This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Link works now.  Quiz is pretty comprehensive and interestingly handled.  And... there's a conspiracy afoot that makes me a bit emot-aaa and a little bit emot-rofl, but I'll avoid balconies for awhile, just in case.

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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Ruka was #1 for me, not exactly shocking. But from there it gets strange...Anthy, Kozue, Mikage and Shiori in that order...emot-confused

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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

i don't like that quiz...I got Mitsuru as number one...then Kozue and then Akio.

they are NOTHING LIKE ME! emot-gonk



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes
"You're Kyouichi Saionji. The world sees you as an aggressive, misanthropic bastard - which you are, but there's more to it than that. You despise change and want more than anything for something in your life to be eternal, constant, something you can depend on. As it is, you're deeply paranoid and mistrustful of others."

Oh, the irony! I guess it's pretty accurate... I do practice kendo, after all, but I don't hit women. emot-rolleyes



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

SelectSmart wrote:

#1    Shiori
#2    Utena
#3    Juri
#4    Nanami
#5    Anthy
#6    Kozue
#7    Mikage
#8    Miki
#9    Saionji
#10    Touga
#11    Akio
#12    Tsuwabuki
#13    Wakaba
#14    Ruka

I was not expecting that. emot-confused Huh.



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Apparently I'm Mikage. Surprisingly enough, Akio is number 2, Juri is number 3 and Ruka is number 4.



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Top three: 1. Touga 2. Anthy 3. Kozue

Bottom three: 12. Nanami 13. Wakaba 14. Miki

This is because I said I was evil, isn't it? emot-confused



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Marionette Mistress
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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

#1 Utena
#2 Tsuwabuki
#3 Miki
#4 Nanami
#5 Saionji
#6 Wakaba
#7 Juri
#8 Ruka
#9 Shiori
#10 Akio
#11 Mikage
#12 Touga
#13 Kozue
#14 Anthy

Honestly, when I looked at my number one, I thought, "Damnit, not again," since I always seem to get Utena. Even after I changed one of my answers to evil, I'm still Utena.



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Razara wrote:

Even after I changed one of my answers to evil, I'm still Utena.


I wonder if the test knows something we don't.

But yeah, the test is a little screwy, because I came up with Juri, Saionji, and Touga in that order. The good thing about that site, though, is that it has its own template to make tests with. (They don't have to be yes/no questions, though, that's just what this test maker chose.)

If anyone wants to really try making one, go here. The one you took was the "Classic" model. You'll probably want to make one with the "Plus" model.

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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

For me, my #1 was Wakaba, and #2 was Utena (who I figured would be my number 1).  I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing...but I think I'll go with "good thing."



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

#1    Anthy
#2    Kozue 
#3    Shiori
#4    Juri
#5    Akio
#6    Mikage
#7    Miki
#8    Nanami
#9    Tsuwabuki
#10    Ruka
#11    Utena
#12    Saionji
#13    Wakaba
#14    Touga

I... what?



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

#1 Utena
#2 Miki
#3 Wakaba
#4 Ruka
#5 Juri
#6 Touga
#7 Shiori
#8 Tsuwabuki
#9 Anthy
#10 Nanami
#11 Akio
#12 Mikage
#13 Kozue
#14 Saionji

Utena? So not surprised.. although I don't really see myself as any of them.

Yasha wrote:

Actually, Gio an I were thinking a while back that it would be nice to have a real personality test to see who was most like which character. The only thing was that we were never really sure we could code it properly. I'm fairly sure I could work up questions that would relate strongly to the characters without giving themselves away, but to be honest, Gio's the coding genius, not me. I can't code to save my life.

I think it would be great if you and Gio made a really in-depth, detailed Utena personality quiz and put it on the site! emot-keke



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Perfect description of me, I see. emot-smile

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Yasha Assassin #1
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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Cool! Juri! emot-keke
You are pink. You are in limbo. Not pure and manipulated like white, not impure and noble like red. You are unsure of your real identity, but whatever you chose it to be, you can be it. That is your power. You change everyone you touch, and everyone remembers you. In literature, pink represents the place between heaven and hell. You are the one we will never forget.
You're Anthy! Outwardly you're a pretty shy person. You keep to yourself, you're reserved, but not necessarily non-sociable. You have plenty of hobbies, yet there's still an air of mystery.

Yay! Anthy! emot-dance
You're Utena Tenjoh, beautiful gender role scofflaw and Victor of the Duels. You're marked by a disturbed past, an idealistic and noble nature, and intense loyalty to your friends. Your innocence makes you an easy target for manipulation, but your determination and the power of your belief in goodness overcomes all.

I had a feeling I'd get Utena in at least 1 quiz.. XD

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Re: Utena Character Quizzes


#1 Mikage
#2 Saionji
#3 Shiori
#4 Anthy
#5 Miki
#6 Nanami
#7 Akio
#8 Juri
#9 Kozue
#10 Touga
#11 Ruka
#12 Tsuwabuki
#13 Utena
#14 Wakaba

It's funny that my amount of Miki-ness is right between Anthy and Nanami. emot-rofl Well, I think it's funny.

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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Utena. I kind of knew it! Then Miki, Wakaba, Juri and Ruka O_o



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

#1    Anthy
#2    Ruka
#3    Touga
#4    Shiori
#5    Utena
#6    Kozue
#7    Saionji
#8    Juri
#9    Tsuwabuki
#10    Mikage
#11    Akio
#12    Wakaba
#13    Miki
#14    Nanami

I'm surprised that Anthy edged out Ruka for the top spot. Actually, I'm surprised she was high up on the list at all. I tend to think of myself as far too blunt to be Anthy.

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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

You are red. You are impure, but noble. You are precious and true to yourself and others. When you love, you love entirely, and will do anything to make your love happy. You are sure of your identity, therefore, you cannot change others or be changed. You are a true prince, you may be forgotten, but without you, none of us could go on.




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Re: Utena Character Quizzes had this to say about me...

1. Mikage Souji
2. Akio Ohtori
3. Miki Kaoru
4. Nanami Kiryuu
5. Juri Arisugawa
6. Shiori Takatsuki
7. Kyouichi Saionji
8. Mitsuru Tsuwabuki
9. Kozue Kaoru
10. Ruka Tsuchiya
11. Utena Tenjou
12. Wakaba Shinohara
13. Anthy Himemiya
14. Touga Kiryuu

And my predicted result was Mikage. I've taken this test before, when I didn't know what genki meant. Ahh, the memories... emot-keke

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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Oooh... nifty colors test.
You are red. You are impure, but noble. You are precious and true to yourself and others. When you love, you love entirely, and will do anything to make your love happy. You are sure of your identity, therefore, you cannot change others or be changed. You are a true prince, you may be forgotten, but without you, none of us could go on

1    Anthy
2    Touga
3    Utena
4    Shiori
5    Juri
6    Kozue
7    Miki
8    Ruka
9    Wakaba
10    Akio
11    Saionji
12    Tsuwabuki
13    Nanami
14    Mikage

Never would have thought myself to be like Anthy, that's for sure.



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

Oh, why not. I'm not doing my work like I should be anyway.

#1    Wakaba
#2    Utena
#3    Ruka
#4    Tsuwabuki
#5    Touga
#6    Miki
#7    Kozue
#8    Shiori
#9    Nanami
#10    Saionji
#11    Anthy
#12    Akio
#13    Juri
#14    Mikage

I also got Wakaba on that first test:
Wakaba  You are the cute and fun Wakaba.

I guess that confirms it?



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Re: Utena Character Quizzes

I took some of the Utena tests a few days ago and i was angry that i got Utena on three different tests...after thinking about it I realized that if I am Utena then Touga wants to fuck me emot-smile huzza emot-dance I am so Utena let's get it on touga.k etc-love

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