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Mikage Mistruster
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Old NewType magazines and Utena Poster

(( Hey all,

Not sure where else to put this... or if it's even allowed (if it isn't allowed, just let me know and I'll delete it).... so... here goes.

Okay, I'll be moving to new digs, and as such, I'm going through my stuff.  Anyway, I found an old Utena poster, from Software Sculptor days and some NewType USA magazines that were in one of my storage boxes.  Being as I haven't used / hung / read any of them in a while, I figured I'd offer them here.

The poster itself is full size, in very good condition, but it does have crease marks from where it was folded down to fit 8" x 12"

The NewType USA magazines are all in very good condition; however, I'm not sure if all the extras are with them (postcards, sample DVDs, mini-posters).  They are all from 2003.  I have:

-- March (Cover article: Angel Dust neo)
-- April (Cover article: Renewal of Evangelion)
-- September (Cover article: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed)
-- October (Cover article: Witch Hunter Robin)
-- November (Cover article: Angelic Layer)
-- December (Cover article: dot-Hack)

If you're interested, send me a PM, and I'll mail them off to you.  I'm going to have to limit it to people in the US, in order to keep postage down.  And I'm going to have to limit it to first come, first serve.  And... I'm only going to hold them till March 7, 2016. 

I don't really want anything for them, so I just figured I'd offer them here, before taking them into the File 13 canister.

Anyway, if you're in the US and interested in either the poster, or the magazines, or both, send me a PM.))



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