This is a static copy of In the Rose Garden, which existed as the center of the western Utena fandom for years. Enjoy. :)

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Re: One Word Story: Chapter THREEEEEEEEEEEE!

It is absolutely fabulous. I think the three word, thirty page limit is the way to go from now on. I'll post it to the archive, and start the new thread.

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Re: One Word Story: Chapter THREEEEEEEEEEEE!

Yasha wrote:

Epi_lepsia wrote:

Yasha wrote:

Epi, I'ma spank you! The limit's set at three words. emot-mad

Sorry u_u in spanish it's three words, the translation kicks meh.

Oh, okay. I hadn't realized you were translating. It can stay in, but please try not to exceed the three word limit in the future, okay?

'kay etc-love so sorry.

It's a lil bit hard to follow, but it's great xD etc-love



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