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Saionji Slapper
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Re: Cutest Moments in SKU

Zabel Z wrote:

I do agree with Wakaba's cuteness (does this word exists? emot-confused )

but even more...

look at her, she is just a dollie etc-loveetc-loveetc-love

Yes! Anthy was so adorable!

The cutest moments is always with chu chu, such a cute little animated ball of fun!
Another cute moment is when Nanami gives Touga a cat for his birthday, i always find it cute when she tries so hard to please him.

i want him.



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Re: Cutest Moments in SKU

This scene from the Curry High Trip episode sticks out the most to me, mainly because of Anthy's face.

Its just so...uncharacteristic of her. I attribute it to the show trying to appear normal attract shoujo fans, but I don't think I've ever seen her make a face like that again, before or after that ep. 

Or and in addition I'll just verbally add Saionji-chuchu hybrid to the list, because that little green haired monkey is the only thing I see now when I see my boyfriend practice kendo.

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Its an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be in San Francisco-Oscar Wilde.
Anyone get the feeling finding Utena is going to be a lot like where in the world is Carmen San Diego?



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Wakaba Wrangler
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Re: Cutest Moments in SKU

I have to say that Saionji in a frilly yellow apron is unbeatable. etc-saiowank

etc-saiowank Need I say more?



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Rose Bride
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Re: Cutest Moments in SKU

cscratch wrote:

This scene just makes me melt - Utena is so cute here!

I could not agree more. One of my favorite moments in the entire series etc-love etc-love etc-love etc-love

Also, the end of episode 3- the dance. It never fails to make me smile emot-smile The one in the movie just makes me cry tears of joy, but this one is SO EFFING CUTE.

Utena being perplexed is very cute, yes-Even though sometimes I wanna punch her for being an idiot, the confused look is adorable.

(As is the look from the sketch scene in the movie. school-devil )

Lastly, there's movie Anthy. She alternates from being gorgeous to being just plain kawaii etc-love

You don't need to understand Revolutionary Girl Utena to understand it.



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Touga Topper
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Re: Cutest Moments in SKU

I'm currently watching this episode, and had to point out another adorable point for Wakaba~

"Doesn't anything interesting ever happen here? Our school's too quiet!"

She's just so cute!! etc-love etc-love etc-love

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Re: Cutest Moments in SKU


etc-saiowank Need I say more?



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Re: Cutest Moments in SKU

OnlyInThisLight wrote: … 25_011.jpg

Akio: Gurl, the back a yo' head riddikulus!

PFF--HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can totally see this. Captioning now.

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