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Miki Molester
From: Croatia
Registered: 08-31-2007
Posts: 38

Re: I want caffiene.

Coffee has no effect on me. It doesn't awake me, nor it keeps me awake.

I can drink a coffee in the evening, and go to sleep after that. No effect at all! emot-tongue



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The Icon Icon
From: Northern Michigan
Registered: 02-05-2007
Posts: 3972

Re: I want caffiene.

Y'know what I could go for right now?

A light Mocha Mint Frappuccino, no whip, and four extra shots of espresso. etc-wankgirl etc-love etc-wankgirl etc-love etc-wankgirl

Seriously, I used to be really addicted to coffee. I love the taste and the rush it gives me. I like energy drinks, but only to an extent. I'd choose coffee over an energy drink any day. etc-love etc-love etc-love



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Touga Topper
From: Brighton
Registered: 01-01-2007
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Re: I want caffiene.

*shyly comes out of hiding*

I really wish I could drink coffee, but for some reason my body just can't stand it. I get the cag-reflex just if I taste the stuff. emot-keke; When I was around my friend's house the other weekend for a party, I accendentaly ate a coffee-flavoured chocolate and it took a lot of effort to actually eat the damn thing. It's a shame, because I see all those yummy frappaccinos and mochas and other drinks and wish I could drink them!

So I just rely on tea and cola to give me my daily caffeine fix. Aaaah, it was cheap supermarket own-brand cola that got me through revising for my second year exams, lord knows what it did to my body...

And it was mentioned a couple of pages back, but that thing about Coke originally being green, I swear I heard somewhere that it's true! If you have a glass of Coke and hold it up to the light, if you look around the edge at the top of the glass, it does have a bit of a greenish tint, I think.



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Yaoi Pet Pet
Registered: 06-15-2007
Posts: 729

Re: I want caffiene.

I've grown caffiene tolerant. (and addicted)

There was a day when I couldn't finish a triple grande cafe mocha, with whip (3x shots of expresso, 16oz drink, whipped cream on top, for anyone who doesn't speak Starbucks), because to finish it would be to exceed the amount of caffeine I felt comfortable with. I had one today, and it restored me to normal alertness, nothing more. sad.

"I do not need Rule 34 of The Simpsons and Scooby-Doo when I'm looking for good porn." -ShatteredMirror



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