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The Fantasy RPG Class Test … class-test

This is a pretty fun personality quiz that's almost like a text-based adventure. It even lists some music you can listen to on your quest, and there are 100 possible results you can get!

My result was The Silver Hand:

"The Silver Hand is both a martial arts expert and a master of light and moon magic. Specifically Silver Hands either use their magic to launch blasts of powerful light based energy from their fists, or they use it to heal and restore life. With the ability to cure any illness or disease, Silver Hands are often viewed as gods to those around them, and as one of the most pure and benevolent classes, Silver Hands almost solely walk the path of good rather than evil. However, because of their proficiency with life and moon magic, it is not uncommon for them to occassionally use their powers for the side of darkness. Indeed, just as they can give life, they can also drain it and absorb it as their own thus becoming even more powerful. By absorbing another's life energy they are literally absorbing their power, spirit, and will and are able to use it to enhance their own power. Furthermore, their moon magic gives Silver Hands powers of transformation and transmutation, which they can use to morph themselves and others from humans into ghastly creatures of darkness and divine creatures of light."

What class will you fall into?

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Re: The Fantasy RPG Class Test

I took that a while ago, and got that exact same result. It seems eerily fitting...



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Re: The Fantasy RPG Class Test

You are the Holy Sage, the bane of evil! Masters of defense and healing magic, Holy Sages are the ultimate users of support spells and light magic. Wise and benevolent beyond belief, the Holy Sage can use swift light based offensive and defensive magic to destroy and defend against demonic and undead enemies. On top of their skill with light magic, Holy Sages are sometimes capable of using powerful and destructive elemental magic. While Holy Sages most often prefer to heal and not to fight, they are not opposed to defending themselves if attacked. However, most of the time they will simply use barriers to trap their foes physically and mentally in prisons of light. In fact, the greatest Holy Sages have such mastery over the light element that they can even create complex illusions to deceive and confuse their foes. With arguably the most poweful defensive and healing magic of all the classes, the Holy Sage is a truly powerful warrior of light.

I'll take it!



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Re: The Fantasy RPG Class Test

This is cute. I did it a few times, first time was this:

The Seraphic Assailant is the only class that has completely mastered the art of offensive light magic. Using this magic, Seraphic Assailants can create lances and swords out of pure light energy. These powerful weapons are devastatingly swift and can pierce through even the toughest armor. In addition, some Seraphic Assailants will occasionally master forms of powerful offensive elemental magic, though they are certainly not as adept with this type magic. Defensively, the Seraphic Assailant is much less adept at using light magic; however, they are still able to create weak shields and use basic healing magic. In addition, they can use their light to make some powerful and stunning illusions. Their greatest defensive asset is their ability to transform themselves into pure light energy. By doing this, they can avoid any damage and travel at speeds greater than any human can imagine. The only downside is that when they are in this form, they cannot engage in any sort of physical assault. Even without magic, Seraphic Assailants are some of the most powerful warriors in the world. As masters of weapons and martial arts, Seraphic Assailants are almost impossible to best in combat. On top of that, they can combine their light magic with their physical abilities to overpower even the most ferocious giants, monsters, and opponents. Although Seraphic Assailants have such incredible power, they hardly ever use it. Instead, they believe it's wiser to fight and use their strength only when absolutely necessary. Seraphic Assailants fight solely for the side of light and are arguable the purest, wisest, and most just of all warriors.

I am the purest! 0:-)

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Re: The Fantasy RPG Class Test

The Rune Master

32% Strength, 20% Bloodlust, 47% Intelligence, 30% Spirit, 33% Vitality and 20% Agility!

By using ancient runes to enhance the power of their spells, Rune Masters can unleash furious and deadly blasts of magic. Even though the runes make their magic virtually unstoppable and supremely powerful, this power comes at a high cost. Their magic is extremely exhausting and often takes long periods of time to set up. But once the runes are set up, no magician can stand up to the force and fury of the Rune Master. Although Rune Masters are proficient in every type of elemental magic, they specialize in earth magic. However, their mastery over earth far exceeds that of any of the other spellcaster classes allowing them to manipulate the earth more skillfully and effortlessly. For example, they can easily create giant pools of quicksand and walls of stone, and given enough time they can even obliterate entire mountains. Even without magic, Rune Masters can overpower their opponents with their combat skills, and they can even use the earth as an extension of their hands and feet in order to create deadly attack combinations.

Congratulations on reaching this high class!

You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.


Cool! I always preferred having magical powers to swinging swords.

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Re: The Fantasy RPG Class Test

What a fun quiz emot-keke  I liked the choose your own adventure spin it had.  Turns out I kind of favor two tiers of balanced stats...with random blood lust thrown in there LOL.  And all I wanted was just a nice, practical hat from that Genie 'cause every character needs that one defining, iconic accessory.   

The Warrior Monk

40% Strength, 8% Bloodlust, 25% Intelligence, 27% Spirit, 43% Vitality and 37% Agility!

A brilliant, peaceful, and respected warrior, you are the Warrior Monk. As a master of both hand-to-hand combat and weapon combat, Warrior Monks can be truly fierce opponents in battle. However, they normally only use their abilities and power for just causes and when they feel it is absolutely necessary. Warrior Monks may occasionally stray to the side of evil, but for the most part, they are just and honorable warriors. With the ability to release blasts of energy from their sword and fists, the Warrior Monks can shatter even the toughest armor. Defensively, Warrior Monks are virtually unmatched because their skin is tough as steel, and they can literally block a sword with their bare hands. In addition, Warrior Monks can further increase their strength, speed, and dexterity by using their mastery of moon magic to transform into the Silver Simian, a powerful and pure warrior of the night.

Congratulations on reaching this formidable class!

You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.



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