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no, definitely no cons
From: New Orleans, Louisiana
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Smile vs. Warau

Is there a difference between the following emoticons, other than that the latter two are Japanese/anime smileys?






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Imaginary Bad Bug
From: Connecticut, USA
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Re: Smile vs. Warau


Watashi wa neko-chan desu-wa! :D


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From: Washington DC
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Re: Smile vs. Warau

Well, :) has open eyes, and ^_^ and ^^ have closed eyes. But both are smiling. And I swear, every time I see ^_^ and ^^ I see a smiling cat instead of a closed-eyes smile.

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The Notable Death Mantis
From: Soviet Ohiostan
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Re: Smile vs. Warau

The first one is on its side. It's inferior.

Seriously, western culture. Can't you be more ingenious than that?

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Hinotori made this post, and then went back and changed it later. Such is life.

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." - Harry Truman



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Yaoi Pet #1
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Re: Smile vs. Warau

But I always turn my head sideways when I smile!

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