop reading here!

The Riddler warns us that we'll need the answers to all six of his previous riddles to solve this one.  In reality, we can probably do it with only three or four with the help of some Internet search tools, but having all six answers would sure help.

To review, the answers were:

--spoiler space--

Poison Ivy: CONAN
Catwoman: ANTMAN
Scarecrow: PIXAR
Harley Quinn: NEIL GAIMAN

Looking at our diagram, we see interlocking hexagons accompanied by six colored arrows.  We might expect to fill in our riddle answers along the lines of hexagons indicated by the arrows.  The problem is that most of them don't fit anywhere.  Certainly we're not going to squeeze GIBBIFER CALIFORNICUS into that grid.  So we're still missing something.

Some of the riddle answers might strike us as having something in common.   Conan and Ant-Man are comic book characters.  Pumpkin bombs are a comic book weapon.  Pixar made a comic book movie, The Incredibles.  Neil Gaiman has written comic books.  We may not be sure what to do with Gibbifer californicus, but we detect a theme.

The Riddler helps us out.  “All the capes are assembled,” he writes.  And the Joker is a “colorful character.”  So we're thinking about comic books and colors and looking at these riddle answers – maybe checking the unfamiliar ones on Wikipedia.  Sooner or later, we get the big Aha moment: each riddle solution uniquely clues a color-coded comic book character.  Conan's companion and spinoff is Red Sonja.  Ant-Man is the same Avenger also known as Yellowjacket.  Pumpkin bombs are used by the Green Goblin.  Gibbifer californicus is quite literally a blue beetle.  Pixar created the superheroine Violet Parr.  And Neil Gaiman's second-best-known comic book is named Black Orchid after its protagonist.

Now we get it.  After the red arrow, we should fill in SONJA; after the yellow arrow, JACKET; and so on.  Satisfyingly, we discover that the grid links together as expected.

All we have to do now is read off the shaded hexes in order from 1 to 12.  They spell out the word BANDERSNATCH – and that's the password to disarm the bomb.



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